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Turn to Jesus (Article)

What is Regnum Christi?
INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Well-known Legionary Fr John Bartunek explains.
Many members of the Movement have been looking for a simple presentation about Regnum Christi. In 15 minutes, Fr John Bartunek, LC, describes who we are, what we do and why this is vital work for the Church.
Videos by Category

Diaconal Ordinations in Rome, May 2, 2015
INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Bishop Brian Farrell, LC, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, ordained 20 Legionaries of Christ deacons in the chapel of the Legion of Christ’s Center of Higher Studies in Rome.
Message from Fr Eduardo Robles Gil, L.C.
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
In April this year Regnum Christi members of the first and second degree embark upon discussions about their identity, mission and spirituality.
How can I pray? Why should I pray?
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Have you ever asked yourselves these questions? Sometimes prayer can be difficult, so some of the Legionaries of Christ want to give a few reasons why we should pray and a few tips to help you to pray.
Almsgiving and the Poor, those Consecrated to God, and the Missions
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
The seventh and final video for Lent
Almsgiving & Catholic Education
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Part six of the videos
CHS News - February 2015
INTERNATIONAL | Formation | Multimedia - Video
Here is the latest video news report from the Legion seminarians in Rome.
Yours is a vocation to love, to the greatest love
| Formation | Multimedia - Video
Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, CS, ordained 35 Legionaries of Christ to the priesthood in a mass held in the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.
Trinity Sunday
| Formation | Multimedia - Video
Fr. Michael Sliney´s two-minute Gospel video
Ascension Sunday
| Formation | Multimedia - Video
Fr. Michael Sliney´s two-minute Gospel video
The Epiphany of the Lord
| Formation | Multimedia - Video
Fr. Michael Sliney´s two-minute Gospel video
From Atheism to the Priesthood
| Testimonies | Multimedia - Video
Fr John Bartunek tells the story of his journey to the priesthood on a video.
Band of Brothers
| Testimonies | Multimedia - Video
The Hopkins Brothers talk about their childhood, their parents, and what led them to find their vocation to the priesthood on a video.
“Unprecedented” Meetings Set the Priorities
INTERNATIONAL | Testimonies | Multimedia - Video
Interview with Fr. John Connor, LC, territorial director of Atlanta.
Video Interview with Fr John Connor, LC
INTERNATIONAL | Testimonies | Multimedia - Video
Territorial director for Atlanta answers questions about the Legion´s current situation and his priorities for the future.
Michelle and Lisa.
INTERNATIONAL | Testimonies | Multimedia - Video
Series of interviews with the consecrated women of Regnum Christi - Part 3
Leading Teens to Christ
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Young Catholics need the outreach and help of adults. Statistically, the chance for them to remain faithful Catholics after highschool, if not involved in a ministry program or movement, is only three percent. Randy Raus´ candid testimony is a real treat and a great source of inspiration for any Christian men or women willing to learn how to make a difference in the lives of young people and have a blast in the process. Listen to Randy as he shares his peculiar conversion story, and how it lead him to become President of Life Teen and a solid father and husband.

Obedience - Fr Peter Devereux LC
| Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Obedience: it´s not just for priests, seminarians, and consecrated souls. In fact, every Christian is invited to follow God´s will and find true peace in it. Fr Peter addresses the topic with a parallel of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

Spouses Bring Each Other Closer to God - Fr John Bartunek LC
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Marriage is a three-stage relationship. It all starts with romance, then disillusion, then true love. This is how the sacrament of holy matrimony becomes a vocation to true happines by making your spouse happy and fulfilled. It goes both ways and it becomes a virtuous circle. Discover how the key to joy and perseverance as a couple lies in following God´s real agenda for your marriage and bring each other closer to Him. Walk hand-in-hand to the house of the Father. This is talk 2 of 2 given to married couples during a vows renewal retreat in St Louis, Mo 2010. You may want to check out the first one too, "Your Marriage: a Blessing to the World." When was the last time that you two renewed your vows?

Understanding Annulments - Lisa Duffy
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
As devastating as divorce is, many Catholics still mistake marriage annulment for a legal process and miss out on its unique supernatural healing power. From step one to the grounds for an annulment, Lisa Duffy shares her personal experience. She answers the questions that marriage annulments commonly raise for divorced Catholics and their loved ones. "Marriage--she explains--requires form and matter just like any sacrament. You cannot have the Eucharist with cookies." Other common issues addressed herein: processing times, witnesses, involvement of the ex-spouse, praying for him or her, addressing the issue with your children, and processing fees (not what´s commonly believed). Lisa is co-author of "Divorced. Catholic. Now what?" (Journey of Hope Productions, 2007). This is talk three out of five from the Journey of Hope Conference in Atlanta, Ga (2010).

School of Prayer I
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
In this conference, Fr Evaristo Sada, LC talks about prayer as a means to be rooted in God’s love. He proposes that we learn to see the spiritual life as a path not of duty, but of “beauty,” relating to God not as a judge, but as a Father who loves, understands, and accepts us. Prayer is a heart-to-heart conversation with Jesus, our brother and redeemer, and it is something that should be part of our everyday routine.
Priestly Ordinations 2013

  We Are Witnesses to the Risen Lord
  Walking on the Water. April 18, 2015.
  Our Meager Gifts to God. April 17, 2015.
  Gift From on High. April 16, 2015.

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