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Kindle the Fire (Article)
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INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Second Part of the video series
INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
First part of a video series
INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
50 years ago the Holy See awarded the Legionaries the Decree of Praise (Decretum Laudis). They celebrate this milestone in their institutional development on February 6th. But what is this decree and what does it mean for the Legionaries today?
INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
In the following Korean news program (English speaking), local Legionary Fr. John Ko LC provides input and commentary during the news coverage of the Beatification Mass of the Korean Martyrs, recently celebrated by Pope Francis.
INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Fr. Nathaniel Haslam, LC, in a video message to Regnum Christi members in Houston, Texas, is joining Pope Francis and the US Bishops in asking for prayer for the suffering Christians in Iraq.
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
On June 29, 2014, Bishop Fernando Vérgez, L.C. ordained 25 Legionaries of Christ deacons. These Legionaries will be among those who will be ordained priests in Rome this coming December. Quotes in the clip are taken from Pope Francis´ "Evangelii Gaudium".
INTERNATIONAL | Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Interview with Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil, L.C.
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
The Latin Patriarch, His Beatitude Fouad Twal, consecrated the Duc in Altum Church.
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
Legionaries of Christ & Regnum Christi - Houston
| Regnum Christi | Multimedia - Video
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