Consecrated Life

Consecrated life in Regnum Christi is a new lifestyle in response to Christ’s call to his chosen ones: “Come and follow me.” The life of a consecrated woman in Regnum Christi is eminently Christ-centered. She lives her life imbued with the experience of the personal, real, passionate and faithful love of Christ. The experience of Christ’s personal love and his desire for the salvation of souls generates in each consecrated woman an intimate urgency to dedicate herself to extending his Kingdom, so that others may encounter him and become his apostles.

Responding to God’s call, consecrated women, out of love, freely embrace the evangelical counsels through vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. They live in community, which allows them to open themselves to be enriched by women of other cultures, languages, backgrounds and personalities, and give witness to the charity lived by the first Christian communities. Their communities are characterized by the joy which Pope Francis referred to in his meeting with seminarians and novices in July 2013. “I would like to say a word to you, and that word is joy. Wherever there are consecrated persons, seminarians, women and men religious, young people, there is joy, there is always joy. It’s the joy of freshness; it’s the joy of following Jesus; the joy that the Holy Spirit gives us, not the world’s joy.”

While not excluding any particular type of apostolate, consecrated women of Regnum Christi offer the Church a form of evangelization according to their charism. They fulfill their evangelizing effort especially by proclaiming the faith; by educating; by pastoral work with children, youth and families; by evangelizing culture; through formation of the woman; through formation of consecrated persons and by works of Christian charity.