Understanding Annulments - Lisa Duffy
As devastating as divorce is, many Catholics still mistake marriage annulment for a legal process and miss out on its unique supernatural healing power. From step one to the grounds for an annulment, Lisa Duffy shares her personal experience. She answers the questions that marriage annulments commonly raise for divorced Catholics and their loved ones. "Marriage--she explains--requires form and matter just like any sacrament. You cannot have the Eucharist with cookies." Other common issues addressed herein: processing times, witnesses, involvement of the ex-spouse, praying for him or her, addressing the issue with your children, and processing fees (not what´s commonly believed). Lisa is co-author of "Divorced. Catholic. Now what?" (Journey of Hope Productions, 2007). This is talk three out of five from the Journey of Hope Conference in Atlanta, Ga (2010).

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