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Living in God’s Gift
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Caroline Lucas, a Regnum Christi consecrated woman from Dunedin, New Zealand, explains how her vocation is a gift both for herself and for her country.
2.  Denise asks for John Paul II’s blessing on the Oakhill School, founded in the year 2000.
Married to Mr. Right, and with Hundreds of Kids
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeTestimonies-Laypeople
As a girl, Denise Funke was convinced she was made for marriage, motherhood, and making a difference. She was ready to teach and promote the pro-life cause. But God had other plans.
3.  The author took this picture in July of 2006 during a game of mini-golf with Mari Carmen at Niagara Falls.
She transmitted God to anyone she met.
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeTestimonies-Laypeople
A testimony about Mari Carmen Perochena (1948-2007)
A Woman in Love
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Cassandra Wolfe, a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi, shares her memories of Mari Carmen Perochena who had a big share in her own vocation.
5.  Kathleen Almon
A Special Way of Following Christ
Women´s Consecrated Life
Kathleen Almon tells how she found happiness in following God´s will.
6.  Maria Teresa Delgeon
Leave the Selfishness Behind
Women´s Consecrated Life
Maria Teresa Delgeon, a young woman from Chile, tells us how she discovered in Regnum Christi the path that God had planned for her.
7.  Céline is currently a youth director at the Le Chatelard Academy in Switzerland.
Because God Is Good and He’s in a Rush
Women´s Consecrated Life
God granted me the wonderful gift of my vocation because he is good and he let me know that he is in a rush because there are many souls to save and draw closer to his heart.
8.  Luly currently works in the formation of adolescents in Rome.
God´s Bells
Women´s Consecrated Life
This is the story of my vocation: ordinary events made extraordinary because God, ever-present, continuously manifests his love and design.
9.  Marie Garesché
Sell Everything to Gain Happiness
Women´s Consecrated Life
Now my great need is to say that Christ has completely filled my heart with the love, joy and peace that the world never could give me. I have found my own happiness ...
10.  Elisa Prieto
Unfasten the Moorings
Women´s Consecrated Life
I unfastened the moorings that tied me to the port of my life, my plans, my desires, and he entered my boat to stay with me.
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