Celebration of the Eucharist

Christ’s sacrifice, his love to the end, becomes present in the Celebration of the Eucharist as a grace- filled event. His sacrifice is not repeated, nor is it merely remembered or imagined. In the Celebration of the Eucharist Christ becomes present, so that we can make his sacrifice our own and share in it.

It is never enough to attend Mass just to fulfill a Church precept; the Church tells us to take an active part in it. In order to participate fully in the Mass, we need to foster the same attitudes as Christ on the Cross as he offered himself to the Father to save humanity: glorifying the Father, adoring him, thanking him, and making reparation for sins. We must also accompany Christ’s offering with our own oblation to God. Communion is the consummation of our self-giving and union with Christ, and a source of matchless graces for our lives.

Christians who live the Mass should exemplify truth and kindness in all their temporal affairs: in family, work, society, politics, culture, etc. In this way they will find their fulfillment as new men and women, and make all things new.