Priestly Ordinations 2007-2 (spanis version)

Finding Happiness in His Service
Born to Be His Friend
I Saw God in a Man
A Blessing and an Embrace
A Personal Salvation History
To Do Something Great
God´s Plans and the Unexpected Path
An Unbreakable Friendship
Peace after the Yes
A Cotija Boy Comes Home
A Mission Meant to Be Shared
God´s Plans are Bigger and Better
Giving God a Chance
Under Mary´s Care
From a Missionary Family to a Missionary Vocation
Destined for Something Important
Lead, Kindly Light
The Real Adventure is Just Beginning
In Light of Living Saints: " Yes."
A Good Soldier for Christ
Only One Possible Answer
From  No Way to God´s Way
Carpet-bombed by Graces
Recognizing the Greater Gift
Once Ignited, I Found My Match
Until Christ Is Formed in Me
A Childhood Resolution Recaptured
PUBLICACIÓN: 2007-12-23

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