We work in Regnum Christi schools around the world, with the mission of helping our students graduate as strong Christian leaders, convinced of the truth, prepared to establish and foster a Christian society. We teach and offer formation to the students, staff and parents on a personal and group level.  

Here are some of our schools:

The Highlands School (Dallas, TX), Pinecrest Academy (Atlanta, GA),  Everest Academy (Clarkston, MI), Northwoods Catholic School (Spring, TX), Everest Academy (Lemont, IL), Royalmont Academy (Mason, OH), Everest Academy (Manila, Philippines). 


The Highlands School
Dallas, TX

Pinecrest Academy
Atlanta, GA

Everest Academy
Clarkston, MI

Everest Academy
Manila, Philippines

Northwoods School
Spring, TX

Everest Academy
Lemont, IL

Royalmont Academy
Mason, OH

We also direct boarding schools: 


Overbrook Academy
Rhode Island

Oxford Academy

Woodlands Academy

Regnum Christi also has universities and schools in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and Brazil working with over 65,000 students.