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Working in Local Parishes

Consecrated women are also directly involved in several pastoral programs, which are placed at the service of parishes and dioceses. For example, Mission Youth, Challenge, and Pure Fashion are all parish and school-based programs that train youth to serve the needs of their local parish.

Mission Youth recruits and forms young missionaries to serve parishes during Holy Week. The missionaries are at the direct service of the parish priest, who often asks them to invite people to come to the Holy Week liturgies or to organize activities for young children.

Challenge clubs train girls ages 11 to 16 to serve their local parish. Apostolic projects include a wide array of initiatives, from “spiritual bouquets” for the bishop to priest appreciation dinners to service roles as catechists and volunteers at parish or diocesan events.

Pure Fashion is a parish, school, or community-based program that puts on modesty fashion shows while also teaching young high-school-aged women to understand their own dignity and reflect it in the way they dress.

All of these programs are available from Mission Network, which provides a number of parish-based programs.

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