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1.  Beth Vogel, Quinci Scherber, Margaret Antonio, and Tori Backstrom at Yale University.
Frequency, Trigonometry and More:
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Students from Immaculate Conception Academy participate in Yale University Physics Olympics
2.  Under the watchful care of Our Lady of Guadalupe during the TOB course.
“Arise My Beloved…and Come”:
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Consecrated women in North America take part in a retreat on the Theology of the Body
3.  A group of musicians and apostles shared their thoughts on using music in the new evangelization.
The New Evangelization through Music
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Leaders of US youth apostolates gather to discuss the role of music in the liturgy and evangelization
4.  Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, papal delegate for the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi.
An Important and Challenging Period Begins
InternationalWomen´s Consecrated LifeNews
Letter from papal delegate outlines some initial conclusions from apostolic visitation to the consecrated members in Regnum Christi.
Finding God in Nuclear Chemistry:
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Adél Len sees divine truth in the “highness of the universe” and in the tiny “atomic nucleus”
6.  Joan talks with mothers at a book signing at Everest Academy in Clarkston, Michigan
Keeping Us in Suspense:
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Consecrated woman Joan Kingsland writes Catholic novel that challenges the culture
7.  Deb Bauer, president of Mater Ecclesiae College.
Living the RC Mission:
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Regnum Christi consecrated woman Deb Bauer is one of 50 theologians invited to attend USCCB conference on the New Evangelization
8.  Congratulations to the graduates!
Bringing All to the Mission of the Church:
U. S. A.Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
Nineteen women graduate from Mater Ecclesiae College and administration changes announced
9.  Archbishop Blázquez talking to consecrated women in Chile.
Apostolic Visitation to Consecrated Members Concludes
InternationalWomen´s Consecrated LifeNews
Archbishop Ricardo Blázquez will turn in a report with his observations and recommendations to the Holy See.
10.  The choir sang at this year’s Divine Mercy Mass at the Stockbridge Massachusetts Shrine on May 1, 2011.
Praising God’s Mercy in Song:
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Women´s Consecrated LifeNews
The Mater Ecclesiae Choir is privileged to sing during the May 1, 2011 Divine Mercy Mass in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
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