Please pray for Br. Anthony Freeman, L.C., who passed away on April 2, 2018. He was 29 years old. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

“Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord

and let perpetual light shine upon him.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,

through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

May he rest in peace. Amen.”

If you would like to express your condolences or share a personal memory of him:

El 2 de abril falleció en Roma, a los 29 años, el Hermano Anthony Freeman, L.C.

Les invitamos a encomendarlo en sus oraciones para que Dios nuestro Señor le conceda el descanso eterno y brille sobre él la luz perpetua.

Aquí pueden expresar sus condolencias o compartir algún recuerdo del H. Anthony Freeman, L.C.

¡Descanse en paz!

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  1. It’s the LORD who gives life and it’s the same LORD who takes it. May the Good LORD grant a PEACEFUL REST to Br. Anthony. May the HOLY SPIRIT strengthen his Family . In Jesus’ Name I pray


  3. I’m in south Africa and I used to repost basically everything thing he ever put on instagram. He had the words we were looking for, he carried me through them , without any knowledge of my existence his words kept me on the path to the narrow gate. Thank you for raising such an amazing person. He was an inspiration to thousands of us. He lead us to the Cross.

  4. I never had the pleasure of meeting Br. Anthony in person. However, through his positive utilization of technology allowed his hope because of The Gospel & Holy Spirit-filled joy to impact my world. I am so thankful for the gift of his life & of his ‘Yes.’ I have been keeping his parents & family in my prayers! I have also been keeping Br. Anthony in my prayers every day at Mass. Please know of prayers from all across the world for the Freeman family during this time. May Our Lady wrap you in her mantle of love & may she send her Spouse, The Holy Spirit & Ultimate Consoler to you each again & again to bring comfort and peace ~ knowing that Br. Anthony, your son & brother, impacted so many lives for good in his young life. May the Lord bless you & keep you always ~

  5. We are saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved son.We did not know him, but our hearts go out to you, particularly as parents who did lose a child suddenly.
    Thank you for the gift of his life and his vocation. It sounds like he made an impact on a great number of people in his life and we hope you can find some consolation in this.
    We will continue to keep you and your family in your prayers on this difficult journey.

  6. Sooo traurig! Bruder Anthony war so ein Geschenk für seine Famile, für die Gläubigen, für die Kirche. Mein tiefempfundenes Beileid an seine Familie und Freunde.
    “Dominus pascit me, et nihil mihi deerit.” Ich bete für ihn. Der Friede des Herrn sei mir dir!

  7. Br. Anthony lives on in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ. Your soul wanted to break free from your earthly body that the heavenly happiness of carrying the cross with Pope Francis during Easter Vigil at St. Peter’s Basilica opened the portal gates !
    I’m sure when you went to sleep on your last night on earth you were already in heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ wanted you to stay!
    I hope to see you in heaven one day and to thank you for inspiring my own journey of faith.

  8. I stumbled across Br. Anthony’s Instagram page the day after he passed away. What a delight to find his videos and he was such a breath of fresh air with his witty and down to earth commentaries! His love of the Church and his life in Rome was palpable! I am so deeply saddened that he has left this earth at such a young age, however, I know his life in heaven has just begun and he will be praying for us all and helping from heaven. He still has lots of work to do and will be next to Jesus on his next assignments. I’ve been praying to Br. Anthony every day since he passed and I just know he will help with miracles and will be a Saint someday! I’ve been seeing crosses all over the place, in the shape of shadows, and I think it’s his message to me that he’s been hearing my prayers since he carried the cross on his last day of life. I pray for his family and friends that Jesus will comfort them during their time of need. I went back to church this week, I haven’t been in quite some time, and thanks to Anthony, I feel a renewed sense of love for Christ and know that he nudged me to go back. Thank you Anthony for your life on earth and the blessings you gave the world.. and I know that you will continue to bless us from heaven. I am a singer/songwriter and will be writing a song for you as thanks, I just know the title so far, “One Step Closer”. Once I’ve completed it I will try to find it’s way to your family. Sending my deepest condolences to your family and friends. “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Thanks Br. Anthony for showing me the light once again.. May your soul rest in peace Br. Anthony, and as I pray for you, please pray for me..

  9. I met Br. Anthony during the sessions for seminary directors last July 2017. He was very welcoming. We had very good conversations throughout the month about religious life, faith, theology and the needs of formations. He was a smart, and gifted young man, I believe he would have been a excellent priest. I am saddened by his loss, and offer my condolences to his family, the legionaries and the whole Church. I will be offering my Mass for him here in Montreal Canada. May he rest in peace. May our saviour Jesus Christ welcome him now into the Kingdom Heaven.

  10. Il est parti tôt comme sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant -Jésus et Claire de Castelbajac. Son sourire nous manquera. Il est maintenant face au Seigneur et il prie pour nous.. . J’aimais beaucoup ses vidéos pleines de joie. Que la Sainte Vierge réconforte ses pauvres parents ! Et qu’il continue sa mission dans la Gloire. Amen.

  11. Br.Anthony I will miss you deeply how we met was a miracle and you taught me so much about life and self acceptance. Always positive and so knowledgeable not only in religion but about Art and Philosophy. You taught me so much when my family and I visited you at the Vatican in Roma last year about Michael Angelo and his works and the history of the paintings and the Vatican. It was a highlight of my life. To know you was an honour. God has called for you and I know you are with your father in heaven. Rip my beautiful friend. Love from Australia and the Sullivan family. X

  12. Hablamos una vez por instagram, coincidimos en la última misa de Jueves Santo en Roma, y por último en la misa Pasual con el Papa.

    Para mi siempre fuiste un gran ejemplo de que la juventud no está peleada con la Santidad! y que una sonrisa sincera y auténtica, siempre atraerá corazones a Cristo. (sin necesidad de usar las palabras)

    Te mando un abrazo hasta el Cielo.
    Nos vemos en un tiempo 😉

  13. Heartbroken to hear of the passing of Brother Anthony, my family and I were due to meet him in Rome, travelling from Australia, at the Vatican in early June, he was telling me how it would be one of his last tours and how he knew it would be such a special day for himself and my family. What a beautiful godly man, forever in our thoughts, truly a man of the people. God bless you Brother Anthony.

  14. No lo conosi no se ingles pero su historia me conmueve y Madre su libro traduciendolo con mi celular, ciento que hay algo para mi , mis condolencia

  15. May your soul rest in peace Br. Anthony.
    You will be greatly missed.
    Although we had never met, thousands of miles apart, you were kind enough to take my prayer intentions and pray for my family.
    You made such a great impact, you inspired me through Instagram to be more committed to the catholic faith and through your online presence, I have been connected to so many other great priests, nuns and lay persons online.
    You have been in my prayers since I heard of your passing almost 2 weeks ago, I will continue to pray for you and your family.
    I have your book which I’m thankful for as a millennial catholic. You have done fantastic things.

    God bless you.

  16. …”ARISE 0 Man, work of My hands, arise you who were fashioned in My Image. Rise! Let us go hence, for you in Me, and I in you, together we are one undivided person.”
    ( adapted from an Ancient homily on Holy Saturday)

    “The Resurrection is one of the Father’s secrets.
    Not until we are confronted with the Resurrection do we know that Heaven’s victory over earth is total.
    Only then do we realize that the Father can change even the last enemy, death, into eternal life, punishment into the highest reward, fear into bliss eternal.
    The resurrection of the sinner is God’s most extreme, most extravagant way of dealing with man.
    It is not merely a victory; it is a radical reversal of everything we have heard of, experienced and expected. (Adrienne von Speyr)

    God speed Brother Anthony, and may Our Blessed Mother comfort your family.

  17. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Freeman…I am so deeply saddened to learn of the loss of your dear son Anthony. Having just lost my own dear son Christopher in the same manner…God took him in his sleep…just like your son. Truly heartbroken…I will pray for you and you will pray for me…God took our sons!

  18. He was such a special soul. I’m from NY and every time I reached out to him, he always replied back. Every time I need it prayer he always extended a hand. My condolences to his loved ones and friends. He’ll definitely be missed, I’m so shocked and sad. Br. Freeman pray for us, because I know for sure you’re in heaven

  19. The Sacrifice of the Holy Mass was offered for Brother Anthony Freeman at 5:00 p. m. (10:00 am in Texas, which is 7 hours behind Germany) today
    in Germany. The Good Lord called my sister into eternal life as suddenly as He called Brother Anthony. It is a shock for family and friends and for Brother Anthony’s Religious Community of Priests and Brothers. How true that we know not the time or the hour, but we can be as best as possible ready by receiving the Sacrament (most importantly the Sacraments of Holy Confession and the Holy Eucharist), by loving Jesus, and we do this when we obey His Commandments and Decrees, help those we see in need, speak the truth of the Gospel (God’s Word) out of love for our brothers and sisters and their eternal salvation. May the Ministry Brother Anthony began helping younger Catholics to appreciate and grow in their faith continue through His fellow Seminarians/future Priests and his family and friends. The thought of Brother Anthony carrying the Cross on Easter Sunday and then being called from this life here on earth left a powerful impression on me. Christians are called to carry their crosses and follow Jesus by dying to ourselves, meaning turning our wills over to Jesus. Naturally, when our earthly bodies leave this world (die), our wills become fully aligned with God’s Will. After the Easter Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s Square, Brother Anthony’s cross truly became a symbol of the promise of Jesus’ Resurrection for those who believe! The cross/death to self and at the end of our earthly lives = new life in Christ! Brother Anthony’s life and death (especially carrying Jesus’ Cross on the last day of his life was not a coincidence, but rather a reminder to those of us who do not understand that you cannot experience one without the other if you want to follow Jesus!

  20. I met him through Instagram and was very moved by his prayer-a-thon. I followed him regularly. Such a beautiful soul. I’m deeply saddened by his passing and will continue to pray for him, as he requested.

  21. I not only began to follow Brother Anthony on Instagram probably because I follow other Catholic pages and he was recommended, but also because I’m always impressed with young seminarians and their courage to live out the faith in such a way in today’s society. Seeing his enthusiasm, even while walking in the snow, talking about his fellow seminarians was contagious. I was looking forward to his ordination day, and evolution in the priesthood, but now we have a saint in Heaven. I truly believe Brother Anthony fulfilled his God-given mission and that he will now be able to intercede on our behalf.

  22. Unfortunately but still fortunate, I am so grateful to have met Br. Anthony only after his passing. I love his work and will be praying with him regularly for guidance and inspiration. I believe in the communion of saints and pray this is a beginning. His work must go on!

  23. I followed Br. Anthony on instagram. His example and zeal for a holy life was exemplary! Br. Anthony truly touched me personally, even though I was a stranger to him. He direct messaged me in response to a prayer request I had. Now in heaven, Br. Anthony will pray for all of us and tug at Mama Mary’s and Jesus’ heart for us! I enjoy watching his videos on his blog and humbly request that no one take those down. His messages are very important for all of us. Additionally, his book, “One Step Closer” is a great tool to help us all to become the saints that God has called us to be. My deep gratitude goes out to Br. Anthony’s parents who raised this saint! May all his family and friends be consoled. God bless each of you! Br. Anthony Freeman, pray for us:)

  24. The world has lost a true apostle of Christ and an inspiration to us all. We are blessed to have known him since birth. He was a gift from God and for those of us who knew him, we will forever be changed for the better. His love of Christ and the truth of his conviction was evident in everything he did. Thank you, God, for letting this remarkable human being be part of our lives and for showing us the unending joy of being in Your Light as Br Anthony displayed daily. To say you will be missed deeply is an understatement. Love always, Aunt DeeDee and Uncle Blair.

  25. I didn’t know of him until after he had passed away. I now have his book and will use it to help others. I also feel I have a friend in heaven who will help pray for my teenage students. I will pray for his family, the repose of his souls and for his brother LC’s. God bless you, Br. Anthony. To eternal life and may you Rest In Peace!

  26. Our sincere sympathy to all of Brother Anthony’s family and friends at this time.
    We were blessed to meet him several years ago, and he deeply touched our lives.
    His zeal , love of the Catholic faith and love of others was a blessing to all.
    We loved his pictures and comments on the Churchathon in Rome.
    Our continued prayers for all.

  27. My most sincere condolences to you Debbie and all the Freeman family and all his Brothers in Christ. My family and I will always treasure spending a memorable day with him in Rome touring the Vatican, having lunch and walking through the city with him. The most enthusiast apostole we ever met! We loved following him and sharing his path! We will truly miss him. We need more Brother Anthony’s!

  28. Brother Anthony Freeman, illuminated in his short existence the world, with the mission that characterized him to bring the gospel of Christ, be part of it, be in Christ and his message of salvation. His warm smile and that desire to continue with his most noble goals and achievements. From heaven beside the heavenly Father, he will accompany us forever. My condolences to your family. Mother Maria Blasina and Diego Galvishburg count of miracampo.

  29. Brother Anthony Freeman, illuminated in his short existence the world, with the mission that characterized him to bring the gospel of Christ, be part of it, be in Christ and his message of salvation. His warm smile and that desire to continue with his most noble goals and achievements. From heaven beside the heavenly Father, he will accompany us forever. My condolences to your family. Mother Maria Blasina and Diego Galvishburg count of miracampo.

    El Hermano Anthony Freeman, ilumino en su corta existencia el mundo , con la mision que lo caracterizo llevar el evangelio de Cristo, ser parte de el, estar en Cristo y su mensaje de salvacion. Su calida sonrisa y ese deseo por seguir adelante con sus mas nobles metas y realizaciones. Desde el cielo al lado del Padre celestial, nos acompanara por siempre. Mis condolencias a su familia. Madre Maria Blasina y Diego Galvishburg conde de miracampo

  30. Que Deus o receba de braços abertos e que ele interceda junto a Deus por nós que ficamos.

  31. *Part of blessed Update!!:))* ~ ALSO SO BLESSED FOR my Second Brother Anthony, who called himself a ~ “Difference Maker” ~ to be Born in 1988 ~ the same year my Father Willie passed to Our Lord ~ *Who taught me “One Person Can Make A Difference!!:))” ~ Part of my Eulogy Poem I read at Our Lady Of Peace Catholic Church, where Daddy was a very happy & joyful Knights of Columbus Servant!:)) & Lifetime Teacher! He passed early for a Dad, 56 years young from Teaching in Classroom contaminated with asbestos. *I am Sure Our Lord Needed A DIFFERENCE MAKER!!!‍♂️WHICH OUR BROTHER ANTHONY WAS, IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, AS OUR LORD FOR US:)) ~ WOW!!!:)) 1988 is a VERY special year for me & now EVEN more!! *Praise & Thank God He GAVE US ~ THE WORLD ~ A REAL DIFFERENCE MAKER, BROTHER ANTHONY FREEMAN!!‍♂️‍♀️HE WILL ALWAYS BE, SO TRULY & DEARLY⚘..I LET MY 2ND BROTHER ANTHONY KNOW, JESUS CHRIST LIVES THROUGH HIM~HE WALKS WITH OUR LORD:)…HE GRACIOUSLY THANKED ME & SO HAPPY I COULD GIVE MY 2ND BROTHER ANTHONY JOY & HAPPINESS & LOVE TOO!!‍♀️‍♂️…HE WILL ALWAYS BE PART OF MOM & MY HEART & KNOW WE ARE WITH HIM TOO, WOO!!:))& SOME JOYOUS DAY IN HEAVEN, AMEN!!:))

  32. I am deeply saddened by this. I did not know Br Anthony, but I would like the Freeman family to know that my thoughts and prayers goes out them and Br Anthony. May he rest in peace. Pray for us in heaven, Br Anthony.

  33. Dear Debbie and Brian, Michael, Lizzie and the Entire Freeman Family,

    We are so saddened by the loss of your beloved son, Brother Anthony. Was only privileged to have met him once or twice at Church, but, so impressed with him. He accomplished many things in his young life, and inspired so many others thru his deep Faith. Praying that God keeps you all in his care, and gives you strength and peace for the days ahead. With much love and sympathy, The Medeiros Family – Mike, Donna, Chris, Ryan and John

  34. Although I did not know Br. Anthony, I would like to express my sincerest condolences to all of his family and Legionary family. I am praying for all of you.

  35. I only knew you through your Instagram posts. You touched my heart through your updates and helped me in my faith. Rest in Perfect Peace❤️

  36. Sono vicina nella preghiera alla famiglia di Padre Anthony e alla grande famiglia dei Legionari di Cristo. Non ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere personalmente Padre Anthony ma le testimonianze in Suo ricordo sono la prova della Sua grandezza.
    “Signore dai a lui in beatitudine quanto egli ci diede in bontà e tenerezza” (Sant’Agostino)

    1. My deeply sorrow for his Family, Brother Anthony was a great human being , authentic apostle of Crhist, Rest in peace !!!

  37. I was unaware of Br Anthony until a few days ago when I saw it posted on one of my social media feeds that he had passed away. One of my thoughts upon seeing the photo he had posted of when he met the “commander in chief “ Pope Francis was “current pope meets future pope.” I didn’t know Br Anthony but I do strongly feel that he is someone very, very holy and it wouldn’t surprise me if, one day, we hear of Br Anthony becoming canonized a patron saint!!!!! My deep condolences and prayers go out to his family friends and loved ones …….. rest in peace dearest most loved Br Anthony Freeman ✝️ ❤️

  38. My deepest condolences to the Freeman family and friends of Br. Anthony. I recently had requested to follow him and he accepted. He answered a comment regarding him going on his retreat and serving in Easter Mass with Pope Francis..I asked him to let me know how his retreat went upon his return…May he rest in peace and may God give him eternal rest and strength to his family..
    Prayers from Cathedral City, Ca.

  39. Querida familia Freeman. Que Dios les de paz y consuelo . Su hijo esta al lado de Nuestro Señor. Un abrazo desde Costa Rica.

  40. Brother Anthony fue un privilegio aprender de usted y trabajar con usted. Rezo y rezaré a diario por usted y su familia. Estoy segura de que como Santa Teresita su misión más grande apenas comienza.

  41. What a beautiful soul that will be missed. Please post if there will be state-side service for him.

  42. I am so saddened for Br Anthony’s family. My 23 year old son died suddenly in the early minutes of Christmas Day last year while doing voluntary work in Cambodia with the Marist Brothers. May the souls of these young men Rest In Peace. May God comfort Br Anthony’s family.

  43. Sono vicina nella preghiera alla famiglia di Padre Anthony e alla grande famiglia dei Legionari di Cristo. Non ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere Padre Anthony personalmente ma la sua straordinarietà si è rivelata in tutte le testimonianze che lo ricordano.
    “Signore dai a Lui in beatitudine quanto egli ci diede in bontà e tenerezza”

  44. Being so young, the notice about his death was shocking since we need joyful and generous priests like him and it is hard to understand that God has different plans… Nevertheless his life was full and trascendent, living every second to the top and leaving a beautiful example to all of us who met him.
    Sorpresiva su muerte por ser tan joven… porque necesitamos sacerdotes entusiastas y entregados como él y no se entiende que Dios tenga otros planes… sin embargo vivió una vida plena y trascendente exprimiendo cada segundo y dejando un hermoso ejemplo para todos los que lo conocimos.

  45. I first met brother Anthony in Instagram and was inspired with his faith. Then unexpected I saw him Notre Dame in Jerusalem Center and in Old City of Jerusalem – always active, bright, devoted to Christ, happy, even early morning on his foot. Brother Anthony was beautiful inside and outside, and now I believe he is one of God’s angels and warriors. Rest in Peace, brother Anthony, prays from orthodox Russia stay with you..

  46. Bendiciones y que Dios nuestro señor le tenga en la Gloria que descanse en Paz hermanito y un sentido pésame para sus familiares y conocidos.

  47. Gracias porque sembró la semilla del Señor en tantos corazones, viendo a Cristo en el otro. Descanse en Paz. Cristo ha resucitado…. verdaderamente ha resucitado.. Esperamos que dónde esté sus oraciones intercedan por nosotros que nos quedamos en este mundo.

  48. Brother Anthony prayed for my family on several occassions. Those prayers were deeply felt. As time went on I began to have more peace and joy through his prayers. In many ways he was a saint to me on earth. Brother Anthony please continue to pray for us in heaven.

  49. Dale, Señor, el descanso eterno y luzca para el Hno. Anthony Freeman la luz perpetua. Descanse en paz, así sea.

  50. Such a wonderful, generous, and supportive person in Br Anthony. Truly someone that could be looked to as a saint walking among us. Full of love and energy for teaching and following Christ. He will forever remain in my heart and prayers, and I cannot wait to sit next to the “gentle giant” in my next journey and laugh and smile about all of the wonderful things we have both encountered because of our love for Christ!

    Rest in Peace my dear and joyful friend… Until we meet again!

  51. Mis oraciones por su eterno descanso que Dios nuestro Señor lo reciba pronto en du reino

  52. I truly enjoyed your bsmiling,inspirational posts. May you rest in God’s loving arms Brother Anthony. Pray for me. You will remain in my prayers. My condolences to your family.

  53. Muy querido en Cristo, H Anthony:
    No, tuve la dicha de conocerte, gracias por el testimonio que nos has dejado y el legado de tus escritos, seguirán haciendo mucho bien. Desde el cielo te pido que veles por la gran familia del Regnum Christi, para que cada día crezcamos más en la comunión entre todas las ramas. Gracias hermano por tu testimonio de vida. Pido a María nuestra Madre del cielo que de fortaleza a toda tu familia.

  54. Nos llena de tristeza ver una vida de servicio tan esperanzadora cortada así tan pronto, pero con los ojos puestos en Dios, sabemos que su misión ha sido realizada con total satisfacción. Ha hecho feliz a Dios y será siempre un ejemplo de amor a la vocación, servicio y celo apostolico. Descansa en los brazos de Dios bajo el manto de Maria.

  55. Ya se reunio con Dios y hoy comtempla su rostro y le brinda esa hermosa sonrisa que solo la da el que tiene a Cristo en su corazon .Pidamos a Dios fortaleza para sus familiares


  57. Now your youth and your love for the Lord live in eternity before His love and beauty. Rest in God the Father and console the heart of those who love you here on earth. Amen.

  58. Que Dios lo tenga en su Santa gloria y que a su familia le de la resignación no será fácil pero con Dios todo se puede

  59. Totalmente conmovida, por el nacimiento del hermano Anthony a la vida eterna. Y más al conocer su vida, su santa manera de ser. Su profundo anhelo de adorar, servir, seguir a Cristo. No hay duda que cuando Dios quiere que una flor adorne su jardín, la corta abruptamente. Sentimiento de tristeza por su familia ante lo inesperado. Pero sé que papito Dios les dará la fortaleza y esperanza necesaria. Gloria a Dios!!!

  60. I only have joyful memories of Br Anthony. I joined ICAS in 9th grade with him and especially remember the basketball games. He was the ideal center I always wanted on my team because he would block so many shots and pull in those rebounds. I also worked with him, saving the leftover food after lunch each day. He always had a positive attitude and made sacrificing himself seem easy. I had contact with him every now and then over the past 15 years, and always admired how he could be so holy without drawing attention to himself over it. To me Br Anthony is a real saint.

  61. Sorry for the loss of Brother Anthony. Eternal rest grant unto him O’Lord and may the Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he Rest In Peace. Amén.
    He was a light to the world! Condolences to his family and friends.

  62. What a beatiful smile of his! May our Lord conforts your hearts and give you peace!
    May Now illuminate to Jesus in Heaven with such smile!
    I know three boys who are praying for him for sure, Marco, Lucas and Matias who were talking with him through Facebook they are going to missed him too!

    Rest in peace dear brother! And our blessed mother leads you to His son.

  63. Mi más sentido pésame por el fallecimiento del hermano Anthony es un gran dolor el que hoy aqueja el corazón de su familia, sacerdotes y hermanos de toda la comunidad de la legión, pero se que la memoria del hermano Anthony perdurará toda la vida en los corazones de tantísima gente; en ocasiones a veces uno no sabe que decir, ya que cada palabra parece vacío de sentido ante un dolor tan grande. Me uno a las oraciones para que Dios les dé el consuelo a todos sus familiares y seres queridos.
    Descanse en Paz…

  64. Dios lo tiene ya junto a él. Mis oraciones por la pronta resignación de sus familiares más cercanos. Dios los bendice. QEPD

  65. Brian & Debbie,

    Jeanmarie and I are heartbroken for you and your family. We are praying for all of you.

  66. Our condolences to his parents. We lost our only son Father Darin Didier at age 33, 3 weeks from his 33 birthday having been a priest for only 3 months. I’m sure they have already meet in heaven. Am looking for more info on our newest Saint Anthony.

  67. He’s funny and I learn from his faith. His video on comfort zones spoke to me and that was the reason I started following him on Instagram. Rest in peace. Praying for him and his family.

  68. He was such a spirited young man who lived to serve God and was happy with his life. I’m shocked in hearing of his passing and prayers for his family and to also those who knew him at the Vatican.

  69. *Update ~ Especially to Parents of Brother Anthony: He enthusiasticslly assured me he’d continue praying for Mom & I !:) ~ And the same day found out he passed ~ answered prayers we needed most! Received news I could help keep Mom alive & give much needed therapy, against dementia of mind&body..& Helps:)Wow..God’s glory through my second Brother Anthony.. Love will win & the Glory of God will overcome evil & sickness & all, Amen…

  70. May the Lord give you peace and comfort in this time of sorrow. My prayers are with you.

  71. Brother Anthony please pray for us in heaven.Sure you have your position in paradise .Please give us your blessing for you are blessed by Jesus .And please ask Jesus for forgiveness and mercy which we are in a bad need for .Rest in peace dear Br. Anthony !

  72. Dearest family and friends of Brother Anthony,
    Brother Anthonys You Tube videos are like mini retreats and brought peace to my soul this morning. Such a blessed spiritual legacy. God rest his soul as he looks upon our Lord’s face.

  73. Brother Anthony is praying for us, undoubtedly, as we for him. 2 quotes from Thérèse de Lisieux come to mind at this time,

    “When I am in heaven, you will have to fill my little hands with prayers and sacrifices to give me the pleasure of casting these as a shower of graces upon souls.”

    “When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens,I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth.”

    All my prayers are with you in your sorrow.
    Carolyn Falcigno

  74. Nuestro Señor lo encontró en su mejor momento y no se resistió al gusto de llevárselo consigo, pues no hay muchas almas así, por lo que nos cuentan de él.
    También pienso muchísimo en sus papás y en su familia….para ellos no está nada fácil, cuenten con mis oraciones
    Y también pienso en la Legión y en la Iglesia, en la urgente necesidad de sacerdotes santos y concluyo que los caminos de Dios son inescrutables, pero por lo mismo, sigamos pidiendo también por las vocaciones

  75. “El era perfecto ante los ojos de Dios”
    Hay fiesta en el cielo, regreso a la casa de nuestro Padre.

  76. Dios concedele ver tu Rostro y dalelaluz perpetua y a su familia consuelo yo se lo que es perder un hijo…un día como hoy murió mi hijo mayor y duele el alma ni da vuelve a hacer la vida igual…en mis oraciones esta su familia y su alma de este Angel que goza de la gloria de Dios

  77. Thank you for the example you set for us millennials! Please pray for us as we pray for you!

    Thank you! May God be with us all on our mission

  78. Mes plus sincères condoléances pour la mort soudaine du Frère Anthony Freeman,l.c.,
    Je m unis spirituellement aux membres de sa famille et aux légionnaires du Christ. Que le Seigneur Ressuscité lui accorde le repos éternel. Jérôme Collura,o.f.s.,

  79. como si te hubiese conocido, oro por tu descanso eterno y que goces de la presencia de Dios, te pido intercedas por tantos jóvenes que no conocen a Dios o conociéndolo no quieren escucharlo, que tu llegada a la casa del Padre sea motivo de muchas vocaciones al sacerdocio

  80. Carissimo Brother Anthony…
    Despite I have known you for a short time you have left a vivid trace in my heart.
    Your profound human skills, the contageous smile, the admirable energy and hunger for life and others made of you an inspiring Legionary for everyone that met you endeed! I will forever hold the valuable memory of the tour we shared and our passionate conversations about God and Art. Please keep shining on us and continue being inspiring for our lives. One thought goes to your loving family, that I have only met through your words.
    With gratefulness and prayers for Your precious Soul. Ciao …

  81. Thank you for how you lived as outstanding role model for “New Evangelization” and will continue to inspire others to do the same thru your writings (both in print and through social media) and news bulletins, commentaries, tributes and obits written about you. May we all be persuaded to start / keep evangelizing now for tomorrow is not promised.

  82. I did not know Br. Anthony personally. And yet, having met other Legionaries of Christ seminarians, I feel spiritually I did know him. I know how profoundly each and every Br. is devoted to working for Christ and looking forward to ordination. And I pray that each and everyone of them will move forward in confidence knowing that his untimely death will also serve Our Lord’s plan.
    May Br. Anthony’s memory be an inspiration for all who are walking in step with Our Lord. And may the face of Our Lord Jesus Christ shine upon Br. Anthony .

  83. Estimado Hermano,

    No tuve la dicha de conocerte, pero desde tu partida he aprendido a admirar tu trabajo, tu celo apostólico, tu esfuerzo por enseñar el camino de la santidad a tantos jóvenes, y el entusiasmo que le ponías a la evangelización a través de la alegría del cristiano. Sin duda alguna, tu testimonio me marca y me invita a luchar por mi santidad con el mismo empeño que nos enseñaste que ponías en la tuya.

    Te encomiendo mucho, y te pido que intercedas por nuestra gran familia Regnum Christi allá en el cielo.


  84. Cristo, ha Resucitado, Verdaderamente ha Resucitado.
    Por este medio llegue a todos los hermanos legionarios y familiares mi máxima condolencia ante la partida a la casa del padre del Hermano Anthony Freeman, L.C. Durante 3 días oficiaré la Santa Misa por nuestro hermano. RIP. Un abrazo en Jesús Resucitado.

  85. Br. Anthony LC,

    thank you very much for your testimony about our faith and our lord and God.
    May you enjoy eternal life with our heavenly father, mother and Jesus.

    Eternal rest, grant unto him/, O LORD,
    and let perpetual light shine upon him,
    May he rest in peace.

    Pray for us Br. Anthony, thank you !

  86. H. Anthony: Muchas gracias por su testimonio de alegría y de entusiasmo por la misión. Nos ha dejado un gran recuerdo en nuestros corazones. Lo encomiendo en mis oraciones por su eterno descanso.

    H. Vidal, LC

  87. Father Anthony L.C. your kind soul touched many people in this world and you will continue inspiring millennial generation through your book and your amazing heart.
    May the blessings of Our Lord being upon you. My prayers and love for your family in this difficult time of loss.

  88. As a Regnum Christi member, I pray often for our LC seminarians. As a mom, my hard is sad for the Freeman family and LC community. However, what an accomplished life Br. Anthony had at such a young age (especially the past couple of weeks). Jesus, I trust in YOU. We have to believe that because to die in such a state of grace is a true gift. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. In Christ, Susie

  89. Mis sentimientos de solidaridad a su familia y compañeros de estudio, nuestras oraciones y pensamientos para con todos, bendiciones y que en nuestro Señor Jesús encuentren fortaleza. Mi solaridad a la distancia.

  90. I did not know him but I was really impressed by the comments on his strong faith and I am sure that now he is the peace of heaven! RIP dear brother in Christ

  91. Dale Señor Jesus el reposo eterno a H.Antony Freeman y Brille para el La Luz Perpetua,descansa en Paz,Amen♥️

  92. Brother Anthony enter into the Eternal Ordination of Him who calls us from death to life – far outpassing any earthly ordination. May you live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved and cared for you. May Anthony Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.

  93. I never meet him in my entire life. I even never hear from him before his death. However, when I saw the announcement of his death on Facebook, and I knew better who he was by watching his video and lestening to people who knew him, I felt like I always know him.

    I am very devastated by his death I have decided to have a fast Friday today in order, by the intercession of the Very Holy Virgin Mary, his soul may see the Almighty Father tomorrow, the first Saturday of the month devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary .

    Through his death and the way I am feeling concrned to pray for the rest of his soul, I understand that we, all the christians, are truly the same body of the Church, and Our Lord Jesus-Christ, who Br Anthony Freeman had served so faith fully during his short life, is TRULY the HEAD of our church.
    Lord grant our prayers and Br Anthony Freeman, pray for us when you will be in the Presence of your Lord!

  94. Hermanos Legionarios me uno a su oración
    Por el eterno descanso de Anthony.
    Anthony gracias por tu servicio durante el verano pasado en SACERDOS. El Señor te premie con la vida eterna.
    Mexicali, BC. MEXICO

  95. I cannot believe I will not see your smiling face anymore on my Instafeed. You were a true leader and inspired many of us to live our Catholic Faith. Pray for us now that you see Him in all His resurrected glory. Paalam sa iyo Brother Anthony!

  96. You brought us the joy of Christ that surpasses all understanding. May you rest in peace. Amen. Please continue to guide us and pray for us.

  97. I loved his daily encouragement and loving heart. Often I would share with others. Spoke to him couple of times and he will be missed

  98. Hermano Anthony…
    Recuerdo tu alegría y me llena de esperanza tu entusiasmo por servir. El compartir contigo en tierra santa, ha sido una oportunidad de reconocer en ti la frescura del llamado de Dios, como siempre, dispuesto a servir te volcabas ante cualquier dificultad para encontrarle una solución, me edificó enormemente tu testimonio de vida, porque aún siendo muy joven, sabias estar atento a las llamadas de Dios en las necesidades de tus hermanos los Presbíteros de todo el mundo, con quienes pudiste convivir. NO me resta sino agradecerle a Dios el privilegio de haberte conocido. Desde la Diócesis de Teotihuacán, el Pbro. Lic. Eusebio Rivero Flores, con cariño para nuestros amigos Legionarios de Cristo, nuestro más sentido pésame.

  99. Rest In Peace, Br. Anthony. You were an inspiration to me and will be missed. So sorry and shocked to hear this news!

  100. Br. Anthony,
    Although you didn’t notice and weren’t often told directly, you were highly respected among those of us who studied with you. Your purity was evident in your smile and your treatment of all. Your piety was silent but visible in the front row of the chapel during adoration. Your frequent hidden service which I often saw you performing in the kitchen and the dining room, interrupting meals to make sure others around you had what they needed, were a motivation for me to be more charitable myself. Your love for your vocation as I saw it was extraordinary, and others testify they experienced your enthusiasm from the very beginning of your journey. On the basketball court there was no way around that wing span of yours, and your self control and self possession was ever present, even upon receiving hard fouls and unfair tricks. Many had the blessing of being inspired by your holiness online, but I am proud to say I knew you in person. Although you made holiness normal you weren’t, you were exceptional. Thank you for being with us and pray for us still fighting the good fight from which you emerged the victor.

  101. Yo compartí filosofía y prácticas apostólicas, y sin duda fue aquel hermano y compañero que con su alegría me motivaba aun en los momentos difíciles. Agradezco a Dios que lo puso en mi camino para sentirme acompañado durante esos años. Su alegría, su entusiasmo, su espíritu deportivo era inmenso. Mis oraciones por su familia y que Anthony nos acompañe a todos en esta lucha terrenal a la victoria.

  102. Ofrecemos nuestra humilde oración por el descanso eterno del Hno.Anthony que celebra su unión definitiva con Jesucristo…

  103. Gracias al hermano y amigo Antony por su humildad y compañía en tierra Santa estará siempre en mis oraciones

  104. Estamos con todos ustedes unidos en la oración desde Guatemala: familia de nuestro Br. Anthony, familia de los Legionarios de Cristo, Diócesis de Houston, Texas así como toda la Iglesia Católica en USA. Sin duda el Señor en su gran misericordia quiso llamar a nuestro hermano Anthony a su presencia en la Octava de Pascua, para recordarnos que “quien cree en Jesucristo, aunque muera vivirá”. Por pura gracia del Señor estoy formándome para ser presbítero diocesano y llegar un día, no muy lejano, a compartir el Sacerdocio de Cristo, como lo esperaba el hermano Anthony.

    Mucha esperanza y confianza en el Señor!!!

    May he rest in peace.

  105. Go in peace, dear Brother.
    May the angels accompany you to join the eternal choir!

    Pray for us, so that we may live as you told us: “holiness cannot be put off until heaven.”

    Heartfelt condolences to the LC and Freeman families.

  106. We just celebrated our 27th yr of ‘we are remembered’ ministry & mass in the diocese of Allentown, PA. A ministry for those who have lost a child/loved one to death. So, we’ll add his name to our diocesan registry so that he & his family can be ‘remembered’. May he rest in peace having served Christ, the Great High Priest!

  107. Br. Anthony a pocos días de tu partida no he podido dejar de pensar en cómo tu vida me ha impactado. No tuve la dicha de conocerte, pero lo que dejaste atrás: tus palabras, tu libro, tus videos, escritos y los comentarios de tanta gente que te conoce y quiere, hablan por sí solos. Se nota que estabas “One Step Closer”. Tu testimonio de amor a Cristo, pasión por la santidad y urgencia apostólica me han marcado mucho. Gracias por el ejemplo que nos dejas. Mis oraciones por ti y por tu familia. Te pido que tú también reces por mi.

  108. Anthoni, honesto que fuiste honesto
    decimos todos de ti honesto de honestidad , honesto como cristiano, honesto como hijo, honesto como hermano, honesto como amigo.
    No tuviste tache, aguantas los tre honestos.
    honesto honesto honesto
    Anthoni, nos felicitamos de haberte conocido, de haber intervenido en tu vida, te quisimos mucho, nos dejaste un buen sabor de boca y honestamente TE VAMOS A EXTRAÑAR

  109. So saddened to hear of the death of this young man of God. Brian and Debbie, our prayers are with you and all of your family in this difficult time. We love y’all.

  110. At this glorious liturgical time in the Church let us recollect those most comforting words of our Lord Jesus Christ. When he walked among those He chose to appear to during his Resurrection, He said; “Peace be with You” and “Be not afraid.” I cling to those words and ask the Freeman family to make them our Lord’s offering of consolation and a blessing upon them. Our most compassionate Savior, Jesus, is God’s answer to all our needs.

    Mass will be celebrated for the intentions of the Freeman family. April 6th, 2018,

  111. To Brother Anthony’s Family, Legionnaires Community and the Church of Houston, I am deeply saddened to learn of his death at such a young age and preparing for his ordination to sacred priesthood. I can’t imagine the terrible sadness of his passing at this stage in his young life, and, if there is any consolation for his family, his death took place in this holiest of seasons of Jesus’ death and resurrection. I am praying for his family and the Legionnaires Community that the Risen Christ welcome him into the eternal bliss of His loving arms to bring him the peace and happiness of which all of us hope for to be in the presence of God, the Blessed Mother, and all the angels and saints.
    May he rest in peace and happiness.

  112. Bienaventurados los limpios de corazón, porque ellos verán a Dios. Brille para él la luz perpetua.

  113. Tuve la ocasión de conocerle y tratar con él en el Curso Sacerdotal en Tierra Santa del verano pasado. Gran hombre, servicial, de grandes cualidades humanas y cristianas. Sin duda, un ejemplar religioso legionario. Lo he sentido profundamente y rezo por él, su familia y toda la familia de los legionarios. Es pero que el Señor le abra las puertas del Paraíso como servidor fiel y prudente. Descanse en paz

  114. Tengo un hermano en legionarios de cristo ahora está en Roma y de él hemos aprendido quebsusbhermanosnespirituales y sus familia son como si fuéramos una sola, por eso nuestras oraciones siempre han sido por ellos y hoy más que cualquier otra ocasión acogemos de corazón a la familia del hermano Freman, desde Colombia nuestro abrazo fraterno y de compañía a su familia, aquí estaremos de corazón y en oración!

  115. Con la gracia de Dios espero ser ordenado diácono dentro de poco. Mis oraciones en este momento de dolor, y mi gozo porque el Señor ha querido compartir la alegría de la Resurrección con un hijo amado. Se lo llevó joven, porque así pasa con los mejores. Que nuestra Madre lo acompañe.

  116. Pedimos por su eterno descanso y rogamos a Dios que llene a su familia de fortaleza, paz y alegria de la certeza que el Hno Antony disfruta ya la Gloria !

  117. My deepest sympathy and the sad news for the death of Br. Anthony which I knew him very well from the Priests Course in Jerusalem.
    I am so sad and shocked to hear this news.

    My deepest condolences to his Family and he may rest in Peac

  118. Descanse en paz Hermano!
    Tenga presente nuestras intenciones personales y La Paz en El Salvador.
    Dele un beso a Jesús

    Gabriel SIMAN
    Regnum Christi El Salvador

  119. Q Dios te bendiga, que te conceda el descanso eterno y que brille para Ti la luz perpetua. Descansa en paz.

  120. Me ayadava mucho espiritualmente con sus post on Instagran. Dios lo tenga!! Estas feliz ahora, Br. Freeman. RIP. All my love and support to the family.

  121. Me ha conmovido esta historia y sobre todo el amor a Cristo es enorme y cuando pedimos Hágase tu voluntad. Hoy nuestro hermano goza de la gloria de Dios y sin duda estaba listo y estaba preparado para el sacerdocio ybes una muestra de que los planes de Dios son perfectos, que en Paz descanse yben mis oraciones Anthony yba su familia mis condolencias amorosas

  122. I cannot believe my eyes. I last met Br Anthony at the Paulines bookstore in Rome only a couple of months ago. He was very excited about his ordination and also told me about the book he had written. Always cheerful and with a great smile. May he now rest in peace and I pray that his family may find consolation and comfort in the Paschal Mystery especially during this special season of Easter. “Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we will also live with him” (2 Timothy 2:11)

  123. My sincere sympathy and condolence to the Freeman Family in the passing away of
    Anthony. Also a big loss to the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ. I am sorry for your loss. Rest assured of my prayers and Masses for the repose of his soul and for the bereaved family. The Legionaries of Christ Fathes have been an acquaintance.

  124. ¡VTR!

    Siempre recordaré del H. Anthony su alegría, una gran alegría. Nunca le vi triste. Irradiaba lo que tenía dentro. Ahora se encontrará cara a cara con la fuente de su alegría.

  125. Hermano querido!
    Gracias por su vida tan buena!!!
    Señor te pido este hermano para que lo tengas gozando de tu presencia y por su familia y seres queridos para que tengan el consuelo necesario y estén en paz.

  126. I was just looking thru twitter and saw you. Thank you Holy Spirit. I pray for comfort and peace for your family during this time. I pray for your intentions Bro. Anthony Freeman, may your soul Rest In Peace. Amen

  127. Nossos sinceros sentimentos à Família,que Nosso Senhor e Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe os amparar e conforte nesse momento de tanta dor.Que o Anthony descanse em paz por toda eternidade.Familia Cecato (sou irmã do Pe.Marcelo Cecato LC) SOMOS TODOS DA FAMÍLIA LEGIONÁRIOS DE CRISTO .

  128. I bought your book and the next day I found out you died. My heart broke. I never met you but your being, words that you spoke and actions speak louder than anything. Why did you have to be called home so soon? Perhaps this was your duty and it was time to return home. Continue to watch over us. Thank you for being you. God bless you and your family.

  129. Condolence and we are praying for the Freeman family and the Legion of Christ community too. I will got a copy of his wonderful book too.

  130. María Santísima le tome de la mano y le lleve a la presencia del Señor. Dios acompañe a su familia y amigos y a toda la familia Legionaria y les llene de paz y resignación. Mi más sentido pésame con la confianza de que está gozando en la presencia del Creador.

  131. The power of social media and the power of prayers from all over the world…… I am so very sad and am praying for this young man and his family. Because of him I am inspired to be a better person and a better Catholic. RIP

  132. May the choirs of angels lead you into Paradise. My prayers for your family and friends. I know that you are in the presence of the Lord. Please pray for us

  133. Mis más sentidas condolencias a su familiares, amigos, y hermanos legionarios.
    Que nuestro Dios le conceda el descanso eterno y que brille para él la luz perpetua. Amén

  134. Precious Lord.
    I pray you take Br. Anthony into Your tender care, and, give him eternal peace.
    Give Br. Anthony’s family, friends and Brothers, comfort during this sorrowful time of mourning. Heal their broken hearts.
    I had the very great privilege, and honor, of meeting this incredible young man, while I was visiting the “eternal city” I believed then, as I do now, Br. Anthony truly was a man of God.
    Rest in perfect peace, Br. Anthony, you will not be forgotten.

  135. De todo corazón agradezco a Dios la oportunidad de conocer al H. Anthony. Un ejemplo de religioso y apóstol de Jesucristo. Me uno en oración, para que Dios le conceda la paz y a su familia el consuelo.

  136. Solo pedir interceda por nosotros para poder seguir bien a Jesús y poder vivir bajo las enseñanza y la alegría que el hermano Anthony demostró en su vida hacia el camino de Cristo. Ahora ya esta con Él
    ¡Que descanse en paz y de Dios goze!

  137. Bro. Anthony touched the hearts of so many people with his passion for Christ. What Peace it gives me to know that such a faithful man is praying for all of us here on a Earth. He accomplished so much in his 29 years of life and most do in their lifetime. Rest In Peace in the arms of our Lord.

  138. Gracias a Dios por haberlo conocido en enero de 2017. En el curso de renovación espiritual en Jerusalén, alegre, con gran espiritualidad y muy servicial. Dios te bendiga y bendiga a tu familia que sufre tu partida.

  139. Dificil comprender pero Dios lo tiene en un lugar privilegiado. Fortaleza a sus padres y familia.


  141. Descanse en paz. No lo conoci personalmente pero creo q como todos los futuros sacerdotes q son otro Cristo en la tierra y tienen su alma generosa . Ruego a Dios para q este cerca de El. Y pido por la familia, por su pronta resignacion. Con todo amor y respeto. Patricia Luevano de Miramontes

  142. Dios misericordioso que nos perdonas y quieres la salvación de nuestras alma, imploramos tu clemencia y tu socorro por el alma de nuestro hermano servidor tuyo Anthony Freeman, que ha pasado a tu presencia, concéde la gracias de ver tu rostro a como él lo expresaba a los cuatros vientos. More ya su alma en el cielo a la espera de tu venida gloriosa y a nosotros escucha nuestras súplicas y ruegos. Descanse su Alma en Paz. Amen.

  143. Sono Carmelo Pandolfi e sono stato suo professore. Ricordo le sue grandi spalle e la sua ancor più grande mitezza. Il Signore ci salva con la Sua morte e continua ad aver bisogno di chi muore con Lui. Fr. ANTHONY sta celebrando la sua messa in cielo.

  144. Oh Lord grant eternal rest to your son and to his families consolation and fill his vacuum with your Spirit.
    To the families, be courageous and consoled. Accept my sympathy.

  145. Por este medio, deseo expresar mis condolencias, a los familiares y amigos del H. Anthony. Me enteré de la triste noticia hoy, 4 de abril, leyendo en las redes sociales y también en Youtube.
    No he tenido la oportunidad de conocerlo personalmente, pero he podido conocer su obra, sus escritos, por los cuales seguirá viviendo entre nosotros, entre quienes lo lean y sigan sus sabios consejos.
    Dios le otorgue el descanso y la luz que no tienen fin.
    Prof. Arnaldo Vaschetto. De Maggiolo, Santa Fe, Argentina.

  146. L’eterno riposo dona a lui, o Signore. Risplenda a lui la luce perpetua, riposi in pace. Amen

  147. Br Anthony, we never met in person but I feel like I knew you from your posts on Instagram. You were so helpful when I asked you questions about Rome when I was planning a trip. I do regret I wasn’t able to meet you while I was there. I am offering my Divine Mercy chaplet for you this week. Please pray for us as we will pray for you, my brother in Christ!

  148. La bendición de Dios misericordioso llegó a muchos através tu alegre sonrisa. RIP.

  149. I am sad, especially for the Church, in this moments of life, we need men just like Anthony Freeman. God has His plans and that should be our comfort.

    My prayers are for his family and close friends. May the Lord gives them the strength and
    and hope to go through this difficult time.
    ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^
    Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for the Soul of your son Anthony Freeman. ^i^
    And for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen. <3

  150. El hermano Anthony, se nos adelanto al encuentro con Jesús… El rostro que siempre buscó, es ahora real. Que sea la alegría de los ángeles en el cielo, al recibirte. Buen viaje. Brother

  151. Desde aquí encomendamos el espíritu del padre que fue tu compañero.Tenemos la seguridad que el señor lo recibirá con mucho amor. Un saludo de cariño de la familia de Sebastian Rodrigue.

  152. Que la fidelidad y alegría de haberle entregado tu vida a Cristo sea tu recompensa ahora que ya estas viviendo en el cielo junto con tu Creador.
    Nuestro Señor haga fecundo todo lo que hiciste por Él en tu paso por el mundo.
    Un abrazo hasta el cielo!!!

  153. We are praying for your eternal rest, we are sure you are close to Jesus now. Regnum Christi will miss you. Thank you for inspiring so many people.

  154. You reached thousands through your Instagram postings. You helped us along the way. Keeping us close to God and guiding us in His wisdom. May you Rest In Peace and pray for us as we will do for you. Until we meet in Heaven. God Bless Always.

  155. Oro por usted para que Dios le reciba con el amor que usted en vida le profesó.
    Que su familia tenga pronta resignación y la dicha de saber que Usted fue una luz en el mundo.
    Que en Paz descanse, Dios le tenga en su reino.

  156. Cumplistes tu propósito, dejastes un gran legado, un ser para emular… disfruta al lado del Padre…

  157. I will not forget you in my prayer group. May you Rest In Peace. I’m going to get your book, I too love St Joseph. What a beautiful young soul you were to many of the faithful.

  158. Que triste. QEPD sure alma. Dios brinde paz y consuelo a su familia. Mi mas sentido pesame.

  159. May Father God have mercy on Anthony and bless his family with the grace of your presence Holy Spirit.

  160. En el mundo necesitamos mas como tu!! Hombres que se expresen como son sin miedo y trasparencia… que vivan lo que son. Gracias Br. Anthony por hacer de este mundo un mejor lugar, ahora nos corresponde a nosotros llevar lo que iniciaste y seguiras haciendo desde el Cielo: Llevar a Cristo en medio de las redes sociales, calles, todo tipo de persona que merece conocer el gran amor y la alegria de ser hijo de Dios… Que en paz descanse!!

  161. Ho avuto l’onore di conoscere Fratello Antony, un bravissimo religioso, un esemplare seminarista e studente. Ricorderò sempre la sua serenità, il suo sorriso e la serietà con la quale viveva la sua donazione totale a Cristo. Il Buon Dio ha deciso di chiamarlo a Sé al termine degli Esercizi spirituali e nel giorno di Pasqua.
    Caro Fratello Antony, adesso che sei nella luce della Pasqua eterna e in compagnia dei Santi, ricordati di noi pellegrini sulla Terra. Grazie di tutto, dei tuoi buoni esempi, preghiamo per te! Arrivederci…
    Requiescat in pace. Amen.

  162. I’ll always remember the time your mom went to the doctor and my mom was babysitting. We had riceroni for lunch and you and Justin were telling jokes making me laugh so hard rice shot out of my nose (probably why I remember it so vividly)…you always had a good sense of humor and smile on your face. Rest In Peace Anthony. Our condolences to Mrs Debbie, Mr Brian and family.

  163. Para mi hermano en Cristo Anthony , mis oraciones. Con la plena confianza en la misericordia del Padre eterno.

  164. Dios te guarde en su Gloria, que mayor regalo que ir con él al cielo en su Resurreción.
    Intercede por nosotros.
    Pedro, Basilea

  165. My deepest condolences and prayers for the family of Br. Anthony as we pray for the repose of his soul. The example of his generous life and holy death are a powerful witness for Christ. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, so I feel deeply the death of my brother. In Easter joy, may we all look toward the reuinion of Heaven. You are in my prayers!

  166. I am sorry for your loss. May the Lord grant you the peace you need.
    In Christ.

  167. ART!

    Que Jesús, nos conceda la gracia de no acostumbrarnos a caminar y vivir junto a los santos, sin disfrutarlos, servirlos y aprender de ellos.
    Que Dios te bendiga hermano… agradécele por todo el bien que por medio de tí, ha hecho a la humanidad.

  168. Creo que al leer el artículo me llamó la atención y se que vuestro hermano está gozando de la presencia de Dios es para mi una importante noticia y un regalo mando mis condolencias a la familia y pediré por sus familiares y no se olviden de rezar también por mi saludos

  169. My brother was in the seminary with your son. He is heartbroken over his death. Hearing about your son, how he lived and died has deeply touched my heart as well. I have young children. I hope and pray that they will love Christ as much as your son did, giving all they are for Him. I am so sorry for your loss.

  170. Mils Condolencias, acompaño a su familia, amigos y allegados en este momento de gran dolor. Abrazo en Cristo desde la ciudad de Mar del Plata, Argentina.

  171. Mi más sincera condolencias a la familia del P. Antony Freeman L.C.
    El Señor lo reciba en su regazo y tenga misericordia de su alma. Así sea . Descanse en paz

  172. Deepest sympathy from Everest Academy, Laguna Philippines. Our deep prayers for the repose of the soul of our brother in Christ, Bro. Anthony and comfort for his parents and family in this time of sorrow.

  173. As the parents of Anthony’s classmate, Patrick O’Loughlin, LC, we want you to know that Br. Anthony and your family are in our prayers, especially in this Easter Octave. Brother Patrick has contacted the rest of his siblings and they are praying also.

    From the bottom of our hearts,

    Terrence and Geralyn O’Loughlin

  174. Descanse em paz, Na presença de nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo!

    Nossas Condolências aos familiares!

    São José do Rio Preto – São Paulo – Brazil

  175. My condolences to Anthony’s family, I never had the opportunity to meet Anthony in person but he was definetly a friend to me, he was always there to help me with my questions and help me grow in my faith. we would definitely help each other brainstorm in all are ideas that we had, he would inspire me to definetly accomplish them,I’m so glad he was able to publish his book that he worked so hard on to help young adults like myself grow in our faith, not only was he a great human being but he was a great misionero. Antonio you definitely moved mountains.
    Thank you for everything and to his parents you have an Angel as a son who truly will be missed and I thank god for allowing Anthony’s light into my life

  176. Siempre grande. Siempre entregado. Siempre sacerdote. Un ejemplo. Dios sabe más… pero nosotros penamos… y él goza plenamente en el cielo. Pido fe para su familia y consuelo.

  177. nella preghiera mi unisco al vostro dolore con un grande abbraccio, adesso Fr. Anthony Freeman si trova nell’abbraccio del Padre, da quel regno di vita e di luce ricordati della tua comunità, e dell’umanità il lotta contro il male. R.I.P. Amen

  178. Tuve el privilegio de conocer al H. Anthony después de la misa de la Vigilia Pascual y pude verlo llevando la cruz en la misa con el Papa. No lo conocí bien, pero por su sonrisa me transmitió que era una bellisima persona. Lamento mucho lo sucedido, pero se fue en paz y después de haber vivido una gran experiencia. Ahora descansa con Cristo resucitado. Rezo por el y por su familia!

  179. TKC.
    May God Joyfully receive Br. Anthony into his heavenly reward. May his family and friends be especially comforted and supported by all that knew and loved him. Our Condolences from your Regnum Christi family in Adelaide, Australia. In our prayers. Xxx

  180. It’s so unfair GOD knows we need him here on Earth. May heavy heart how’s out to Brian and Debbie and their extended family.

  181. Fortaleza en estos momentos tan dolorosos para su familia , ya él esta en el reino de Dios, a veces ea muy doloroso aceptar los designios de Dios, pero para él la obra del hermano Anthony ya estaba cumplida, no se si estaré equivocada pero murió el mismo dia que el papa Juan Pablo II y el la pascua de nuestro señor.

  182. Br. Anthony! I dont know you in person, but as a fellow student of Regina Apostolorum, I might have seen you in the University. I felt so bad to hear of your demise. You lived in peace and I pray that our Almighty God and our blessed Mother will rest your soul in peace in heave. May the Lord grant divine consolations to your family members. Continue to intercede for us.

    Adieu Br. Anthony.

  183. Reciban mis condolencias, él ya descansa eternamente. Dios les de pronta resignación.

  184. Brother Anthony. I know you are in heaven. I am happy to have met you in a just a short. Thank you for your intercession even while on earth. Rest in peace.

  185. Our condolences to the parents of Br. Anthony and all his family. We pray for the heavenly repose of Br. Anthony’s soul . May Mother Mary console you in this difficult time.

  186. DIOS te llamó PURO Y SANTO.!!
    Desde COSTA RICA-Centroamerica.
    Soy católica y oro por tus padres y familiares para su consuelo!!!

  187. Que Dios le de el descanso eterno y a su familia la fuerza espiritual para seguir adelante. Estaran en mis oraciones. Que descanse en paz.

  188. Que Dios nuestros Señor lo tenga en su Gloria!
    Los misterios de Dios son incomprensibles, pero aceptamos su Voluntad.
    Nos unimos en oración con la Virgen de Guadalupe
    Hermano Pedro Antonio de María
    Misioneros Peregrinos de Guadalupe

  189. Please pray the chaplet..
    When we say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person, not as the just Judge but as the merciful Savior (Diary, 1541).

    My sincere condolences to Brother Anthony’s family and friends.

  190. + Señor dale el descanso eterno al Hermano Anthony Freeman y el consuelo para su Familia.

  191. Yo soy la resurrección y la vida. El que cree en mí, aunque haya muerto, vivirá; y todo el que esté vivo y crea en mí, jamás morirá.(Jn 11, 25-26).”
    Descanse en paz y brille para él la luz perpetua.
    Señor concede fortaleza a la familia de este hermano que goza ya de tu presencia, eleve una oración por su pronta resignación.

  192. Me uno a la pena de sus familiares y amigos, una gran pérdida para toda la iglesia, que Dios nuestro Señor, lo tenga en su gloria

  193. Mi más sentido pésame, por el triste fallecimiento del hermano Anthony. Pido y rezo à Dios Nuestro Padre Misericordioso, para que su alma este reposando en paz y que le de el descanso eterno.
    Oro por El y por su familia.

  194. Our heartfelt condolences to Br. Anthony’s friends and family. He made an impact on thousands of lives and will continue to be an intercessor from his heavenly home. May God rest his beautiful soul. With prayer and deepest sympathy from all of us at SoulCore.

  195. Estuvimos con el en el curso de formadores de 2015. Era heroica su servicialidad y sencillez. P. Francisco Solano.

  196. Brother Anthony, your humility and your desire to do God’s Holy will, and especially your joy, will be examples for all of Regnum Christi forever. Rest In Peace.

  197. I am in disbelief…. & feel such a POIGNANT sense of loss for Anthony’s FAMILY; Anthony’s Legionaries of Christ FAITH FAMILY & for our Catholic Church, losing so young a zealous religious! May your impact of the Faith remain in the HEARTS of many you encountered in this life’s journey, especially there in Rome & in the Holy Land, (which we were so fond in the Holy sites!) Thank you for sharing your beautiful life in apostolate of your vocation & PRAY FOR US, Brother Anthony Freeman!

  198. I couldn’t believe it when I logged on my IG account as I just seen his last post on Easter at St. Peter’s. My condolences and heartfelt sorrow goes out to the Freeman Family. I did not know Br. Anthony personally, but I have been following both his IG accounts. While he prayed for us and our intentions, we have prayed for him in return. I was always amazed he would respond to our comments. We have lost a young holy spiritual man here on earth, but God, our Father, has bigger plans for him. I will miss all the smiles, the charisma and spiritual motivations he shared with his IG family. I am praying and offering a rosary novena for your family that they will feel the loving comfort of our Holy Mother and Our Lord, that they will heal from the pain and for your soul.

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, let the perpetual Light shine upon him. May you Rest In Peace, Br. Anthony. Keep on smiling!

  199. Dear Debbie and Brian Freeman and family,
    Your son Anthony inspired my ministry as a Sunday School Teacher at our Parish here in Samoa. At times I feel so inadequate and ashamed to aspire for a live a life of holiness (because everything else tends to celebrate liberal/loose morals) – being tasked to teach young children catechism challenged me in so many ways….Br. Anthony through his Authentic Love for God and celebrating Holiness inspired a desire to love God authentically in me….and he became on of the examples I refer to during confirmation class as a modern youth living out his Faith and Love for God.
    I pray for God’s warm Love to envelop your family at this time. Thank you for sharing your son with all of us…

  200. To Brother Anthony’s family,
    I am the mother of Brother Nathan Wayne. Nathan and Anthony were very close. They lived on the same floor and were in the same group of 9 brothers. They were also close in age, Nathan will be 30 in May and will become a Deacon. Your amazing son would be 30 in July and would also have become a Deacon. As a mother of a Legionary Brother my heart aches. It aches for the loss of your son and it aches for my son who has called us crying as he grieves the loss of your son, his dear friend. Nathan said God must have taken him straight to heaven as he was so holy. He died after being on spiritual exercises, having personally met the Pope, and having carried the cross for the Easter mass with the Pope. He completed a Master’s degree, wrote a book and an 80 page story about his journey to the priesthood! Wow! How proud you must be of your incredible son. I did not personally meet him, yet I feel as if I did. I pray I get to heaven where I will meet him. My heart goes out to all of you who love him, especially his Mom and Dad. May his beautiful life be a witness which leads us to holiness and heaven. The Brothers are calling Anthony a saint!

    1. I am so thankful to see your words of great love & more about our family’s ‘second Brother Anthony.’ I agree ~ his life for Christ will have immeasurable & saintly impact & blessings:) ~ Already, the someday we found news of his passing, Mom & I (whom he said he’ll remember to continue to pray for, from instagram) found out surprising news in answers to a couple of most needed prayers answered!:)) ‍♀️ My public health field position ‘one step closer’ as Br. Anthony’s book!:))&Great prayer answered to be able to help Mom’s life struggles with dementia & more with needed therapy & more, during day!:))By news of getting early morning shifts, so can come help before too late, bedtime. This was a miracle to me, change in attitude of supervisor!Showed heart of God’s love, which I know Brother Anthony prays for us!!!‍♀️Life-saving news for Mom!!‍♀️.. My tears & Mom’s groaning in pain over Our Dear 2nd Brother Anthony, made into new blessings!!‍♀️‍♂️As Miracles since others thought not possible, but with God & the continued, as promised, prayers of Brother Anthony ~ Wow!!Bless & Thank you, My Second Brother Anthony, Amen:)

  201. This is heartbreaking but also miraculous given how he has spent his last 10+ years. My heart goes out to his family. He and his family will be in my prayers in a special way this Easter season.

  202. So thankful for Br. Anthony’s heart aflame, shared online with so many.
    Love and prayers for his dear parents and family.
    Br. Anthony pray for us.

  203. My condolences, I remember I was going over Instagram and I saw this handsome, authentic Godly man who posted inspirational Bible versus, and very quick I was drawn to His page so I started to follow him on Instagram. He would always responded to messages. I bought his book, I message Him because I wanted some advice, He responded me on February. He was my social media Spiritual Guide and I will miss you Brother. May God give you aHappy rest. From heaven , please intercede for me Brother.

  204. Estoy conmocionada por esta triste noticia…lo conoci hace 3 años en Roma y tuve la fortuna de conocer el vaticano con su guia, despues comimos en un restaurantito cerca de San Pedro donde lo queria bien….creo que el cielo esta de fiesta con tan bello ser humano…pero aqui se le extrañara….mi mas sentido pesame a su familia y compañeros

  205. Dios bendijo su entrega de seguro que en el retiro su mente corazon y espiritu fue muy profundo tanto asi que de seguro quedo prendado del amor de Dios y su corazon estallaba de regocijo al celebrar la misa pascual y no pudo mas estar en la tierra desde el cielo conociendo la realidad del mundo ayudaras para la liberacion de las nubes grises que cubren la faz terrenal Paz en su tumba y consuelo de Dios para la familia y amistades y conocidos

  206. Brother Anthony, you will be always in my prayers. I was praying for you for many years because my ministry is to pray for priests, seminarians, religious. May God receive you in The Kingdom of Heaven!!! My condolences to the family and fellow seminarians. “Piadosisimo Jesús, mirad con benignos ojos las almas de los fieles difuntos por las cuales derramaste tu sangre preciosa y padeciste tormento de cruz. Saca las almas del Purgatorio y ruega por ellas mi buen Jesús. ” Descansa en Paz, tocayo.

  207. We are so saddened to hear of Brother Anthony’s passing. May he rest in God’s peace. Prayers and condolences to his family, friends and Community.

  208. What a shocking loss. Jesus we trust in you!
    Praying for the soul of Brother Anthony and for the consolation of his family, friends and community.

  209. Murió muy jóven, según lo percibimos la mayoría de personas, pero para Dios N Señor, él cumplió la misión para la que fue encomendado. Para sus padres debe ser muy duro pero a la vez una alegría muy grande el saber que lograron ya que un hijo suyo llegase al cielo y decir: misión cumplida como padres (tengo hijos de esas mismas edades). Yo quisiera tener la certeza de que algún día mis hijos se vayan a salvar (oro mucho por ellos por este fin). Pediremos, mi familia y yo, por él y su familia. Dios les bendiga.

  210. Hermanito Antonio, Dios necesitaba un ángel en el cielo, y ya estás con Él.
    Unida en oración por ti, tu familia y por toda la legión.
    Afectuosamente en Cristo Resucitado.

  211. May God the Father, bless this beautiful soul. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ welcomes him into the Eternal Banquet. I also pray that our Lord Holy Spirit provides comfort for his family during this very, very sad, confusing, and difficult time. (AMEN!) RIPP!

  212. Mis condolencias para todos sus compañeros seminaristas y sus familiares descanse en paz desde el cielo intersede por nosotros

  213. No lo conosi pero es como si ya lo hubiera conocido dicen que de amor se muere y creo que el murió por amor a cristo

  214. La pascua del hermano Anthony Freeman se ve reflejada en su vida ese amor que tubo con Jesús y Maria y su servicio de amor al prójimo. PAZ en su tumba. Fortaleza para su familia.
    Cuenten con mis oraciones
    Sara Maria Riveros POLANCO

  215. Shine upon him the ever lasting light of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our prays for him and his family. May rest in peace. Amén
    He gave his life to the Lord and He takes what’s belong to him. He was ready for heaven

  216. Dios te tenga ya ante su Santísima Presencia, hermano Anthony. Pido por tu familia y hermanos en Cristo.

  217. My brother Anthony F, Rest in Piece. Keep pray for us. Thanks for your motivational books, even though i just follow him on Instagram. thanks brother. Heaven be with you. ✝

  218. Un Legionario de Cristo siempre hará parte de mi Vida…ya que mis dos hijos tuvieron el privilegio de vivir esta hermosa experiencia vocacional. Por tal motivo siento mucho esta pérdida humana. Pero igualmente agradezco a Dios por el tiempo que lo presto a este mundo.Para dejar huellas del amor y de la presencia de nuestro Dios

  219. Muy triste noticia, no lo conocí pero seguía sus mensajes por Instagram, fue un hombre lleno de Dios , crucé unas palabras con el y anciaba ir a la JMJ el próximo año, sus últimas palabras fueron : veremos los planes de Dios. Descansa en paz e intercede por nosotros Br Anthony. Mis condolencias a su familia

  220. Apenas Vi en IG sobre su libro y me gustó mucho la forma como lo presento, me cayó bien, incluso pensé en adquirir su libro, si el Señor lo ha llamado a Su presencia en el Cielo y en estos días de Pascua seguro Tony está súper súper bien allá , más allá del sol, mis condolencias para sus padres y familiares, oro por el eterno descanso de su alma.

  221. Ya esta en la casa del Padre, gozando de Dios. Que él mismo les de fortaleza y animo a su familia cercana. Estamos con su familia y sus amigos más cercanos. Descanse en Paz.

  222. Para la familia mi mas sentido pesame estan en mis oraciones, una sonrisa de luz ha comenzado a brillar por siempre en la eternidad para iluminarnos con el ejemplo que nos dio, que Descanse en paz y brille para Anthony la luz perpetua amen

  223. Met him online n he used to respond to my prayer requests. God knows why . He was so full of Christ , full of life .. May his soul rest with Christ and his angels. Pray for me father freeman . God loves u

  224. Muito triste! Meus sinceros sentimentos! Que Deus o tenha em Sua santa glória e conforte o coração de toda a Família e legião de Amigos. Aceitem minhas orações e fraterno abraco.

  225. I see Jesus with open arms welcoming you as an ordained priest to His home. You now are a priest of His parish!!! My prayers for all of the family.

  226. I would have liked to meet you, you seemed like a terrific human being and young champion of the Catholic Church.

  227. Dios le abrió las puertas del Paraíso y lo llamo a ayudarle allá arriba, murió feliz pues se reencontró con nuestro Padre Resucitado y ahora tiene vida eterna, mis oraciones por su alma y por sus familiares y amigos, desde Tegucigalpa, Hobduras

  228. To the Freeman family, and the Legionaries of Christ.
    I am truly sorry to learn of Br Anthony’s passing. He continues to be in my prayers and Masses, as do you all. God bless

  229. Dios ocupaba un Angel brillante, para que ilumine desde el cielo a los pecadores, que buscamos paz y consuelo en nuestras vidas.
    Que Dios de Resignacion y Paz a sus familiares. Descance en Paz.

  230. I so enjoyed following your wonderful sons Instagram site. He inspired me and was such a blessing. I know he’s in Heaven. I’m so sorry for your loss. And we will keep you all in our Divine Mercy Novena we are doing right now.
    God bless you all❤️Sonia

  231. Brother Anthony was the purest soul I have ever met knowing his calling started so young. I pray for your intercession Brother Anthony for one thing only: for myself and my family to become closer and closer to Our Lord. Your life was a treaure. Aunt Yvette

  232. Una bendición de Dios estar listo,para,llegar al Reino.en Paz Descanse.
    Cristo Rey Nuestro .Venga tu Reino

  233. Un consagrado que Dios llamó para comunicarnos por medio de él la felicidad de vivir, conocí al Hno. por su cuenta de Instagram, era para mi un gusto seguirle y mirar cada una de sus publicaciones, fue un gusto compartir con él una pequeña platica y darme cuenta de la calidad humana que este siro de Dios tenía. Sin duda alguna está gozando de las Gloria de Dios. Mi hermano en Cristo para siempre…

  234. Muy conmovida por el fallecimiento de Anthony no hace una semana lo comencé a seguir en Instagram me sorprendió su partida .
    Señor tómalo en tus brazos .

  235. Un fraterno abrazo y mis oraciones con ustedes y la familia Freeman. Dios bendiga su alma y lo permita contemplar Su Rostro.

  236. Que Dios se apiade de su alma y le conceda la gracia de la Gloria Eterna. Descanse en paz. Amen

  237. Br Anthony Freeman our new Saint in Heaven! Thank You for your book…And, please keep helping us and praying for us that we may Be who we were placed to be!

  238. Un abrazo para la familia del hermano Anthony, seguramente él ya estaba más que listo para el encuentro con Cristo, a eso venimos a este mundo pero él ya no necesitaba más preparación, ya su misión estaba cumplida a los ojos de Dios. Ahora él está con aquel a quien tanto amaba y pedirá la paz y el consuelo para sus familiares y hermanos en Cristo. Gracias Dios por la vida del Hermano Anthony. Q.E.P.D.

  239. Only met him once and he left a life long impact on my wife and I. He gave us a tour of St. Peter’s during our honeymoon; he was very informative and had a very strong faith. Our condolences

  240. I am shocked at the news of his passing. I had never met him, I just followed him on Instagram. At first I thought he was there in Rome just visiting,but it became apparent that he lived and studied there from his posts. I am younger in my 40’s and I thought it was so refreshing to see a young priest on fire! He answered questions and prayer requests for me. I just went through RCIA last year and I loved watching him and somehow gained strength from him. God rest his soul I will miss him.

    1. Que Dios lo tenga en su gloria , ofreceremos por El, tres horas eucarísticas.

  241. My Prayers are with his family..Br. Anthony I’m sure is with our dear Lord for all eternity, May his family take some joy in that you will all meet again.

  242. My condolences to the Freeman Family, LC Community, Friends and all who was Blessed to meet Brother Anthony. I am totally shocked and saddened to hear the news of Brother Anthony. I will always be extremely grateful and thankful that on two different visits to Rome I visited with Brother Freeman and attend Mass with him on one visit. He was an incredible inspiration to others for so many reasons but his Love for his Faith and Our Lord will forever live in my heart. He was an incredible young man with so numerous attributes he shared with others! Brother Anthony thank you for always praying for me. I know you are now in your Father’s hands. I pray for you and comfort and peace for your family and all that you have touched through your short life. It was short by years but filled with incredible with an abundance of wisdom, knowledge and love for others! I miss you so much already and you will always be in my prayers and heart especially when I visit Rome! Thy Kingdom Come!

  243. Our prayers go out to all the Legionary brothers and priests who will miss Br. Anthony. Our hearts are broken for his parents and family who could not have imagined they would lose this wonderful son at such an early age. We are thankful for our faith that tells us he is with Our Lord in this joyful season of Easter after his Lent on earth. God Bless, Jane & Gene Peck

  244. No tuve el gusto de conocerlo, pero amo y presumo ser legionaria de corazón, y segura estoy que está gozando de la presencia de Dios más cerquita de la que llegó a tener aquí en la tierra. Un abrazo fraterno para sus queridos papas y a todos sus hermanos en Cristo., lo encomiendo en mis oraciones!

  245. Mi mas sentido pésame a su familia congregacion y amigos que el señor les llene de fortaleza para que tengan conzuelo por la irreparable pérdida de la que en vida fue el hermano Anthony Freeman….Descansa en paz y de Dios goza

  246. Descansa en Paz estimado Hermano Anthony Freeman. Te adelantas a la Casa de Dios Nuestro Padre. Un verdadero soldado de Jesucristo.

  247. Anthony, tuve el placer de conocerlo, tantos proyectos en mente siempre pensando en ayudar al prójimo, mi corazón está triste por tu partida pero se que eres feliz en donde estés, fuiste y eres un ser lleno de luz, mis más sinceras condolencias para sus padres y hermanos

  248. Tenemos un ángel más intercediendo por nosotros ya k el volvió a la casa del padre y ahora está disfrutando de la gloria del señor descanse en paz

  249. L’eterno riposo dona a lui, o Signore, e splenda a lui la luce perpetua. Riposi in pace. Amen.

  250. DIOS ES TAN PERFECTO que se lleva a lo mas selecto para SU REINO. No lo conoci, pero imagino que siendo joven tuvo la alegria inmensa de servir con la energia propia de su juventud. Que el Creador llame el dia de SU RESURRECCION es algo creo MAGNIFICO, pòrque es entrar directito a estar con EL. Mis oraciones y Eucaristias por su familia.

  251. My deepest condolences, I am praying for his soul and for the family. He may have parted from this world but in our hearts we know that he is in the kingdom where we are truly from praising our Lord. Glory to God for his life and his time spent on earth with us and may we all see each other again in heaven. Many blessings to the Freeman family. Love you and peace be with you all.

  252. Estimado y desconocido hermano: Dios te ha llamado a gozar en plenitud de su Reino, ha Pasado por tu vida para llevarla a la plenitud de su Vida. Acuérdate y acompaña a tus familiares, a tu hermanos de la Legión de Cristo y a todos aquellos que sin conocerte buscamos y trabajamos por el Reino de Cristo. Descansa en Paz.

  253. Dear Br Anthony, Be assured of our prayers for you, your family, and your legionary family. You will be greatly missed and trusted with the vocations and intentions of all who love you!

  254. Our deepest condolences to all members of the wonderful Freeman family.

  255. So very sorry for this great loss of Brother Anthony. I’ve been following him and all of his works on Instagram. He really spoke to my heart. So young yet so filled with the Holy Spirit and the message of Christ’s love for all. Taking some prayerful moments today for your family as you mourn his loss. God Bless you.

  256. The world has lost a true apostle of Christ and an inspriation to us all. We are blessed to have known him since birth. He was a gift from God and for those of us who knew him will be forever changed for the better. Thank you, God, for letting us be a part of this remarkable human being.

  257. Dear Brother Anthony , I want to thank you for your incredible generosity and advice. I thought you would be with us so much lon ger and feel completely bereft .. miss you so much. I am praying for you and your family. I will never forget you, your work and the person you inspire me to be. God bless you. Cassie

  258. I am so saddened and very sorry to hear of the news of Brother Anthony’s passing. I was so blessed to know Brother Anthony for over four years. Iam so grateful and thankful that I was able to visit and attend Mass with him on two separate visits in Rome. He truly touched my heart and the heart of so many others. His love for his Faith and Our Lord was an inspiration to us all. Prayers for Brother Anthony, his family, all his friends, all the other seminarians and for everyone who knew him. He is our Angel now in Heaven looking down upon us. He was truly a gift from God that has now gone home to be with his Father. Thank You Brother Anthony for your prayers and inspirational emails. You will always be in my prayers and heart. Thy Kingdom Come.

  259. Riposa in pace Brother Anthony, sono certa che il Signore avesse bisogno di un angelo nel suo paradiso e ha scelto te…”vieni, servo buono e fedele” e da Lassù proteggi tutti i tuoi confratelli Legionari di Cristo e tutti noi! Sicuramente sarai nella visione beatifica del tuo Signore…
    In Paradisum deducant te Angeli; in tuo adventu suscipiant te Martyres, et perducant te in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem.

  260. Pray for dear Brother Anthony…
    deep condolence to all of his confrater of LC and also his lovele family.

    May You rest in Peace

    Semoga Jiwamu beristirahat dalam Ketentraman dan Kerahiman Allah…

    Rev. Habel Jadera
    Indonesian Priest

  261. Brother Anthony, your intelligent questions in theology classes and eschatology in particular would no longer need answers from a human professor, but we hope you’ll meet Him face-to-face who is the source of all knowledge! Rest in Peace. Amen.

  262. Brother Anthony always prayed for me and was a joy to listen and watch. I will be praying for him…

  263. My deepest Condolences for his family. H. Anthony Freeman was inspiring to me and always had time to answer and pray for me. May he rejoice in the arms of our Virgin Mary and in God’s infinite Grace. I will truly miss him and his lovely Posts.

  264. Tears come to my eyes as I hear the news of Br. Anthony, as I was so looking forward to seeing him in July. Sometimes it’s so difficult for those of us left behind to understand God’s ways, which are higher than our ways. My husband and I met Br. Anthony in 2014 while on pilgrimage for the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII. We’ve kept in touch these past four years via email and in person while in the Houston area and in Rome again with our children. Br. Anthony stood out in Rome with his huge smile and dynamic personality…such a big teddy bear! He was so fervent for the Lord and has been a great prayer support, as well as continued connection to Rome. Little did he know that through the spiritual exercises he would be preparing for so much more. May the Lord enlighten our hearts and minds to understand why He has chosen a different path for Br. Anthony to work for His Kingdom. Give us glimpses of wisdom. Br. Anthony will certainly be missed here on earth, and I will cherish our interactions. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who are dear family and friends, and to the entire LC Community. May the Lord shower down amazing grace, comfort and peace. Br. Anthony, pray for us as we pray for you.

    Andrea Murray

  265. Mi más profundo pésame a la familia y a toda la familia Legionaria.
    Sacerdote de Dios para la eternidad. Qué misteriosos los planes de Dios. Desde el Cielo es ya sacerdote de Dios para siempre. Mi oración por él y por su familia y legionarios.

  266. I will always remember the joy of Brother Anthony. I don’t think so hav a memory of him without a smile. My family and especially my sons learned a lot from Brother Anthony.

  267. Anthony
    Te conocí despues de que El Señor te llamó a su reino, como todo humano egoísta siento mucho tu temprana partida. Sin embargo leí en una de las hojas de tu libro publicado en Instagram, tu admiración a San José, mi abogado personal, y siento conocerte de hace mucho tiempo.
    Que él te acompañe al reino celestial y ruego que desde el lado de Jesús, bendigas y protejas a los jóvenes de mi país y especialmente a mi hijo.
    Descansa en paz, junto al Señor Anthony.

  268. My Dearest Brother Anthony ,I cannot believe you are gone. I know you are with all the angels and saints in heaven and I am happy for you but to be honest I’m heartbroken for myself. God love your parents and family. I am praying for them. I always loved knowing you were near me here in Italy and I didn’t feel so alone. God bless you and I will never forget your beautiful soul. I believe I truly knew a saint. Love you forever from the G family

  269. Brother Anthony was a person of God and that was evident in his being.
    I communicated with him on his Instagram a few years ago. I shared that I had lived in Cheshire Ct. and would pass the boys on a Saturday walking down Route 10 to Hamden’s Sleeping Giant.
    I know that Jesus has welcomed him home and that he will experience everlasting happiness.
    My sympathies go out to his parents and family and his family in Christ.

  270. No tuve el gusto de conocerlo pero por el simple hecho de ser sacerdote, de haber dado su vida por las almas tiene toda mi admiración, deseo que goce ya de la presencia de Dios.
    Gracias por dejarnos el legado de tu libro, espero pronto poder leerlo.

    Descanse en paz

  271. Que grandes son tus designios Señor Dios del Universo.
    Te ruego concedas el descanso eterno a Anthony, tu sabes porque lo llevaste, él era devoto de mi querido San José y seguro este gran santo lo llevó hasta ti.
    Consuela a sus amigos y familiares que sentirán mucho la ausencia, pues nadie se esperaba una temprana separación en la tierra.
    Concele Señor la vida Eterna en tu reino

  272. H. Anthony, un gran hermano y amigo, que con su alegría y sencillez siempre cautivó a todos. Le vamos extrañar mucho. Sólo Dios sabe porque le llevó al cielo antes de su ordenación pero estoy seguro que desde allá rogará por nosotros. Descanse en paz!

  273. Brother Anthony my children and I would love watching your adventures on Instagram while you journey to the priesthood in Rome. Your smile, the joy in the Lord, your wisdom is going to be truly missed. But I know that you are praying for us! Sending our condolences to your loved ones. May you rest in peace, faithful servant!

    The Acosta family, Marisol & Daniel, Marissa, Analissa, Daniel Alexander, Katarina, & Joseph.

  274. I’m still in shock over the demise of Br. Antony Freeman! We used to play basketball together and would often strike up a conversation when we saw each other at the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum. He was a great guy and was passionate about working for the building up of God’s Kingdom. I just bought his book “One Step Closer: 40 Doses of Motivation, Hacks, and Experiences to Share with Millennial Catholics.”

    May your soul, Br. Antony, forever, rest in the peace of Christ!

  275. Indudablemente Dios lo recibe con su infinito amor para hacerle vivir en su plenitud eterna. Sin embargo, el dolor humano para su familia de origen y sus hermanos legionarios es inevitable, sólo la confianza que nos da la fe podrá mitigar ese sufrimiento. Mi más sentido pésame y mis oraciones para todos.

  276. I am at a loss of words, My deepest sympathies go out to his family. May God give them the comfort and peace that they seek and may the soul of H. Anthony rest in peace. He’ll be missed dearly,

  277. Mi más sentido pésame .. aunque sabemos q está en gloria de Dios. Y de cara a xto. Deja un dolor humano .con su familia .tanto de congregación.como de su familia materna.. nos unimos en el dolor…un fuerte abrazo y gran resignacion

  278. No existen palabras para aminorar el dolor de la pérdida permanente de un hijo. Sin embargo ayuda mucho pensar en todo lo que el trabajo y dio por nuestro Señor. Así que será bien recibido y ya sabemos de antemano en donde se encuentra. Reciban un fuerte y cariño abrazo. Bendiciones para toda la Damián, que encuentre pronto consuelo en Cristo.

  279. Desejo oferecer meus sentimentos e orações à família do nosso irmão Anthony Freeman, e também a Congregação dos Legionários de Cristo, pelo seu falecimento. Confiemos na misericórdia de Deus, de que nosso irmão ao realizar a sua Páscoa definitiva, agora se encontra na Glória. E que de lá interceda por nós. R.I.P.

  280. I have known Br Anthony for four years. During two pilgrimages to Rome, he was one of our Legionary hosts and guides. We kept in touch through Facebook and emails. Truly an inspired man. Funny, intelligent, deeply caring, and firmly rooted in his faith, he was a true inspiration to all he touched. I am a better person for knowing him. I pray that he will look upon us, guide us, and remind us that even in sorrow, we can still find joy, and be at peace.

  281. I’m so very sorry to hear of this news. My love and prayers to Br. Anthony’s family, friends and all who loved him. I know God had a plan for him and that plan is being brought to fruition in a way that we may not understand right now. I know Br. Anthony is with the Father and our Mother and all the saints. I pray for peace and comfort for the family and will continue to pray for Br. Anthony. I know he was beyond special. What a gift we had in him. May his soul rest in eternal peace. God Bless you, all.

  282. I only just met him this morning. I’m asking him to look for my grandson Eric up there. Child Jesus was his friend and He took him with Him November 7th. Eric was a Down Syndrome self advocate by his love. I know that they will be good friends and pray for us down here.

  283. Fico muito triste em saber de seu falecimento, pois meu irmão é padre Legionário de Cristo aqui no Brasil, fazemos parte desta grande família! Aos familiares e amigos nossos sinceros sentimentos. Deus conforte seus corações.

  284. ” Para el cristiano, la muerte no es la derrota sino la victoria: el momento de ver a Dios; la muerte para hallarlo, la eternidad para poseerlo… La muerte para el cristiano no es el gran susto, sino la gran esperanza.”
    San Alberto Hurtado

    Ya estas junto al Padre Celestial. Ruega por nosotros.

  285. I have been involved in Regnum Christi for many years. I know the formation of a Legionary is long and very intense to be a holy priest. I did not know Br. Anthony personally, but heard of him through Instagram and was always inspired by his posts and most of all his smile and joy! When I first heard the news, I was shocked! My first thoughts were “Lord, how could you take him at this prime time of his life, right before ordination? He has spent so much time preparing to be your priest and to reach many souls! He is so young, younger than me!” But then I remembered that everything Br. Anthony was doing in preparation was for the Glory of God and the fulfillment of His Will, which is our goal too. If it pleased God to call him home, then he fulfilled his mission and purpose. We may not understand it, but God in His wisdom does and that’s what matters. It is very bittersweet. He can do so much more now, from heaven. What a blessing too that he had the grace of the Spiritual Exercises and Confession before his death, and serving at his final Mass with Christ’s Vicar here on earth! He was ready, and he is now with God, and with my Dad, and will continue to reach many more souls! I offer my prayers for Br. Anthony and for his family and friends during this difficult time. May you receive the peace, joy, and assurance that Br. Anthony is with Our Risen Lord! Thy Kingdom Come!

    1. I have been crying over his death. I didn’t know him personally but over email he would always pray for me. Your words gave me comfort and I thank you for reminding me that God’s will is greater than anything in this world. H. Anthony Freeman was prepared to meet the good Lord. RIP

  286. Una muerte santa, en una fecha santa para un hombre santo… gracias por su testimonio
    Gracias Señor!
    Interceda por nosotros Hermano!
    Mis oraciones con sus familias: la primera y la Legionaria

  287. Our Heart Thanks You for Your Son, as Mary for Jesus:)&Peace from Mary‍♀️~♡Brother Anthony was the BIGGEST light next to our Pope Francis & Our Lord Himself ~ to His Kingdom & Luving the our lives for Christ in EVERY WAY, EVERY DAY! HE was so into praying for us all, as he said he continue to pray for Mom & I:) Mom struggling with Dementia limiting her body & mind ~ but not heart for Jesus & God!:) BR. ANTHONY, strong in praying for Mom ALSO FROM LOUISIANA, I DID NOT KNOW TILL NOW! MOM HAS LIFE-THREATENING HERNIA & SHE WILL HAVE ANOTHER GREAT BLESSED FRIEND IN JESUS, WHEN SHE GETS TO HEAVEN:) DADDY passed Year Br. Anthony born 1988 & He too see him with our Lord & Thank him for us & God REWARD & BLESS OUR DEAR BROTHER ANTHONY‍♀️HE TRULY LIVED FOR YOU & BRINGS COUNTLESS TO YOU ~ LORD!!MOM & I & MY 1ST BROTHER ANTHONY ~ THANK GOD FOR MY 2ND BROTHER ANTHONY, WITH THE ONE HE LOVED MOST & WHO IS WELL PLEASED!!BR. ANTHONY’S JOY IN SERVING WAS UNIMAGINABLY ABOVE EXPECTED, AS GOD FOR US, WOW!!:))WE LOVE & MISS YOU & THE HOLY SPIRIT TELLS ME, WE WILL SURELY SEE BROTHER ANTHONY AGAIN!!!AMEN‍♀️‍♀️RACHAEL & MAUDRY ANN ❤

  288. I woke up early this morning to terribly sad news that my good friend in Rome @br.anthonyfreeman @catholic_life_coach had passed away in his sleep . He was only 29 , full of life and due to be ordained in July . We were texting each other Sunday at the Vatican and he was joking he couldn’t see me in the crowd from the altar … … we were due to meet this Friday so he could give me his new book . His last message to me was telling me how he couldn’t wait to give me a signed copy and not to post any pictures of it until I had it in my hands … … !!! ( here is the photo he sent me of it ) … @br.anthonyfreeman May you rest in peace , you were such a fun loving , devoted , kind soul . You were so passionate about your vocation and showing the world especially the youth of today a modern take on religion . You died fulfilling your dream and trying to make the world a better place . You are such an inspiration and your legacy will live on in everybody who met you . May god and the angels take care of you on your next journey . Thank you for making my life a better place in Rome . I will miss you dearly my friend #RIP #brotheranthony


  290. Dear Freeman Family and LC Community,
    We send our sincerest condolences and prayers at the passing of Br. Anthony. We were blessed to get to know him through our Houston friends and St. Ignatius of Loyola community. Br. Anthony was the absolute best tour guide of the Vatican Museum and knew the best restaurants in Rome. We will cherish the memories our family made in Rome and when he visited us in Klein, TX. We so looked forward to his deaconate ordination here in July. We will always treasure the St. Anthony medals he gave us and our children that Pope Francis blessed. Heaven received a special gift on April 2 and we ask for his continued prayers.

    Thy Kingdom Come!

    Anne-Marie & Todd Miller Family

  291. Br. Anthony, his family and his LC family are all in my prayers. RC in Miami is also praying for all of you. I know God has a greater plan, it’s hard when it seems like the Holy ones go home early, but we must trust in God’s plan. His light will definitely be missed here on earth. Keeping close to all of you in prayer.

  292. Dear Mr and Mrs Freeman and Family

    Our deepest sympathy to you all. Your son was a wonderful young man we know him from Thornwood we would go and spend many hours in the kitchen and Bro Anthony would always come by with a big smile and ask us what he could do to help. It was an honor to know and love him and know he now rest in the arms of our Lord. We too lost a child and know only too well what you are going thru right now, may God give you peace and love in the coming days, with much love and sympathy Rita and Tony Cestone.

  293. May the lord our God grant brother Anthony eternal happiness and may he also help his family to get through this very difficult time .

  294. Dear Freeman Family & LC Community,

    Our Love & Prayers go out to you & although Our Sorrow is Real, the Joy of knowing he is in Heaven is just as Real.
    We feel very Blessed to have known him & be in his company while he was in Houston.
    We pray that the Light & Love he shared with others will live on in us – his sisters & brothers.
    Thank You Br. Anthony for your vocation & example.
    You will be missed.
    All Our Love,
    The Engbarth Family

  295. Last Sunday I was watching tv (never I do it) and in Rome reports showed a interview to Br. Freeman and I know about him, his books and Instagram’s account.
    I can’t believe this new! But I am praying for his soul. I hope to find out in my country his books.

  296. Brille para el la luz perpetua, descanse en paz. Dios lo eligió entre los hombres y al ver su corazón tan puro, se lo llevo al cielo para que pueda ser intercesor de muchas almas. Ya está de cara a Dios, adorando y alabando a Dios de la mano de mamá María. Un ángel para su familia aquí en la tierra, por la cual pedirá siempre y desde cielo los guiará para su reencuentro a su tiempo con el. Descanse en paz.

  297. Dios es perfecto, sus caminos luz. Dios el dueño de todo. Te llevaste a tu hijo en un día muy especial para los católicos, sabemos que Anthony está gozando las calles de oro contigo. Que nuestro Dios de la paz en todos los corazones de la familia de Anthony. Anthony esta vivo en la eternidad . Bendiciones

  298. Sentimos mucho la pérdida del H. Antonny con profundo dolor. Estamos pidiendo por su eterno descanso, seguros de que está gozando de la presencia de Dios. Oramos también por sus familiares y amigos y por la Legión de Cristo de la cual él formaba parte. Que en paz descanse!

  299. Mi más sentido pésame, Dios le tenga en su Gloria, pido sinceramente por su familia para que Nuestro Señor les de la fortaleza necesaria para enfrentar esta lamentable pérdida. Descanse en paz.

  300. Mi más sentido pésame para sus familiares, que Dios les de serenidad en estos momentos. Br. Anthony ya está con Dios y luego de su retiro y participación en la Misa de resurrección con el Papa seguro tuvo mucha paz y amor en sus últimos momentos y ahora ya goza de la vida eterna.

  301. La Muerte Y La Vida. Deuteronomio 30,15. Mira, yo he puesto delante de ti hoy la vida y el bien, la muerte y el mal: Salmos 23:4. Aunque ande en valle de sombra de muerte, No temeré mal alguno; porque tú estarás conmigo: Tu vara y tu cayado me infundirán aliento.

    Quiero expresar mis más sentidas condolencias a todos los familiares y amigos del fallecido y también hacerles saber que les acompaño a través de mis oraciones para que puedan encontrar consuelo y para que Dios le guarde en su gloria.

  302. Muchas gracias H. Anrhony por enseñarnos el entusiasmo y la alegría de vivir para Cristo. Un celo apostólico envidiable. Gracias por todo lo que hizo por nosotros. Que Dios lo tenga conseguido!

  303. To all who knew Br. Anthony. My heart breaks with you. I just started following him on Instagram last year. I looked forward to seeing his posts. And today I’m in shock that he passed away. I will continue to pray for him. Much love going your way.

  304. Sin duda está a lado de Jesús. Un gran testimonio que quiso Jesús sellar para enseñarnos que la vida es de El.

  305. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all, as difficult as it is be assured God has a purpose, it may not be clear to us but He knows! May mother Mary bring you comfort! And may God truly bless your family each and every day!

  306. I don’t think any brother was ready like Br Anthony was–he got along with everyone, he was always inspiring, he lived in the light, was transparent, totally normal, had amazing plans but was detached from them. Simple, spiritual, joyful… the “I-wanna-be-like-him” kind of guy. He even had his room clean…
    It was a long busride back home yesterday, Br Anthony. We had just arrived to Termini and unpacked and ready to spend with Easter Octave with you and all the other bros who are preparing for ordination. It was probably your favorite place in Italy. But you weren’t there. So we packed back into the bus and headed for home. It was a long seven hours sitting in traffic. But it was good to sit together for so long to help us work through this. I’m sure you were super happy in Heaven by then, but it wasn’t so fun for your bros down here.
    I don’t know what the Lord was thinking in taking the best of us. I was to be ordained a deacon with him in Houston. Now we will only be seven ordained, but we will have Br. Anthony looking out for each of us.
    Take care. Put in a good word for me. Let my Lord know I need a little longer to get ready but that I’m really working on it. Pray for us.

  307. May he rest in peace, amen! Prayers go out for family, friends, community and associates. God be with you in this difficult time.

  308. Nuestro Señor lo llamó para que desde el Cielo interceda para que está Gran Congregación de la Legión de Cristo, siga siendo semillero de Sacerdotes nos guien a la Santidad.
    Señor sale el descanso en tus brazos y envía pronto consuelo a su familia.

  309. Acompañamos a su familia y a los Legionarios de Cristo en estos momentos. Nuestras oraciones con ustedes. Descanse en paz y brille para el la luz eterna.

  310. En momentos de prueba,de tribulación como estos no existen al parecer palabras que nos brinden certeza y consuelo para seguir adelante a pesar de tan irreparable pérdida!!!
    Solo una cosa nos debe mantener en pie, la seguridad de que por su vida y obra él ya goza del descanso eterno y de la plenitud de los tiempos.
    Estimados en Cristo les acompaño espiritualmente y encomiendo a Dios Padre su dolor.

  311. Dear Freeman Family & LC Community,

    Our Love & Prayers go out to you & although Our Sorrow is Real, the Joy of knowing he is in Heaven is just as Real.
    We feel very Blessed to have known him & be in his company while he was in Houston.
    We pray that the Light & Love he shared with others will live on in us – his sisters & brothers.
    Thank You Br. Anthony for your vocation & example.
    You will be missed.
    All Our Love,
    The Engbarth Family

  312. May the departed soul rest in peace, and enjoy the heavenly blizz. Let him praise God together with the angels in heaven unceasingly and part for each one of us.

  313. We will miss his joyful presence dearly but trust that he was well prepared to meet our Risen Lord.

  314. No le conosi soy Chilena ,solo desearles a sus familiares la tan anhelada resignacion ,que Dios nuestro Señor les de la paz en sus corazones ,lo hermoso de todo esto que el hermano esta en la casa del amado Padre ,Q,E,P,D.

  315. I was blessed to know Br. Anthony for a number of years and worked with him (a little) on the book he recently published. In fact, though I’m twice the age of the average millennial, I used “One Step Closer” as a daily meditation during Lent. I will miss Br. Anthony and am grateful to have been able to know him.

  316. I wanted to reach out to say that I am sorry for your loss and I pray Anthony spend the rest of eternity in heaven with our Lord praying for the souls left behind here that will need guidance and intercessions. I truly believe that Brother Anthony’s ministry is not over and in fact will continue on. His passing has touched me and has moved me to reflect on my own life as a young adult. I never knew him in life, but it’s his death that has shaken my faith up. I pray for his true happiness in heaven. Hope to meet you one day brother Anthony. Till then rest in peace.

  317. Hermano, me hubiera encantado conocerle…. aunque siempre le vi porque no había forma de no verle jeje pero pude conocerle un poco este sábado a través de la entrevista que le hicieron en Rome Reports, no sabía nada de esto, luego descubrí su Instagram, sus frases, me impresionó mucho y me sentí muy orgulloso de tener un hermano legionario como usted. Se ve que Dios no nos permitió que nos conociéramos, pero sí nos dejó un intercedor en el cielo por todos los hermanos que estamos en formación, para vivir la formación como usted la vivió, siempre en servicio, siempre viendo hacia afuera, siempre haciendo felices a los demás. Me encantó su portada en su página de internet “let’s make holiness normal”. Indeed, you just did bro. Gracias hermano, le encomiendo y que descanse en paz.

  318. Mis más sinceras condolencias y pésame …. un triste sa de un gran ser humano …. gracias padre por sus palabras y un placer haberlo conocido …. en paz descansas en los brazos de nuestro padre

  319. Brother Anthony inspired me in my Catholic faith and as a wife and as parent of three teenagers! His faith in action gave me insight into the Young Church! So much hope and passion. I cannot wait to read his book. The video of him and his fellow Brothers sledding in Rome gave me so much joy in witnessing his love for life and the faith. And he encouraged us to be fully engaged in the gift of the moment. It is all we have. To be truly present with the presence of Our Lord. He surely is on his way to Sainthood. I will be praying for his parents, family and friends. Blessings of peace.

  320. Dear Brian and Debbie,
    I met your dear sweet son on a pilgrimage to Rome for the canonization of St. John Paul II. He was our small group leader for our 6 days in Rome. I want you to know how very special he was. He connected with all of us immediately, shared his faith so honestly that we all came back to Houston with our own faith renewed. He stood out among the seminarians without drawing attention to himself and not because of his height. He was just a holy man. Please know that your family is in our prayers.

  321. Your radiant smile shows how cheerful and loving person you are. Any time i login to Catholic connect and see your post i always smile because your smile is contagious. May God give your family fortitude to bear the loss. Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his beautiful soul rest in peace. Amen
    Mary help of Christains; pray for us

  322. Please accept my deepest sympathy. My heart is broken. I am deeply saddened. To you his family who gave birth to him, I want to tell you I am in prayers with you from the bottom of my heart. Br Anthony made great changes in the world of catholics, specially those young in faith. He made changes in my own heart. He gave us hope, enthusiasm, and made holiness approachable by sharing his daily motivation with us on social network and also in writing books. He made such a beautiful christian testimony of his life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for allowing me to cross his road once in my life. I will never forget. Shall God and saint Joseph welcome him in heaven. God has a greater plan for him. He will carry on doing good from where he is now. I am praying, for you, for his friends and relative and for him. Rest in peace my brother. God bless.

  323. No le conocí personalmente pero si a través de las redes e intercambie con él alguna que otra palabra a través de ellas y me gozo su libro cada mañana…..transmitía mucho entusiasmo y amor por la misión que Papa Dios le había encomendado…. Lo llamo a acompañarle el día de Su Resurrección para compartir con él ese gozo….. alegre y entusiasta, así lo recordaremos!!!! QEPD

  324. May you rest in peace Brother!

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers and I ask you intercede for me up there!

    God bless

  325. To the Family…be assured of our prayers now and in the future for his
    soul. May God comfort you in your time of sorrow.

  326. Sometimes we don’t always understand why God does things, and while we think he’s gone way too soon, God knows better. Perhaps he’ll do greater things while in heaven. Only God knows. I pray for him and and the strength of his family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

  327. Concedele Señor el descanso eterno y que brille para él la luz perpetua.
    Descanse en paz. Fortaleza a su familia Señor en esta pena por su Partida Amén

  328. Ora è nell’abbraccio del Padre, nel posto a lui destinato fin dalla nascita. Lo abbiamo amato come fratello il Padre come figlio. Un abbraccio alla famiglia

  329. Que brilhe para ele a Luz Perpetua!
    Que Deus console o coração dos seus familiares.

    1. que brilhe para ele a luz eterna meus sinceros sentimentos aos familiares que Jesus Maria e José os concorrentes o coração nesta hora de tristeza Deus misericordioso inlumine

  330. My heartfelt condolences to his family. We met Brother Anthony on Shrine Pass hike in Colorado the summer of 2014 and struck up a friendship. He inspired my faith and firmly replanted me back in the Catholic church. I am forever grateful for the rekindling he sparked in my life and the many other lives he touched and impacted. We will miss his prayers and counsel here and know he rests in peace. Praying for his family.

  331. Dios nos de la fuerza y la sabiduria para que
    Aceptemos la voluntad de Dios.
    Dios se lleva las almas mas hermosas para. Traer mas bendiciones
    Creamos siempre que Dios resucito y esta con nosotros siempre

  332. My deepest condolences to all his friends n family. Brother Anthony Freeman touched our lives in such a special way. Love always the Garza family❤️❤️

  333. Que Deus lhe dê o discanso eterno,na graça de estar no colo do pai,vai em paz irmão Anthony,ate breve.

  334. O Regnum Christi Brasil também reza por sua alma e pelo conforto no coração de seus familiares.
    Que sua vida de amor e entrega à Cristo seja lembrada por todos nós.

  335. Nuestras condolencias a toda la familia legionaria y a la familia del hermano Anthony.
    Dios y la Santísima Virgen lo han acogido en el cielo .
    Su legado será el que llevara cada uno de los nuevos diáconos y desde el cielo los contagiará con su alegría su entrega y su ejemplo.
    Dios en su misericordia le conceda A sus familiares y hermanos de comunidad fuerza y fortaleza.
    Descanse en paz Hermano Anthony.

  336. He was a brother that always gave me a good example. I will always remember him because he was always smiling and he was very kind. I can say that I NEVER saw him mad or sad. I met brother Anthony in 2014 when I arrived to Rome for my philosophical studies. I helped him to organize one special apostolate called CHURCH-A-THON which is basically a day that all the seminarians spent visiting many churches and praying for all the intentions of friends, family and even for intentions that we received in the website. I remember br Anthony really liked this apostolate and we always had a blast organizing it.
    I also remember that it was maybe winter of 2014 or Spring of 2015 and br Anthony told me that his little sister was going to visit him. I was impressed by the words he used and how much he cared about his sister. He really loved his family in a way that I was kind of jealous of. I believe that br Anthony is in heaven because he had just finished his spiritual exercises and we usually go to confession during those days.
    I kept in touch with br Anthony via Facebook and Instagram. My condolences to the family. Rest in peace br Anthony. Pray for us. Thanks for your friendship!

    Gracias hermano Anthony por su ejemplo de alegría, sencillez y su manera de ver las cosas. Siempre fue un ejemplo para mi. Gracias por los momentos que pudimos compartir en Roma, siempre recordaré su ejemplo. Es una pena que haya partido a la casa del padre. Sin embargo tambien es una causa de alegría el saber que usted ya llegó a la meta. Qué gracia de Dios el haber podido llegar al final de la vida con unos días de retiro, confesado, habiendo servido al Papa un día antes… Es algo que podría decir envidiable. Interceda por nosotros desde el cielo. Gracias por su amistad!

  337. May His Soul rest inJesus ChristHeart with Eternal Peace
    my Condolences to all His Friends And Family

  338. Br. Anthony, you were a marvel on social media! I felt like I knew you even though we never met. You always responded to my messages right away and we’re a beacon of light for all those you touched. You were Christ for others on this planet! Now we all have someone in the heavenly kingdom who can help us on earth.
    Sending much love and condolences to your family.

  339. Entre dans la maison de ton père, serviteur bon et fidèle. Que le seigneur fortifie toute la famille.

  340. I didn’t know Br. Anthony, but I feel touched by his commitment to faith. I cannot begin to understand the shock that you all must feel, but my family and I are praying for him and for you. As I continue to look into his life I am further blessed by his witness, may God us this tragedy for the glory of His Kingdom. Christ’s peace be with you.

    Member of the Body of Christ,
    Chris Chapin
    North Carolina

  341. MI unisco al dolore dei Legionari di Cristo e della sua famiglia naturale con la speranza certa di riabbracciarlo in Cielo.
    Roberto Persico

  342. Words cannot express how heavy my heart is at your loss.
    Please be assured of my prayers and know that I will have a mass offered for his intentions.
    Cheryl Szmuksta
    Regnum Christi – Chicago

  343. Dios lo tenga en su Santa Gloria e invada de bendición y fortaleza a su familia.Amén

  344. I am shocked and could not believe that this happen.I have to read all the thread before I realized that you are really gone. You are a beautiful man!!
    So awesome that you get to do what you love to do and that is to Love God ! I will miss your feed!!

  345. Mi más sincero sentido pésame para su familia. Que Dios Todopoderoso le dé el confort y la paz necesaria.
    Que nuestro hermano Anthony descanse en paz y brille para el la luz perpetua. Amen.

  346. Debbie, Brian, and all the Freeman’s our thoughts and prayers are with you! May the blessed Mother surround you in her cloak of grace!

  347. May your beautiful soul rest in the Lord’s peace, Br. Anthony! You have been an inspiration and I could see Christ’s love through you. Thank you for helping me in a very difficult time of my life, I’ll keep your advice forever. I never met you in person and still feel like a lost a close friend, cause that’s how confortable you made us feel. May God give comfort to your family. Much love from Brazil

  348. Profondamente rattristato per una così grande perdita, mi unisco alla preghiera e rivolgo le più sentite condoglianze alla famiglia e ai confratelli. Riposi per sempre nella pace e nella luce del Signore Dio Nostro.

  349. Que Dios de fortaleza a sus familiares y compañeros Legionarios. El ya goza del Señor!!!

  350. Thanks Br Anthony for a great Easter lunch together after Mass with the Pope – joking around and having fun like always. Thanks for your smiles and laughs, being so down-to-earth and authentic – just a real brother. I pray our generation can carry your same spirit to our diaconate and priesthood (hint… give us a hand). Have fun, get a real Saints’ football team going up there and be their coach, and keep some roster spots open for us. Rest in peace Bro.

  351. Estoy segura que Dios le necesitaba y lo tiene en un lugar muy cerca de él. Much love to the family.

  352. Eternal rest grant unto Br. Anthony, O Lord. May perpetual light and Your Divine Mercy shine upon him. May he Rest In Peace. Amen

    If I may share… I lost my son 3 years ago. He was only 18 yrs old. Much younger than Br. Anthony. Not that it matters as both are gone much too soon.

    Hearing of Br. Anthony’s passing saddens and weighs heavily upon me as my heart goes out to his grieving loved ones.

    In deep grief from my son’s death, I thought no one else could understand my excruciating pain from the loss. That is until Mama Mary took me under her blue mantle by way of the rosary and led me to her Son. Through His amazing graces, I am a witness to God’s divine mercy and can proclaim that His Promises are real. I humbly offer this account with hopes to console all those who love Br. Anthony.

    Because Br. Anthony did such good work for the Lord while on earth, I can only imagine what glorious works he’ll be doing for the Lord now. He will be included in my daily prayers as I will ask that he keep us in his.

    Intercede for us all, Br. Anthony. Amen

    REQUIES CAT IN PACE! Rest In Peace! R.I.P.! AMEN.

  354. Hice los Ejercicios Espirituales con su grupo, durante Semana Santa. Lo vi muy fervoroso, como siempre.
    En estos momentos de dolor profundo, levantamos la mirada hacia el misterio que estamos celebrando en estos días: “Es verdad, ¡ha resucitado!”. Gracias, Señor, por el don de nuestro hermano Anthony. Acógelo en tu Reino, y únelo para siempre a tu sacerdocio eterno,.

  355. Sentite condoglianze per l’improvvisa scomparsa di fr. Anthony. Siamo attoniti.

    La biblioteca dell’APRA

  356. Dios ha querido llevárselo para que adorne su jardín. Su alegría y sonrisa permanecerá por siempre en nuestros corazones. Que el Espíritu del Señor llene de fortaleza a sus padres y familia. Nuestro hermano Anthony Freeman ha nacido para la vida eterna.

  357. A nome della Comunità Monache Passioniste Vignanello -Viterbo, le nostre condoglianze e le preghiere per la sua anima benedetta. Dio che consola ogni fatica gli dia posto sicuro.
    Suor Giacinta Nuwa, Cp

  358. Lo sentimos y acompañamos a la comunidad con oraciones en este momento. Que por la misericordia de Dios descanse en paz el Hernano Anthony Freeman

  359. I was deeply saddened to read this news. I had never met Br. Anthony, but would have seen him at Mass on Easter Sunday with the Holy Father, as I was a priest assisting with Holy Communion. My heart aches for his dear parents, and so I particular pray for them. May we be consoled by the Resurrection of of Our Lord and the eternal life that he was promised for us who believe.

  360. Domani sera, lo ricorderò, in suffragio, nella celebrazione della Santa Eucaristia.
    Riposi in Pace.

  361. Dio lo accolga tra le Sue braccia . Gioia piena alla Sua presenza
    La Vergine Maria consoli i genitori e tutti i famigliari

  362. Realmente siento el fallecimiento del Hermano Anthony. Seguro que Dios le tiene reservado un plan mucho mayor a su lado. Mis condolencias y mi afecto a su familia y a la Legión de Cristo. DEP

  363. Tras haber convivido con él los ocho días de ejercicios espirituales que me tocó dirigirle, junto al resto de los demás futuros diáconos, Nuestro Señor se lo llevó para vivir con Él la Pascua eterna, como quien no puede esperar más a tenerlo junto así. Ayer lloraba por la repentina pérdida, aquí, de nuestro hermano. Poco a poco el gozo de la fe va siendo más grande que la tristeza.
    El último día de ejercicios espirituales les dije que NS nos podía llamar en cualquier momento, que valía la pena vivir como sus sacerdotes, olvidados de nosotros mismos, con el sólo deseo de amar a Nuestro Señor todo lo que podamos, de ayudarle en su obra de la redención todo lo que podamos… Que cuando nos encontremos con Él cara a cara nos recibirá con los brazos abiertos: “Ven, bendito de mi Padre…” Y, entones, habrán valido la pena todos los sacrificios, todas las renuncias, todos los “malos” momentos… Y nos habrá parecido poco todo lo que hayamos sufrido por Él, para consolarlo, para acompañarlo, para ayudarlo…
    También el último día les animaba a vivir como hijos pequeños del Padre; a abandonarnos en sus manos como Nuestro Señor, que no se resucitó a sí mismo, aunque podría hacerlo como Dios, sino que esperó a que el Padre lo resucitara; que no teníamos que preocuparnos de nosotros ni proveer para nosotros. El Padre nos ama como hijos como ama ama a su Hijo y provee. Y así, dormido y confiado como un niño, estaba el H. Anthony, preparado para el abrazo eterno.

  364. I am deeply shocked after receiving the news.Loosing such a valuable person who was a huge inspiration to the world is indescribable. A person with passion and energy for life and motivation to make a difference as a catholic brother. We’re planning to promote his book and his visit to Bahrain. I didn’t get a chance to tell him that he would be a special guest speaker during Manama Entrepreneurship Week 2018 in Bahrain. God had better plans. RIP brother Anthony. You will be truly missed.

  365. A great brother and friend. A passionate follower of the Holy Spirit and an unstoppable apostle. Br. Anthony, your passion and smile will be greatly missed, but I am happy that you are where we are all meant to be!

  366. Thank You, Jesus, Our Lord, for this saint brother! Gratias, Pacem et Requiem aeternam, quaesumus Domine, ei copiosas concede! Ad perpetuam rei memoriam!
    I wolud like to offer my deepest condolences. In oratione recordo.

  367. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences and prayers.

    In the face of such a loss, we take comfort in the divine assurance that Br. Anthony Freeman is now resting in heavenly peace.

    Embassy of Brazil to the Holy See

  368. Ricordo la sua capacità di vedere le cose “dall’alto” quasi che la sua altezza fisica gli permettesse di lanciare il suo sguardo “oltre” mentre il nostro sembrava fissato troppo in basso. Ci mancherai!

  369. TKC!

    Most dear Br Anthony,
    Thank you for the wonderful examples you have let us.
    It was a blessing for me to share with you, these last days during spiritual exercises and Easter mass with the Holy Father. I remember with joy, love and gratitude that breakfast on Easter Sunday. You were so happy and joyful. Now You are in heaven interceding for us. You have fulfilled you mission, you have reached the final goal. Thank you very much brother Anthony! Rest in peace.
    My prayers for Mr Brian and Mrs. Debbie Freeman. For all your family and friends.
    May the Lord of all Consolation fills your hearts and souls…

  370. Partecipo con sgomento al dolore dei Legionari di Cristo e della famiglia di Fr. Anthony certa però che la Pasqua di Resurrezione si è compiuta pienamente in lui che ora gode della gioia del Cielo!
    Con stima e affetto,
    Paola Vanoli, focolarina, Opera di Maria

  371. Una preghiera e un abbraccio fortissimo ai genitori e a tutta la famiglia. R.I.P.Fratello Anthony

  372. A few months ago, you posted a question on social media:

    Would you dare to pray for martyrdom?

    A couple of days later, you posted a video explaining hoy martyrdom does not necessarily mean to suffer, or to die in pain, but witnessing to Christ until death.
    “… So you can have a martyr that doesn’t suffer pain in their death and they would still be a martyr because with their death, they witnessed Christ and God and the Church.”

    Today I can wholeheartedly say that I have understood the meaning and that I absolutely dare to pray for martyrdom from now on. Thank you for showing me what it means to witness Christ, thank you for the push I needed to stop living as a lukewarm Christian, thank you Brother Anthony for showing me how to be brave for Christ.

    You will be forever in my memory and in my heart. You have inspired me in a way that I can’t explain. I only met you in Jerusalem for a little while, and I never imagined how much you would impact my life. Pray for us now that that you`ve made it there.
    See you in Heaven, Brother.


  373. My heartfelt condolences and prayers for the family and his loved ones. May your gentle soul rest in peace now bro. Know that your simple deeds are very much appreciated. With love from the Philippines

  374. May he be in heaven with Jesus.I’m sure that he is happy to get home.My heart felt condolence to his dear parents but I can tell this ,that your son is already in heaven.

  375. When I turned on FB, I read the news that Br. Anthony had died in his sleep. It was shocking to read about a 33-year old passing away in his sleep. I wrote a note to him: God has blessed you, Br. Anthony. I have been sitting here looking at your kind smiling face and thinking how much we need you here; however, our Father knows best and I trust in Jesus.
    I will keep you, Br. Anthony’s family, in my Rosary intentions that you can accept God’s decision on taking him home and perhaps the reasoning is that Br. Anthony’s death will bring more people back to church. May God’s blessing be upon you.

  376. We are so sad to have lost a great young man of God, but he must be so happy in the presence of our Lord. I’m sure he was received by angels in heaven immediately, without stops… may he rest in the peace of the Lord… and may his family feel the comfort of knowing how happy he must be already.

  377. Una misión corta en la vida, y siendo sacerdote joven que alegria para su alma… los caminos de Dios son perfectos y aveces no se pueden entender … pero seguro en el plan de Dios Este sacerdote ayudará a muchos desde el cielo ..

  378. Heartfelt thanks and now condolences to the Freeman family for this strong, joyful radiant man of God they raised up and our brother who communicated encouragement from his big fish catch in Louisiana to his helpful visit with the Priests Course here in the Holy Land and his social media activity inspiring many young people around the world. The shock of this news reminds us again of our fragility and the mystery of our life on this Earth. May this seed, fallen in the furrow, bear much fruit and reveal God’s glory, surprising us with lasting joy for ever!

  379. “You have made us for yourself O Lord and our hearts are restless until it rests in you”. Brother Freeman now rests in the Lord our God. May our Lord console his family, his colleagues and fellow religious- may they be granted strength to bear this tremendous loss.

    Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord. May his soul Rest In Peace.

    Requiescat in pace.

  380. I can clearly imagine God calling him by his name and receiving him in heaven with open arms and a smile. —I am so sorry for your loss, which is a big loss for our church as well. Praying for peace and comfort in your hearts. Rest In Peace in the glory of Jesus Christ Br. Anthony Freeman.

  381. Je n’ai pas de mots pour exprimer ma profonde tristesse. Je sais juste que j’ai un ami au Ciel. Merci Freeman pour être ce que tu es. Un Freeman un homme libre, heureux, joyeux, enthousiaste. Je ne me résoudrai pas facilement à utiliser l’imparfait pour me souvenir de toi car tu es bien plus vivant que nous tous. Tu es dans la Gloire du Père j’en suis sûr.
    Preferisco il Paradiso! Voglio cantarlo con te e con tutti i santi che stanno con te in Cielo.
    Te pido que no me olvide y que me vaya cuidando para que me preparare yo tb lo mejor posible para poder llegar tan preparado como usted al abrazo final y eterno con Dios Nuestro Señor.

  382. I am praying for you all at this difficult time. May you be strengthened by our Lord Jesus Christ and continue to walk in his light. Br. Anthony touched many lives and his online presence will be deeply missed, here in Scotland.

  383. Mi stringo con affetto a voi tutti per la prematura morte del H. Anthony Freeman. Che il Signore lo abbia in gloria!
    Lo ricorderò nella preghiera.

  384. Bro… Im sure God just wanted your big smile and a tasty plate of your Gumbo Recepie. Now you bought may be happy forever.

  385. I don’t know Anthony, I just find out in social media! This news touched my soul, I truly believe that he is enjoying the blessing of eternal life! To his family I will humbly ask The Lord to provide you with his grace, serenity, strength, comfort, understanding, and peace during this difficult process. Anthny’s life had a greater purpose, I’ve never met him before, and He already inspired me! Dale Señor el descanso eterno y brille para el La Luz perpetua, que descanse en paz, Amen!

  386. This is an unbelievable shock – for so many of us around the world, including myself in the UK, who followed his journey through social media, including S eeing his new book being published and I recently recall him and other seminarians having great fun in the snow in Rome. He was sharing a video on Instagram from Saint Peter’s on Sunday. May he rest in peace. So, so sad.

  387. I am truly sorry for your loss. I shared some time with Anthony as a Legionary and feel truly blessed to have been able to count him as a very good friend. He was truly a priest in his heart, and I am sure this was the best moment for him to be with our Lord.

  388. We are so sorry for your loss. He truly is a Priest now ordained by Jesus. Our prayers are with you and his family. My heart aches for all of you. I feel deep sorrow because he is a brother in Christ, to my son Fr. David Parker, LC and to all the Legionaries and so he is our son. I find consolation in his eternal life with our Lord for whom he offered his life here on earth. God bless his family and all the Legionaries. Our prayers are with all of you. With all our love and prayers. Your family in Christ, Deacon David and Denise and Ava Parker

  389. My condolences to The family and religious community of LC The Lord calls his beloved son RIP BROTHER

  390. Mi mas sentido pesame para la familia resignasion.y el hermano esta con nuestro padre. Y desde el cielo nos cuidara.

  391. Que Dios lo reciba el la Gloria de su resurrección y que nuestra Madre María Santísima lo lleve de sus manos lo cubra con su santo Manto y sus estrellas lo guíen en el Camino. Dios en tu infinita misericordia concedeles a sus familiares, amigos y compañeros fortaleza y fuerza, para que tengan una pronta resignación, Dios los bendiga hermanos.

  392. Im praying for you, dear Br. Antony’s family. May the Lord of all mercy give you peace in your hearts!
    Atte. Hno. David Ugalde Mendoza (Misionero Servidor de la Palabra. México)

  393. Los caminos de Dios son un auténtico misterio, conocer a este hermanazo a quien admiré mucho, una gran sorpresa para todos pero agradezco a Dios el tiempo que me permitió convivir con él, con él me di cuenta que existe la gente buena que se desvive por los demás. RIP

  394. Mis mas sinceras condolencias por la partida de este hermano que formo parte de la gran familia que me acogio durante dos años: La Legion de Cristo. Que por la misericordia de Dios descanse en paz el Hernano Anthony Freeman

  395. I did not know br. Anthony very long, and only spoke with him on a few occasions but he truly impacted my life. His love for life and the Lord inspired me and pushed me deeper into my relationship with God. His spirit was gentle and yet on fire and contagious. He will be greatly missed.

  396. H.Antthony Free..
    Jesús lo a elegido para que resucitará con èl en está pascua , le hacia falta en el cielo, un Ángel que dirigiera el coro de la alegría.
    Fue usted hermano Antthony el elegido para Dios, me cuesta aceptar que ya no lo tengamos con nosotros física mente.Pero espiritualmente nos acompaña, ahora usted va atrabajar con Jesús para que envíe a mucho trabajadores a cosechar, las semillas que darán frutos.
    Yo lo recordare imaginando como llegó ante Dios con esa sonrisa llena de alegría y èl lo esperaba con los brazos abiertos.
    Ánimo hermanos legionarios ahora el será un gran intercesor, para cada uno de los nuevos Diáconos piense en el, se preparó para ir al encuentro del padre Celestial.

    No se a ido vive en cada uno de ustedes a través de sus recuerdos. Yo lo recordare por su sencillez su sonrisa y por supuesto por su alegría que trasmitía.

    Mi más sentido pésame para toda la familia legionaria, des de este hermoso país México.

    También para toda su familia del H.Anthony.

    Mis condolencias, yo que tuve el gusto de conocer a su hijo era un Ángel su sonrisa se quedaba grabada en la mente.
    Dios les ama mucho.
    Que mamita María les acompañe en estos momentos.
    Un fuerte abrazo de mi parte y mi oración, para ustedes y para toda la familia.


  398. The peace, joy, serenity you have now in the arms of God is where we all hope to arrive. Please pray for us Br Anthony! Ask Jesus to give us what we need to be truly holy.

  399. It was our absolute privilege to have found a kindred spirit in Br. Anthony in the field of moving the hearts of the young towards Christ. The encounter between the Catholic Life Coach and Virtue Ministry was nothing short of a ‘God-incidence’. The random, humerous and thoughtful conversation were in abundance particularly with the completion of ‘One Step Closer’.

    Although we mourn the loss of a team mate, and a friend. We pray for his Loving Family and brothers in the Legion of Christ, trusting he is closer than us all now to eternal happiness.

    Br. Anthony, your joyful laughter remains with us, and your nuggets of motivation we will continue to share with the hearts of millenials.

    Eternal rest grant unto you…

  400. Thanks be to God for the life of Brother Anthony and especially for his joyful humble service which left a mark in the lives if so many. My prayers for his eternal rest and for Our Lady’s motherly consolation for his family

  401. Dear Debbie, Brian, and family, I’m so sorry for the shock and loss of your son and brother! Anthony was such an exceptional man!! I can only say how blest and grateful I am for knowing him and your family even for the brief time that I have! May God console you through this time of grief. Brother Anthony, pray for us!

  402. Hermano ANTHONY, Dios te de el eterno descanso y brille sobre ti la luz perpetua, su rostro te ilumine gran esplendor y de gozo. La familia Dios les conceda fortaleza y puedan tener la esperanza de saber que un dia se reuniran para siempre en el reino de Dios. La paz de Dios con todos ustedes…VIVA CRISTO REY! porque en El vive y viviremos en la casa del padre…

  403. I really am shocked but one thing that is sure is that God knows how to do things and I think we only need to pray for Anthony’s soul to ascend because thanks to God he will rest in peace. My condolences for his family, he will remain forever in our hearts.

  404. One thing I know for sure. He is home. My heart and prayers go for him and his family and I thank God I had the honor to know him and fight along side this great man. Many blessings!

  405. I loved Br Anthony, he was a faithful prayer warrior for me and my family .He will be greatly missed. I know he’s saving us all great seats in Heaven. Love to his family and his brothers and sisters in Christ.

  406. Deeply saddened by the news. Condolences to his family and all those blessed to have known him. Rest in eternal peace.

  407. I no heaven gained an amazing angel but I’ll miss your journey you shared with the world your messages you shared and your posts and a friend I could message when I needed prayer rember me in prayer Br Anthony Rest In Peace

  408. I am a better person for having known Br. Anthony. My deepest and most sincere condolences to his family, his brothers and all those he touched along the way. My heart hurts but I know, without a shadow of a doubt, where he is and who he’s with. May he Rest In Peace.

  409. Que el señor le muestre su santo rostro y que brille fuertemente para el la luz perpetua! Mis oraciones con su familia y compañeros!

  410. Que Dios de la misericordia le haya recibido. Descanse en paz y resignación a la familia. Dios necesitaba un hermano para celebrar las misas con los Santos Padres en el cielo.

  411. Siempre pesa el corazon cuando se pierde una vida consagrada…. Nuestras condolencias para la familia. Descanse en Paz

  412. Mi más sentido pésame por la muerte del hermano Anthony qué llena de dolor a toda La Legión de Cristo por su pérdida física. Pero nos consuela el saberlo en la presencia de Dios y de qué El tiene mejores planes para nuestro querido hermano Anthony.

  413. Dios recoje las flores en su mejor momento para estar a su lado. Ahí está ahora.

  414. Amado servo de Deus…mais perto Dele agora está…Certeza que te recebe junto de Maria…aqui ficou um grande vazio…muitas lembranças e saudades do que fostes…Descanse em paz! ♡

  415. lamento la pérdida, apenas hoy escuche de el y su servicio a los jóvenes en las redes sociales en las noticias de mi país. Ya me disponía a seguirle en las redes cuando me llegó la noticia por el grupo d oración por los sacerdotes y seminaristas. Dios le conceda el descanso eterno y pueda ver los ojos de Jesús, fortaleza a la familia Dios los Bendiga.

  416. Que Dios nuestro Señor les de la fortaleza a sus familiares y comunidad de Legionarios de Cristo,que sabemos ya está gozando de la presencia de nuestro Señor Cristo Jesús .Descanse en paz el H.Anthony Freeman.Estamos en oración por Él.

  417. Ayer estaba leyendo lo de su libro, me interese para regalo de mi nieto.
    Me puse investigar quien eras su autor y me interese por saber de Él. Dios lo tenga en su Santa Gloria , un día muy especial para llegar a la casa de Dios Padre.

  418. Siempre estará en nuestras oraciones El y su familia.. Gran vocación de amor a Dios, seguros de que ya recibió la corona de los justos.

  419. Lo siento mucho. Muy joven el padre Anthony con grandes sueños ese libro q escribio sera un legado para seguir transformando Corazones. Un Amor muy grande a su vocacion espiritual. Lo segui en redes sociales por lo mismo me Doy cuenta de que ser tan maravilloso y su amor a su vocacion.Dios lo tenga en su Gloria para que desde el cielo siga trasmitiendo su amor a las vocaciones. Para que este mundo se llene de Amor. Un Abrazo a todos los q convieron con el . En especial a sus familiares y Amigos. Un Angel en el cielo. Descanse en Paz.

  420. My heartfelt condolences on your profound loss of a beautiful young man. Prayers to family and friends from my heart to yours

  421. Mis más sinceras condolencias a la familia por tan triste pérdida. Dios lo abraza ahora. Mis pobres oraciones por todos ustedes.

  422. Br. Anthony Freeman LC has always been a great friend since I first met him. Everyone knows or has heard about him because of his love and happiness to serve, always with a smile and encouraging all to be holy! How I’ll miss him.. We had long conversations about life, he gave me tips about the app we’re creating, we edited his book a few times, and talked about our church and his vocation to the Priesthood. Surely he’ll be canonized soon, he was a great example to our all our church and especially the young generations that turned to him for all their needs. Thank you Br. Anthony for answering the vocation to serve our church. As you always said, Thy Kingdom Come! RIP brother, always praying for you! Now please watch over all of us.. God bless you!

  423. Rest in peace, Br. Anthony! You must have already done God’s will in your short life that’s why He’s called you home. Please continue to pray for us. I will be among many who will miss your inspiring words. Eternal rest grant unto Br. Anthony, O Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in yoir loving arms. Amen.

  424. I met br. Anthony at Dublin, he was always first to join the PE. Hiking with him was to go to the farest please and demand your self. I remember him trying to learn Spanish and with a great joy. Always a good memory of him. May the lord receive his soul with him beside Mary out beloved mother. La almas de los fieles difuntos por la misericordia de Dios descansen en paz.

  425. Dios de consuelo a su familia y amigos, el está en casa… un abrazo fraterno, cuenten con mis oraciones.

  426. I am so very sorry to hear this. Please be sure of my prayers. He was such a good man. God’s love protect you and His Spirit give you hope in this difficult time. Anthony truly believed in Jesus’ resurrection. Let us allow the risen Lord to strengthen you. He wept over Lazarus and therefore he came to die so that we might live forever. May He embrace Anthony eternally.

  427. My family and I would like to share our condolences and prayers for H. Anthony Freeman, L.C. Sending prayers and love to his family, friends and all who were inspired by this wonderful man. May he rest in peace with our Lord ❤️

  428. Dios lo tenga junto a El, que descanse en paz y luzca para el la luz perpetua.

  429. May his soul Rest In Peace . And praying for his parents . For Jesus to comfort them in this dificult time .

  430. Que en Paz descanse y luzca para El la luz Perpetua Asi Sea
    Fortaleza, Resignacion y nuestras oraciones para El y sus familiares desde Monterrey, N.L.
    Un abrazo Legionarios de Cristo.

    1. Que en Paz Descanse y luzca para El la luz perpetua, Asi Sea
      Fortaleza y Resigancion y Oracion para su familia y amigos , hasta pronto y en el cielo nos reunira El Señor Amen

  431. My Brother in Christ, Br. Anthony, I never met you but somehow I feel like I know you. From the stories I heard today from our brothers in Rome who lived with you, I am proud of you for ending this earthly journey strong-a life completely given to the Lord. I look forward to how you will continue to bless each of us with your many gifts even more from heaven. My deepest condolences to each of your family and friends and all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Praying for the repose of your soul.

  432. Alongside our beloved Brother–the Cross-bearer–and his dear family, The Woman stands (Jn 19:25). She understands like no other. Her embrace eases the pain and sorrow. Our prayers and our love are with you.

  433. Para la familia Regnum Christi cada vocación es un gran regalo de Dios. Gracias a la familia del hermano Antony por su vida de servicio. Que su alma ahora goce del amor cercano de Dios. Y que María les dé mucho consuelo y llene su corazón por la partida temprana de su amado Anthony. Familia Morales Ospina ( Pereira- Colombia )

  434. My heart is so sad to read this news. He befriended me on instagram. I so enjoyed his post and I made myself little printable prayer stickers from his post. He was so inspirational. I thought you would like to know he touch my heart through the Internet. I feel blessed to have been a social media friend of his. My favorite quote I keep on my date book “To be a saint is a choice to be mediocre is too” . Love & prayers for this very difficult time.

  435. I just started to follow him on Instagram. I was very excited by his love and enthusiasm for our Lord and the church. My oldest daughter is the same age as him and he gave me much hope for the youth especially since none of my kids belive in God. I will keep him in my prayers and I know he will intercede for all of us. Eternal rest Grant unto him o Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.

  436. QEPD el alma del hermano Antonny Freman LC. Con la Fe en Dios que está gozando de la pascua con nuestro señor. Pido a Dios reconforte a toda su familia, amigos, compañeros y comunidad de LC.

  437. El Senor te bendiga , El Senor ilumine tu rostro y te de su gloria. Descanses en paz Brother Anthony

  438. Aunque no tuve la oportunidad la tierra, sé lo conoceré en el cielo! Ahí nos reuniremos por fin toda la familia RC. Ofreceré mi oración de estos días por él.

  439. I am so sorry to hear this. Eternal rest shine upon you, Brother Freeman. And may the Holy Spirit console your family and all those who love you. Amen.

  440. Debbie and Brian, sending prayers for the soul of your sweet son and for all of your family! My heart breaks for you!

  441. Mi sentido pésame a su familia, a la comunidad de LC, en especial la de Roma, mi rosario por él y por todos

  442. We enjoyed meeting Br. Anthony when he came to Kansas City to help with ConQuest. What a wonderful young man! Our deepest condolences to his family as well as to his Legionary brothers!

  443. Our deepest condolences to Br. Anthony’s family. Your son and brother has fulfilled his mission here on Earth snd has been called home. Nothing can ease the loss you must be feeling, may the thought of him in his Father’s arms bring you consolation and comfort. We’ll be praying for all of you.

  444. Thoughts and prayers for your loss. Br Anthony was a wonderful person. He is united with our Heavenly Father, praying for us all. ❤

  445. Dios le de el descanso eterno ,mis condole días A su familia ,y mis oraciones para todos….

  446. Descansa en Paz, el buen Dios te de el premio prometido y te haya recibido en su morada santa.

  447. Our deepest condenses. We know Anthonies work and dedication made his family so proud. May his light and eternal memory always shine in your lives.

  448. Imagino tanto amor de parte de Dios, hacia Ud. Hermano, como para haber elegido este día para llevarlo. Son tan grandes los misterios y los planes que tiene Dios.
    Mis más sentido pésame a su familia.! Bendiciones!

  449. Querido Hermano Antony,
    Tenemos la certeza que ya goza del abrazo eterno! Encomendamos a sus papas y a su familia. Dios consuele el gran hueco que deje su ausencia y les llene de la paz de saberlo en la casa del Padre.

  450. Oh no. I’m so sorry and totally shaken over this shocking news. Debbie I recently saw you at church on Good Friday, and was so grateful to you for your kind prayers for my husband. I will now pray for your dear son Anthony. My heart is broken for you and all your family. May Our Lady hasten to console you. God bless you all and Anthony’s soul. Rest in eternal peace Anthony.

  451. My condolences to the family.
    God gives them strength and peace.
    The writes of H.Freeman are beautiful.

  452. Bienaventurados los que muere en el Señor, que sus obras les acompañen.
    Dale Señor, el descanso eterno, coloca sobre él la corona de la inmortalidad.

  453. Dear Mr and Mrs Freeman,

    Today I discovered your son and learned of his death. I wish to extend my most sincere sympathies to you and your family. I cannot imagine the shock and sadness that you must be going through.

    After looking at your son’s website and blog and downloading his book, it is clear he was a true gift to you, to the Legion and to the World. I love when Legionaries take this kind of initiative!

    This year must have been shaping up to be such an exciting one for you with his impending diaconate and priesthood. (I remember how fortunate my family was when my brother, Father Timothy Walsh, LC was in this phase. ) And instead you are planning his funeral – my heart breaks for you.

    God’s ways are so mysterious and confounding at times – to have such a bright light be extinguished here on earth seemingly far too soon!?!

    I will certainly be keeping all of you in my prayers during this impossibly difficult time. I hope that somehow you are able to derive strength and courage from the 100s and 100s of Masses that the Legionary priests, including my brother, will offer up in the coming days for Brother Anthony and you.

    May God Bless You and Keep You.

    Kim Walsh
    Cornwall, Ontario Canada

  454. Brian, Debbie and family my heartfelt prayers are with you. May the soul of the faithful departed Rest In Peace. Offering Mass tomorrow and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Brother Anthony, your joy flowed out to others. You light shined brightly.

  455. My sincere condolences to Brian and Debbie! Wonderful family and son who has certainly gained favor with our lord!

  456. Que Descanse en paz padre. Dios nuestro Señor lo reciba con las brazos abiertas. Y para su familia mi más sentido pésame que Dios los acompañe en estos momentos tan dolorosos. Dios los bendiga!

  457. Que Descanse en paz padre. Dios nuestro Señor lo reciba con las manos abiertas. Y para su familia que Dios los acompañe en estos momentos tan dolorosos. Dios los bendiga!


  459. I thank him for his answers, for his time and for responding my messages on social media. Even through the internet all he spread was the love and joy of the gospel. May his soul rest eternal in the comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ. May our mother receive him as well with open arms. Amen

  460. Ayer con la Cruz del Papa en la misa de Resurrección. Hoy, con el Cristo glorioso… No enredo esta sorpresa de Dios. Le dije en mi oración porqué si estabas a punto de ser su sacerdote… Sólo 30 años… Te aguardaba un Ministerio feliz y fecundo… Misterio de amor. Ahora eres intercesión. Gracias por el tiempo que te conocí y por ser un gran legionario cercano a los jóvenes.

  461. Sorprendente lo que Dios hace, que el con su infinito amor y misericordia de fortaleza a la familia

  462. Mis condolencias a la família….. Animo… Cristo resucitado habite en cada uno de ustedes y seamos fuertes como lo fue el….
    Bendiciones desde Colombia

  463. I was privileged to meet Brother Anthony several times while he was in Houston and was always very impressed by his cheerfulness and religious spirit. Now he has undergone a change of address and indeed a change in roles, from religious Brother to intercessor for the Legion, the Movement and others who may seek his aid.

    Brother Anthony, pray for us!

  464. I’m so sad to hear this. You were beautiful & inspiring. God bless your soul & prayers for your loved ones

  465. My heart goes out to his family, his friends and all his loved ones. Be at peace with Jesus now, Brother Anthony. Thank you for your good work here on earth.

  466. You met the Pope on Easter Sunday & The Lord on Easter Monday! The culmination of a life lived for God. It is so hard to believe you are gone! Pray for us & we will pray for you.

  467. I’ll pray for him in the Holy Mass tomorrow. I think that the Br. Anthony Freeman is a new priest from Heaven now.


  468. I met Br Anthony in Houston and he had the most soft heart and zest for his calling. His smile was contagious and his words of wisdom and faith, a gift. My condolences to all his family. Your loss is Heaven’s gain.
    I will be praying for you all.
    God bless

  469. Oh! my brother in Christ. We shared good time together serving our Lord. You are and will be forever Our Lord’s faithful servant

  470. El cielo esta de fiesta un Sacerdote bello y amoroso llega hasta el Altar con su Supremo Padre.

  471. Dios nos tiene señalado nuestro destino y el fue elegido para estar con el. Que su alma goze de la presencia del Señor. Nuestro más sentido pésame a sus familiares y amigos. Paz y consuelo en estos momentos de dolor. En paz descanse.

  472. TKC!

    I have no words to express what is in my heart. Heartfelt prayers for Brian, Debbie and all of Anthony’s family as well as his LC brothers and the Regnum Christi family…we mourn the life of a zealous and faithful apostle of our Lord.

    Brother Anthony, may your light continue to shine in a new and powerful way as you live in the presence of our Risen Lord.

  473. Mucho animo a sus Papas. Y me uno en oracion a nuestros Legionarios por esta trizte noticia, en oracion por el Hermano que partio a la casa del Padre. Y para que ahiga mas voaciones. en mis oraciones. todos.

  474. Rest in peace Br. Anthony Freeman. Now you can see face to face to our Lord.
    Our condolences and prays for his family and his L.C Brothers

  475. God bless your soul, Br Anthony. Thank you for the times that we shared together. I was very impressed with the way that you prepared for your perpetual profession in the USA. I’ve always enjoyed your friendship and your joy and humor! And the year or two that I got to spend with you in Rome was really neat. You were really developing some great skills evangelizing through social media. You had so many ideas. I remember one of your dreams was to be like a consultant for apostolates and Legionaries, so that you would help them hone in and develop their apostolates to be better and more professional. Pray for me from Heaven! Pray for my books…which you helped to motivate me for and encourage me to get the word out in an effective way. Thank you also for all you did for the formation of priests in Rome. You were really instrumental in helping that apostolate in Rome, as well as the Churchathon, and so much more that I can’t recall here.

    My prayer for you is that you will spend your eternity as that eternal tall brother that is nudging us to reach more souls and to take our apostolates to the next level. Pray for me, Br Anthony. And rest in peace, my friend!

  476. Padre Anthony Freeman…..
    Descanso Eterno…Desculpe Estou Sem Entender….Ainda Ontem. …Estava A Segurar A Cruz…Da Abertura na Missa De Páscoa. …
    Ainda mês Passado Lancaster um Livro. ….
    Ainda Ontem Anthony ANJO De LUZ. …
    Ilumminava Tudo Com Seu Sorriso E Suas Covinhas na Face…..
    Te Seguindo Nas Redes Sociais …no Instagran…Facebook. ….Miissas ….Em Missão no Caminho De Um Sacerdócio Santo…….
    Te Seguindo nos Post De Suas Viagens Em Jerusalém. ..Durante Dois Consecutivo Anos….Sua Alegria…Seu Semblante De PAZ…..Podia Curar Tudoooooo
    Iluminar Com A Certeza. …..:Deus” Cuida de Mim…..
    Perdoe ….Copiava ..Tirava Print De Tudo…O Quê Fazia …Era um Meio De Te Sentir Perto…Perfeito Anthony. …
    E Ser Sacerdote Era O que Queria Ser…..
    Almejava tanto. ..Estava Tão Perto ….Para SUA ORDENAÇÃO SACERDOTAL. ….
    Sei Que para Nós Mortais……Nunca Entenderemos A Ligação Para com “Deus”
    Ele o Escolheu……Desde O Princípio. …
    Fica Pra mim…Mercado Admiradora…Seguidora……A Perguntar
    O Que Aconteceu. ….
    Poderia Alguém Responder
    Desculpe estou Sem Ar…Sem Chão. ..Tremendo. ….Desculpe E Um Choque .
    …..Minhas Orações. …….Porque. ….Aonde
    Quer Que Estejas….Te Levo Em Meu Coração
    Lembra Deste Poema……
    Meu Sincero Sentimentos A Familiares
    A irmã. ..Mãe…..
    Sinto Muito……..
    Por FAVOR se puder …Porque Devem Estar
    As Trevas Em Roma como Seu Falecimento.
    O que Aconteceu com Ele??????
    Rosangela Afonso de Lima Alves.

  477. May his soul rest in peace. We will remember his commitment, happiness and joy. My dear Debbie I am praying for you and your family. May the Lord’s Grace strengthen you in this difficult time.

  478. Que Dios le de la vida eterna a su alma, y el espíritu Santo descienda sobre su familia y les de paz y fortaleza, no puedo ni imaginar el dolor que los invade tanto a su familia como a su comunidad,mis oraciones con Uds.

  479. Anthony Freeman, Descanse en Paz! No cabe duda que se vuelve a cumplir lo que creo: como vives será como mueres.

  480. Dios te tenga en su Gloria querido Hermano.
    Dios quiso que no fueras Sacerdote en la tierra, pero tu anhelo se verá colmado en el Cielo.
    Sabiendo que ya viste la Luz Eterna, humildemente te pido que ruegues a Dios por nosotros, la gente cercana a la LC, por tus ex compañeros Legionarios y por la Congregación que tanto necesita de la Mano de Dios.
    Un abrazo hasta el Cielo

  481. Que Dios lo reciba en su Santa Gloria para formar parte de su equipo celestial. Descanse en paz.

  482. Qué pena que Dios lo llamara tan joven y lleno de ilusiones. Mi más sentido pésame aunque no lo conocí personalmente.

  483. Dios lo tenga en su gloria. Nuestro más sentido pésame a la Legión de Cristo y su familia.

  484. Qué la luz de Cristo traiga una luz de esperanza para todos ustedes que pasan por la perdida de ese ser amado.
    Nosotros estamos en oración por toda su familia con la finalidad de que el amor de Dios siga en sus corazones germinando muchos frutos de paz.
    Paz, gracias y misericordia de Dios esté con toda su familia.

  485. Mi más sentido pésame a la legión y a su familia. Que Dios lo tenga en su Gloria

  486. Un Legionario es Legionario en donde quiera que se encuentre. No nos ha abandonado sólo ha cambiado de frente, ahora se encuentra entre las filas celestiales junto con la iglesia triunfante intercediendo por los que aún luchamos por la causa de Cristo aquí en la tierra.

    A su familia (de sangre y espiritual) les deseo que Dios les conceda la fuerza y el sentido sobre natural para sobrellevar este acontecimiento. Su familia del Regnum Christi estamos con ustedes.

  487. Mis más sinceras condolencias. Está gozando junto a Dios nuestro Señor la grandeza de su gloria. Justo el 2 de abril, fecha en que Nos dejò su Santidad Juan Pablo II.

  488. Gran pérdida para la Iglesia, Dios requiere su presencia en el cielo. Descansa en el Señor.

    Mis condolencias a la familia, pido a Dios por el pronto consuelo.

  489. I want to express my most heartfelt condolences. Anthony has been a powerful witness of the Gospel. He redhead numerous people through social media, including me. His life pointed to him being an incredible ambassador of Christ and His saving message. May you rest in peace brother. Can’t wait to see you when I get to heaven one day.

  490. El cielo está de fiesta, pues un Santo más ha llegado a él. No tuve la fortuna de conocerlo; mas, estoy segura que fue un gran ejemplo del rostro de Cristo en la Tierra.
    Mi más sentido pésame, pues hoy perdimos un miembro de nuestra familia RC. Cuenten con mis oraciones por él y su familia desde México.

  491. May Br. Anthony rest in peace and his family find comfort in God our Father. He will be forever remembered and greatly missed. It is time for him to be in eternal grace with our loving Father.
    Saludos al cielo Hermano.

  492. “I believe though I do not comprehend, and I hold by faith what I cannot grasp with the mind.” St Bernard
    Rest In Peace, Br Anthony. God have mercy on us. My condolences to Freeman family.

  493. Please accept our sincere condolences at this tremendous loss for all of Anthony’s family and friends. We will keep you all in our prayers and hope you find comfort and peace in the days ahead. May our Lady of Sorrows wrap you in Her mantle of love. God bless!

  494. Nuestras condolencias para su familia y para los LC y Regnum Christi. No lo conocimos en persona, pero nos entristece siendo tan joven. Que Dios le de el descanso eterno.
    Nuestras oraciones lo acompañan.

  495. Br Anthony, you will be missed! Dear Debbie, my sister in Christ, we will hold you close in prayer in this difficult time, my heart aches for you and your beautiful family. May your wonderful son Rest in Peace in the glory of God.

  496. It is hard to assimilate this, but at the same time I know that God is wiser than us. I will always remember your joy and great friendship. Rest In Peace and pray for us before God!

  497. Estou agora na missa no Brasil, acabo de receber Jesus ressuscitado na eucaristia e nada descreve essa alegria em nossos corações. Nosso irmão está agora nessa mesma comunhão com Deus no céu, de forma mais íntima, intercedendo por nós.

  498. Siento mucho su partida, que Dios le abra las puertas del cielo en esta pascua que inició para él.

  499. Meus sinceros sentimentos. Que Deus o tenha em Sua santa glória e conforte toda a Família e legião de amigos. Descanse em paz e tenha a vida eterna!

  500. My deepest sympathy sent to you all. I pray that’s God’s comfort and support surround you at this time.
    May Anthony rest in peace.
    Look to Mary, the mother of Jesus, who also lost her son, for comfort.
    Praying for your family.

  501. Señor dale el eterno descanso, a su Familia dales el consuelo de la resinación y La Paz en sus Corazones, mis mejores condolencias a todos.
    Mis Oraciones con ustedes.

  502. Nuestras oraciones por el descanso eterno de Anthony Freeman LC, Dios le dé fortaleza a su familia, amigos y hermanos sacerdotes de la legión por esta pérdida, sabemos que hoy está con Dios nuestro Señor y desde el cielo continuará llenando nuestros corazones de amor, fe, esperanza y alegría.

  503. Dear Freeman Family,

    I am beside myself with sadness to hear of the unexpected death of your son, Br. Anthony. We had the pleasure of seeing him on our trip to Rome in 2017. I had kept in touch with him as his Deacon Ordination was nearing. Congratulated him on his book. Was just following him on his 8 days of silence retreat and his amazing experience at Easter Mass with the Pope. I was just about to text his asking him to share his Easter pictures when he gets them. He was such a gentle giant and I would refer to him as Superman (his glasses made him more like Clark Kent) but his action and work for God was completely Superman. May the Lord grant you strength, consolation and peace during this time of grief. Our prayers and love for Br. Anthony and for your family. God bless you!

    Conchita, John, Alec, Andrés and Alína Reyes
    Former Family of Northwoods Catholic School, Spring, TX

  504. Que descanse en paz y brille para El La Luz perpetua, mis condolencias a su familia y a la comunidad de Legionarios de Crusto

  505. Es dolorosa la partida de un hermano legionario, pero al tiempo es victoria por llegar a la meta con Cristo. R.I.P.

  506. Mi mas sinceras condole cosa ya esta disfrutando del eterno banquete un abrazo para la familia y hermanos en cristo.

  507. Mi mas sentido pésame a la la familia del padre Anthony y a la Legión por esta irreparable pérdida, pero para el Señor un alma mas que goza de sus divinos consuelos. Encomiendo su alma en mis oraciones y a su familia.

  508. Esta na prença da santíssima trindade e nos braços de Maria.
    A Familia LC nossos sentimentos.

  509. I can only imagine the pain in your hearts as you surrender your son & brother to the heavenly Father. Please know that I will be carrying you and your family in my heart in a very special way during this difficult moment. May our Blessed Mother wrap her mantle of peace around you and fill you with the joy your beloved son Anthony is experiencing as delights in his heavenly home.

  510. Dear Br. Anthony, I would like to say goodbye and thank you for the years we have shared in the seminary. See you in heaven

  511. Como madre de otro hermano legionario imagino el dolor de sus padres y hermanos. Que Dios nuestro Señor les consuele en esta gran pérdida. Sé que era una persona extraordinaria, que Dios lo reciba con los brazos abiertos. Cumplió su misión aquí

  512. QEPD Dios tiene sus caminos y aunque a veces no los entendemos tenemos que confiar en su plan! Que Dios les de el consuelo y la fuerza en estos momentos difíciles, cuentan con mis oraciones

  513. I’ve just found you but after seeing how much of a light you are to the world this seems so tragic. Your legacy will live on spreading the gospel even though you’re in heaven.

  514. Mis más sinceras muestras de condolencia por el fallecimiento del Padre Anthony Freeman, L.C. extensivo a sus hermanos sacerdotes y sus seres queridos.
    Mis oraciones por el desde mi país Honduras,Centroamerica

    1. Mis más sinceras muestras de condolencia por el fallecimiento del Hermano Anthony Freeman extensivo a su comunidad sacerdotal Legionarios de Cristo y sus seres queridos.

  515. Se que esta con Dios nuestro señor,y está feliz!! Un fuerte abrazo y nuestro mas sentido pésame a sus familiares!!QEPD!!


  517. My deepest condolences to the family of Brother Anthony. As a Regnum Christi member in Canada I will offer up prayers for his soul and also prayers for comfort and peace for his family.
    May God keep you in the palm of His hand.

  518. Q la luz de cristo ilumine siempre su camino hacia el cielo amo todos los sacerdotes del mundo me da tristesa cuando tan jovenes Dios los llama porque uno espera mas d ellos cuando ya por mayores y enfermedad pienso ya dieron mucho para nosotros ..! Mi mas sentido pesame para la familia Solo Dios lo. Sabe y lo nesecito con el a su lado un angel mas ..! No es un adios sino un hasta luego descanze en paz..!

  519. Mis más sinceras condolencias, le conocí, fue compañero de uno de mis hijos en Salamanca y Dublín, un hermano alegre y entregado a Dios, le saludaba frecuentemente. Descanse en Paz. Un fraternal saludo a la Legión de Cristo

  520. Rest in peace, bro. You were the “Big boy”. Thank you for your example and friendship. We had great time together, building the chapel in Thornwood, working at the administration and fundraising during our internship, and studying in Rome. We’ll miss you dude, saudades! You are with God now, our final goal, that is what matters!

  521. Mis oraciones por nuestro Hermano Anthony. Dios lo tiene en su reino y le dará la fortaleza a sus familiares. Somos una sola familia Regnum Christi.

  522. Thy Kingdom Come!

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Freeman and Family,

    I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the unexpected death of your son, Br. Anthony. He has always been an example of joy, dedication, and love for our Lord. He will be sorely missed among us, as he will be in your family.
    But how can we not see God’s hand in the fact that he passed from this life on the night of Easter, after finishing a week of spiritual exercises and serving Mass for the Pope? Surely God has brought him to celebrate Easter with the Risen Lord in heaven.
    May he grant you strength, consolation and peace during this time of grief. Be sure of our prayers for Br. Anthony and for all of you. God bless you!

  523. May Our Lord welcome Br. Anthony’s generous and (always) smiling soul into heaven, with a huge celebration for His good and faithful servant, and may He give His profound peace and unexplainable joy to Br. Anthony’s family.

  524. Son gratos los recuerdos que tengo de su compañía cuando éramos compañeros de estudios. Siempre fue servicial y generoso, de los primeros en arrimar el hombro cuando se necesitaba sacrificar tiempo de descanso, de recreo o de sueño. Mis oraciones por él y por su familia para que encuentren paz y consuelo en momentos tan difíciles de pasar. Dios ya lo tiene en su gloria, así siempre fue aquí y seguirá siendo así por siempre.

  525. Que la Luz del mundo, Cristo Nuestro Señor, conceda el descanso eterno a Anthony Freeman, LC y fuerza a su familia para entender el plan de Dios.

  526. You were a gentle giant for Christ, Bro. Anthony.
    May your fruitful life and your surprising departure be a reminder to all of us that we serve at God’s pleasure and that the only things that count are what we do for God and for souls. Requiescat in Pace.

  527. I was one of his followers on Instagram and could appreciate his passion for ministry and the faith. The eagerness with which he shared his life in community and the desire to reach people for Christ. I am truly shocked and left speechless in front of such a news.
    My heartfelt condolences to his family. My prayers and great hopes for his soul at such a solemn time in the time of the Church.

    May he rest in peace.

  528. Apenas puedo creerlo. Juntos en el mismo equipo por varios meses, Juntos en oficios, en viajes, en actividades y Hoy me entero que ya no estas. Recuerdo que todos querían verte jugando Basquet, pero lo tuyo era el fútbol americano. Ya estas en el cielo, así lo ha visto bien Dios, pero nos deja un enorme hueco los que te conocimos. Te encomiendo en mis pobres oraciones recordándote con esa sonrisa y ese tono de “Spanglish” dispuesto siempre a realizar lo que Dios quería. Descansa en Paz, amigo mío. Nos veremos algún día en la otra vida.

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