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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Multimedia Zone: Videos
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INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Young Catholics need the outreach and help of adults. Statistically, the chance for them to remain faithful Catholics after highschool, if not involved in a ministry program or movement, is only three percent. Randy Raus´ candid testimony is a real treat and a great source of inspiration for any Christian men or women willing to learn how to make a difference in the lives of young people and have a blast in the process. Listen to Randy as he shares his peculiar conversion story, and how it lead him to become President of Life Teen and a solid father and husband.

| Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Obedience: it´s not just for priests, seminarians, and consecrated souls. In fact, every Christian is invited to follow God´s will and find true peace in it. Fr Peter addresses the topic with a parallel of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Marriage is a three-stage relationship. It all starts with romance, then disillusion, then true love. This is how the sacrament of holy matrimony becomes a vocation to true happines by making your spouse happy and fulfilled. It goes both ways and it becomes a virtuous circle. Discover how the key to joy and perseverance as a couple lies in following God´s real agenda for your marriage and bring each other closer to Him. Walk hand-in-hand to the house of the Father. This is talk 2 of 2 given to married couples during a vows renewal retreat in St Louis, Mo 2010. You may want to check out the first one too, "Your Marriage: a Blessing to the World." When was the last time that you two renewed your vows?

INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
As devastating as divorce is, many Catholics still mistake marriage annulment for a legal process and miss out on its unique supernatural healing power. From step one to the grounds for an annulment, Lisa Duffy shares her personal experience. She answers the questions that marriage annulments commonly raise for divorced Catholics and their loved ones. "Marriage--she explains--requires form and matter just like any sacrament. You cannot have the Eucharist with cookies." Other common issues addressed herein: processing times, witnesses, involvement of the ex-spouse, praying for him or her, addressing the issue with your children, and processing fees (not what´s commonly believed). Lisa is co-author of "Divorced. Catholic. Now what?" (Journey of Hope Productions, 2007). This is talk three out of five from the Journey of Hope Conference in Atlanta, Ga (2010).

INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
In this conference, Fr Evaristo Sada, LC talks about prayer as a means to be rooted in God’s love. He proposes that we learn to see the spiritual life as a path not of duty, but of “beauty,” relating to God not as a judge, but as a Father who loves, understands, and accepts us. Prayer is a heart-to-heart conversation with Jesus, our brother and redeemer, and it is something that should be part of our everyday routine.
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Regnum Christi member Vince Frese doesn´t beat around the bush as he addresses an audience of divorced Catholics. In his engaging and nonchalant style, he confesses how intimacy after divorce was "mud-splattering his windshield." Enjoy this guaranteed eye-opener, find out how to wipe your own windshield clean, and continue your search for the soulmate God has prepared for you from eternity. Don´t embrace loneliness and never let divorce happen again. The talk is full of insights from the scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and John Paul II´s Theology of the Body. Great for marriage prep and any single person too. The talk is 2 of 5 we will publish from the Journey of Hope Conference for Divorced Catholics in Atlanta, 2010.
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Rick Swygman, shares his testimony of how he went from Bank of America executive to executive director of one of America´s top 50 Catholic schools: Christianity at work in a dynamic place filled with loving faculty, staff, and families. Pinecrest Academy forms Christian leaders who will transform society.
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
Guess at this: What´s the most effective way for people to interact working in a world-class corporation? Christian principles. Peter Freissle, CEO of Polydeck Screen Corporation, shares his incredible journey turning around his company and the life of his employees, the same way he did. In his own words, "it´s infectious." Bonus: Optimized performance and production.
INTERNATIONAL | Conferences | Multimedia - Video
All married couples have their ups and downs. Why is it then that some stay together, while some others fall among the dreadful statistics of turmoil and separation? Perhaps because the latter lose focus. Learn how not to while you enjoy this very engaging presentation by priest, author, and historian Fr Bartunek. Meditate and discover the key to happy-ever-after: Follow God´s real agenda for your marriage. Make it a source of joy for others; keep God at the center. This is talk one of two given to married couples during a vows renewal retreat in St Louis, Mo 2010. Don´t miss number two, "Spouses Bring Each Other Closer to God." When was the last time that you two renewed your vows?
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