2021 RC Top 3: A podcast from Regnum Christi

2021 RC Top 3: A podcast from Regnum Christi

“RC Top 3” is a weekly podcast featuring the top 3 stories from Regnum Christi.  Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, the podcast highlights inspiring and informative stories about Regnum Christi members of all vocations, and the impact they are making on the world by living their God-given mission.

Narrated by Colin Gore, a lay member of Regnum Christi, each episode will focus on the lives of people from all over the North American Territory, and how they have been inspired to share Christ’s love with others by living the charism of Regnum Christi and evangelizing in creative ways.

Tune in each Monday to get to know a new group of apostles and their inspiring stories!

December 27, 2021

God’s Word: Weekly Message for 12-14-2021

Fr John Pietropaoli invites us to ready our hearts to welcome God’s word made flesh.

2:07 What Difference Does Christmas Make?

Fr John Bullock asks us, “Has the world really changed all that much since the first Christmas?”

5:01 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The end of Part 15 of Fr Daniel’s blog describes how Joseph dealt with the fear of leaving his loved ones and unfinished business behind as he approached death.

December 20, 2021

The Path to Joy: A New Book to Help Us Navigate the Stages of Faith

This newly published book by Tom Clements maps the faith journey in clear and practical steps, from Stage One (I Believe in God) to the ultimate stage (Union with God).

4:59 Living Your Best Life in Advent

How do we imitate Mary and say “yes” to the will of our Lord during this special time of Advent? We can look to Mary for “tips.”

8:12 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The first section of part 15 of Fr Daniel’s blog delves into two of the four factors that caused Joseph angst as he approached death: uncertainty and pain.

December 13, 2021

In Memoriam – Heidi Marie Seubert

Heidi will be especially remembered and appreciated for her readiness to reach out and accompany others in need and for her love of making everything beautiful in so many ways.

4:24 Growing ECYD from the Canadian Prairies

Hear about how Donovan Novak, of Regina, Saskatchewan, is helping ECYD, Conquest, and Challenge thrive 500 miles away from the nearest Legionary community.

10:31 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The end of Part 14 of Fr Daniel’s blog teaches parents that when it comes to raising their children in the faith, actions speak louder than words.

December 6, 2021

ECYD Launches IMPACT One Appeal, by Maria Knuth

“These ECYD Programs form adolescents as Christian leaders to transform culture… But we cannot do this alone.”

3:28 Andrew’s Outreach: Weekly Message for 11-30-2021

Fr Edward McIlmail, LC, teaches us how much the Holy Spirit can do with the little efforts we make when we share something of Christ with others.

5:26 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The continuation of Part 14 of Fr Daniel’s blog explores Joseph’s experience of losing the 12-year-old Jesus in Jerusalem.

November 29, 2021

Everest Celebrates 30 Years of Living the Regnum Christi Charism

In the fall of 1991, Everest Academy, in Clarkston, Michigan, opened its doors to just 33 students. In September of this year, 30 years later, the school, now known as Everest Collegiate High School & Academy, celebrated its anniversary with a week of festivities. With a current enrollment of 427 students in grades preschool-12, Everest has impacted the lives of thousands of students and families.

7:10 Sister Cider, by Holly Gustafson

In this blog, Holly Gustafson shares about a saint who was so adept at making cider that she became known as “Sister Cider” by those who knew her.

9:39 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

Part 14 of Fr Daniel’s blog shows us the power of pilgrimage in Jesus’s upbringing.

November 22, 2021

Regnum Christi in the Ivory Coast

Here’s how Deacon Dain Scherber, LC lives out his ministry to the Regnum Christi family in Ivory Coast, West Africa.

6:01 Marvel at the Beauty All Around You, by Fr John Bullock, LC

“I am inviting a different take on the world, one that recognizes that goodness and beauty—which come from God—have deeper roots and are more substantial than sin and evil.”

11:44 Territorial Directors of the Legionaries of Christ and Consecrated Women Share a “Year in Review”

As 2021 draws to a close, the Territorial Directors of the Legionaries of Christ and the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi shared a look at what’s happened over the past year in two “Year in Review” discussions.

November 15, 2021

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Weekly Message for November 9, 2021

Fr John Pietropaoli, LC introduces his four-part video retreat with a letter to his fellow missionaries.

2:06 “The Mission My Heart Had Been Longing For”: Catherine Macora Celebrates 25 Years of Consecration

“I knew in my heart that only God’s will would make me truly happy, and I couldn’t give up my search until I found it.”

9:19 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

In Part 13 of his blog post, Fr Daniel describes how the Holy Family adjusts to life in Nazareth and the lessons Joseph and Jesus teach each other.

November 9, 2021

Letter from the Regnum Christi General Directorate for the Feast of Christ the King 2021

“We ask that the Holy Spirit enlighten our hearts so that this jubilee year that we now begin may be a time of gratitude to God for the gift of ECYD and a fresh breeze that helps us to renew his call to our spiritual family and apostolic body that is Regnum Christi.”

4:02 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

Part 13 of Fr Daniel’s blog series deals with the return of the Holy Family to Nazareth, where they were met with mixed reactions.

8:10 Who is Your Favorite Fall Saint?

Holly Gustafson shares lessons gleaned from St. Faustina Kowalska’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul.”

November 1, 2021

Meet the Newest Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi!

Ana Sarmiento and Olivia Steeves share the steps of their journey that have led them to consecrate their lives to Christ.

8:11 Living the Charism of Regnum Christi in the Domestic Church: The Rawicki Family

”We credit our involvement with Regnum Christi as a huge support in raising our children to love their faith.”

16:54 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The end of Part 12 of Fr Daniel’s series deals with how the Holy Family was treated during their time in Egypt and how we can imitate them in loving our neighbor.

October 25, 2021

Regnum Christi General Directive College Announces Jubilee Year for 50th Anniversary of ECYD

From the first groups of young people in 1971 to today, ECYD has been like a flame enkindled in our spiritual family, bringing the creativity and freshness that belong to youth.

3:22 International Missions Are Back!

We now have five open and safe options for missionaries to choose from.

6:37 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The continuation of part 12 of Fr Daniel’s blog shows us how togetherness allows each family member to flourish.

October 21, 2021

Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

Part 12 of Fr. Daniel’s blog shows us how adversity and insecurity can lead us to love more deeply.

6:39 Praying the Rosary Through the Gaze of Christ, by Holly Gustafson

Holly shares how she tries to imitate the prayer of a pious friend of St. John Vianney: “I look at Him and he looks at me!”

9:20 Pope Francis Names Legionary of Christ as President of the Governorate of Vatican City State

Mons. Fernando Vérgez, LC has served the Holy See for nearly 50 years through five pontificates.

October 11, 2021

Art and Contemplation: Awakening the Contemplative Gaze to the Beauty of God

As she began to paint more and more, Gaetane realized that God, as the great gift-giver that he is, was returning to her the artistic gift that she had freely surrendered to him.

7:05 A Beacon of Hope, by Niccolo Tuazon

The Blessed Community’s Family Rosary is a radiant beacon of hope that greatly inspires all who participate to rise with perseverance from the bleakness of life’s troubles and bask in the glory of God’s love and mercy.

11:30 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

Part 12 of Fr Daniel’s gives us a look at Joseph as an immigrant in Egypt, far from his culture, language, and connections.

October 5, 2021

Women of the Bible: An Invitation to Discover the Women of the Old Testament Whose Lives Were Transformed by God

“The objective is that the participants let God touch their lives and transform them, that they discover – or rediscover – the Father’s love for them, and that they begin to base their identity in the love of God and in being his beloved daughters.”

6:17 New Regnum Christi English App now on Apple and Android!

Use it every day to connect to Christ in prayer and be inspired to live the life and mission he is calling you to!

7:17 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The continuation of part 11 of Fr. Daniel’s blog explores the themes of the suffering of the innocent and Joseph’s example of audacity in a tight situation.

September 25, 2021

Matt Maher, Sr. Miriam Hideland and Others Collaborate with Magdala in New Online Pilgrimage of Healing & Hope

Join this great crowd that followed Jesus through Galilee. Show Him your wounds, and witness His healing.

3:17 Live the Mystery: A Virtual Convention to Explore the Mystery of the Regnum Christi Charism

“To recall, after all these years, the moment when Christ first spoke my name and asked me to join this movement and to realize that he is present with us in each and every Encounter… this was a re-defining moment.”

6:57 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

Part 11 of Fr Daniel’s blog explores how St. Joseph questions his ability to protect the Holy Family.

September 20, 2021


In May, Galilee looks like a giant quilt of vibrant green and golden yellow squares with fields ready for the early summer wheat harvest. In this blog, Kathleen Nichols explains how wheat speaks to the intimacy of God.

4:13 The Holy Cross

The primary symbol for our Catholic faith is the Crucifix. In this letter, Fr John Bartunek, LC, shares what the Crucifix can remind us of that will help us through our own crosses in life.

7:01 Lessons from the Workshop of St. Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

Part 10 of Fr Daniel’s reflection on St. Joseph delves into his reactions to the prophecies of Simeon and Anna during the Presentation.

September 13, 2021

Virtual Pilgrimage of Healing & Hope with Mary Magdalene

Magdala invites you to join us on our third virtual pilgrimage through the Holy Land this October, themed, “A Virtual Pilgrimage of Healing & Hope with Mary Magdalene.”

4:03 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, Part 10, by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC

A Christian approach to prophecy necessarily entails a balanced application of discernment, prudential judgment by the Church, and a humble response to God’s guidance.

12:12 Secularism’s Problem With Fear, by Fr. John Bullock, LC

Our secular society has a big problem… it is deeply afraid.

September 7, 2021

Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, Part 9, by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC

The Lord wants us to pursue him with all our heart. Like the wise men, this implies action, leaving our comfort zone, and persevering through difficult periods when we lose sight of the guiding star.

11:26 A Summer of Mission!

Many missionaries shared that it was one of the happiest weeks they had experienced in a long time.

14:05 The Best Time of Day to Pray (According to the Saints), by Holly Gustafson

The saints agree, and so far, I haven’t found a single one that recommends procrastinating or postponing your prayer time until it’s absolutely the most convenient time of the day.

August 30, 2021

Spiritual Director Formation: A Journey Towards Freedom

For Teresa Chabot, who was already providing spiritual direction before participating in the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program, the course prompted what Teresa calls “a total paradigm shift” in her thought processes and her approach as a spiritual director.

5:44 Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, Part 9, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

Salvation history is replete with Cinderella stories of second-born sons elevated to primary status, slaves rising to greatness, stammerers leading national exodus, the blind toppling towers, penniless widows becoming queens, shepherd boys chosen as kings, and simple folk called to mighty missions.

14:17 Something Good from Nazareth: Weekly Message for 08/24/21, by Fr Nikola Derpich, LC

Our Lord’s words struck a chord in Nathanael, and Nathanael knew something new was in store.

August 23, 2021

Seven Legionaries of Christ Ordained to the Transitional Diaconate

Surrounded by friends, family, and Regnum Christi members of all vocations, seven young men were ordained to the transitional diaconate by Bishop Robert McClory on July 31st at Notre Dame parish in Michigan City, Indiana.

9:37 The Power of Humility, by Fr John Bullock, LC

Disdained in our current culture, humility has had to practice… well… humility.

14:19 Online Therapist Shares Divine Mercy University’s Influence

Annalicia DiLollo, a Master of Science in Counseling Alumna, shares how her studies at DMU helps her bring peace and light to the life of her patients.

August 16, 2021

Fr Anthony Bannon Leaves a Legacy of Faith, Courage, and Zealous Dedication to the Kingdom of God

To Fr Anthony’s Legionary brothers in Christ, he was a man of great courage, profound faith, and relentless love for and dedication to the Church and Regnum Christi.

9:16 Drawn by a Greater Love, by Fr Adam Zettel, LC

It was the blood from his wounded heart that touched me the most, because I knew he wanted my heart to be wounded like his, bleeding like his, and I knew that if I united my heart to his he could say, “Now I have a friend to suffer with me.”

18:19 Questions and Answers About Regnum Christi

#5: What is the spirituality of Regnum Christi?

August 9, 2021

Fr. Anthony Bannon dies at age 74

In the early morning hours of August 5, 2021, the Lord called our dearest Fr. Anthony Bannon, LC, home after health complications arising from cancer.

4:29 What Would Mary Do: Maternal Advice for When You’re Obsessing, by Holly Gustafson

He immediately pointed me to His mother and invited me to ask, what would she do?

7:44 Lessons From the Workshop of St. Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg

The work of Christ is to care for the poor, to do works of mercy, and shift our focus from the passing things of this world to what really matters.

August 2, 2021

While They Were Gone

In June, our LC priests left their homes to capture a much-needed “R and R”. It was an opportunity for the community to work in communion and joy to ensure that Mary’s garden was looked after when their formal stewards were away.

2:03 Uncharted Territory, by Fr Nikola Derpich, LC

Like apostles and missionaries of old, we’re called to rise to the challenge, bolstered by the conviction that the Lord has loved us, saved us, and sanctified us.

5:51 Lessons From the Workshop of St. Joseph, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC, Part 8, Continued

Why does God the Father choose shepherds to invite to his Son’s side at the crib of Bethlehem? There are at least three possible answers.

July 26, 2021

Honorary Degree Bestowed on CEO of Life Perspectives

“There are so many people who live with deep, unresolved wounds as a result of pregnancy loss… I am honored to be recognized for my efforts to make it culturally acceptable to acknowledge and listen to those who are impacted.”

3:33 What Exactly IS Conquest Club and Why Should Boys Join?

“Conquest has helped me in my faith by showing me that, in a world where it is seen as ridiculous to be serious about religion, there are groups like Conquest which are always there to help you not only grow in your faith but also enjoy it.”

6:24 Lessons From the Workshop of St. Joseph, Part 8, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC 

Simple folk and saints might be poor and forgotten, ignored and scorned by all, but still great in God’s eyes.

July 19, 2021

Approval of the Constitutions of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

“Let us give thanks to God for this gift He gives us and may this be one more invitation to ‘live and live abundantly’ this beautiful vocation to which He has called us.”

2:48 Big Kids, Big Problems, by Holly Gustafson

“I’m learning to let go of my expectations and my need for control, and learning to trust God to accompany my children through adulthood, in ways that I, their non-divine, non-omnipotent mother, cannot.”

6:12 A Collaboration of Joy: RC Music Collective and The Vigil Project Host Music and Evangelization Retreat

“We really felt the call to go beyond just the recording of an album – we wanted to actually put into practice our Regnum Christi charism, which is the formation of apostles.”

July 12, 2021

Fr. Russell Ward, LC, is Ordained to the Priesthood in the Legionaries of Christ

At his ordination, he noted that receiving both the anointing of confirmation and the anointing of the priesthood by the bishop of Lansing emphasized to him that he has a spiritual home and deep roots in the diocese, no matter where in the world he is sent on his mission as a priest of the Legionaries of Christ.

3:58 Remembering Isabel García de Vinuesa (1966-2021).

“Many times we dream beautiful things, but reality does not always coincide with our dreams, and it is important to fall in love with that reality which is the best dream you can have because it is your personal story.”

13:03 New! Questions & Answers about Regnum Christi

Questions & Answers about Regnum Christi is a great way for anyone discerning Regnum Christi to get more information, for members to go more deeply into their charism and call, and for people who want to get more information to find the answers, they are looking for.

July 5, 2021

Fr. Vinh Pham and Fr. Michael Sester Ordained to the Priesthood in the Legionaries of Christ

In a moving and reverent Mass attended by hundreds of family, friends, and members of Regnum Christi, the two deacons received their priestly ordination as the culmination of over a decade of priestly discernment and formation.

5:32 A Year of Growing in Love and Discerning the Call to Consecration

“There was a deep joy and the intuition that, if he puts this longing for ‘more’ in us, only he can fill it.”

9:30 A New American’s Perspective on America in 2021

“This July 4th, as I celebrate it for the first time as a US citizen, I hope that many of you will rediscover the beauty of the country you also call home and stop at nothing to uphold the best of what we have here.”

June 28, 2021

Fr. Seth Sabata, a Legionary of Christ, is Ordained to the Priesthood in Nebraska

“Vocation, more than our own choice, is a response to God’s unmerited call.”

4:16 The Transformative Power of Catholic Education

“You can teach someone to memorize the creed and say ‘I believe…’ but the faith by which they truly believe is a gift from God – it’s grace.”

12:19 Don’t Miss These Fun & Formative Summer Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults!

After a year of lockdown and COVID 19 restrictions, today’s youth and young adults need meaningful experiences and encounters together.

June 21, 2021

“It has been a personal gift from Jesus”: A New Consecrated Community Established in Louisiana

The Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi have a long history of visiting and serving in the Louisiana area, but now, they’ll be calling Louisiana home.

5:04 Four American Legionaries of Christ Ordained to the Priesthood this Spring

In the North American Territory, four new American priests were ordained between April and June. They are Fr. Seth Sabata, LC, from Lincoln, Nebraska; Fr. Vinh Pham, LC from Fountain Valley, California; Fr. Michael Sester, LC, from Rogers, Minnesota; and Fr. Russell Ward, LC, from Flint, Michigan.

12:09 Regnum Christi Federation Releases Strategic Plan for 2021-2024

The recently released documents show much alignment and a common focus on the purpose, mission, and communion of Regnum Christi, as outlined in the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation.

June 14, 2021

Another Easy Summer Reading List, by Holly Gustafson

This summer, I’m focusing on books with good stories that are told in engaging and even gripping ways.

3:04 Welcoming the Sacred Heart: Weekly Message for 06-08-2021, by Fr John Bartunek, LC

I think it’s safe to say that most of us, here in the twenty-first century, feel that we don’t fully understand either the beauty and the power of this devotion, or how to effectively plug into it in our daily lives.

7:21 DMU Celebrates its 20th Graduating Class, with Big Plans for the Future

We have been sent, and our life is much more than just a job – it’s a vocation, it’s a calling, and it’s an opportunity to serve, with the Lord.

June 7, 2021

Lessons from the Workshop of Saint Joseph, Part 6, by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC

You could say that my dad was a serial home builder, and learning from his craftsmanship has helped me to draw many parallels with Saint Joseph’s work in Nazareth, Bethlehem, Egypt, and back again to Nazareth.

9:36 Musings on Motherhood, by Corinne Medrana

Explore the reality of motherhood with me through the experiences of three generations of moms in excerpts and highlights from this conversation I had with Tita Nita Peña and Rina Santos.

15:19 New Booklet Shares the Evangelizing Impact of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

The Consecrated Women you’ll meet in CRC IMPACT have varied backgrounds and diverse missions in the Church, but evident in all of them are the common threads of the Regnum Christi Charism and a new mature confidence in their unique identity as lay consecrated women who are part of a broader Spiritual Family.

May 31, 2021

Discover Your Personal Mission: Giving Women the Tools to Live with Purpose

“The main essence of this content that we are offering is to help women realize that they don’t have a mission – they are a mission.”

7:52 The Mission Continues

After such a fruitful Holy Week turnout, the missionary zeal continues to grow and spread.

9:34 The Practice of Grounding Prayer, by Holly Gustafson

“There is no rock like our God, and no one better to make me feel sure and steady when I’m feeling unsure and ungrounded.”

May 24, 2021

The Fulfillment of My Deepest Desire, by Deacon Russell Ward, LC

“I have found that God fills us with deep desires in our hearts and, if we let him lead us, he will undoubtedly begin to fulfill all of these desires in unexpected ways.”

4:28 Part IV: Dreams, Desires and St. Teresa’s Call to Found, by Lisa Small

“I dream that the apostle in each one of us, especially our lay members, may be unleashed.”

11:17 Divine Mercy University and Regnum Christi: a Partnership to Educate and Inspire Spiritual Directors

“The ministry of being a spiritual director is really a hidden service because it is not about you, it’s about the person being directed and their relationship with the Lord.”

May 17, 2021

Deacon Vinh Pham, LC: Yes to the Next Step

“One step at a time,” I said, “only one step”. That was the best first step of my life.

7:45 “This institute is quenching a thirst in my spirit I didn’t even know I had,” The Lydia Institute provides a new ministry for professional women.

The mission of the Lydia Institute is to engage working women in the life and mission of the Church… one heart, one home, one office at a time.

13:47 Part V: A Blueprint of Lay Consecration: St. Joseph, by Lisa Small

Jesus, Joseph, and Mary are incredible models in living out this style of life – being 100% lay, and 100% consecrated.

May 11, 2021

Bringing the Joy of the Gospel to the Academic World

For Dr. Marial Corona, a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, the academic world is the perfect setting in which to bring the Gospel values.

5:23 My Retreat With St. Teresa Part 4: The Walls of Avila and Our Call to Go Out, by Lisa Small

Contemplating the walls of Avila and praying about my current mission reaffirmed my Regnum Christi call to go out and bring Christ into our secularized world.

12:54 Something Special about St. Joseph, by Fr John Bullock, LC

Our society urgently needs a Christian renewal of what it means to be a man, a husband, and a father.

May 4, 2021

Way of St. Joseph: Life Surprises

Today we share part 5 of the 14-part series on St. Joseph by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC. In this blog, Fr. Daniel reflects on St. Joseph and his reaction to the surprise of Mary’s pregnancy.

6:07 My Retreat with St. Teresa: No One Is an Island – Not Even a Contemplative Nun

This is part 3 of a series of 6 blogs where Lisa Small, a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, shares about her 8 day silent retreat in Avila and what St. Teresa of Avila and the current Carmelites living there had to teach her about her own vocation as a lay consecrated woman called to evangelize and sanctify the world through her Regnum Christi spirituality.

12:12 St. Joseph the Worker and the Virtue of Work

For the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, Holly Gustafson reflects on the virtue of work and suggests two books to honor St. Joseph for the month of May.

April 26, 2021

Would you do it for me?

Deacon Michael Sester, LC shares his vocation story.

6:53 Monasteries and Miami Beach, by Lisa Small

A place I would typically avoid became a place of deep encounter with God.

14:02 Three Secular Books that Speak to the Sanctity of Life, by Holly Gustafson

These aren’t Catholic books by Catholic authors, but books that (perhaps unknowingly) explore Catholic issues, in a way that confirmed and helped to deepen my own Catholic understanding of the sanctity of life, from womb to tomb.

April 19, 2021

Spiritual Mentorship and the Ministry of Relationship

For Lauren Lagarde, mentoring young adults along their faith journeys has become a mission and now a ministry, and it all came about from a touching promise to a friend.

4:48 Join Us For a Weekend of Growth as a Man and a Father

It is time for all of us to remember our identity as Catholic Men. This April 23-25, the A Man and Father conference will help men embrace a new identity as images of God’s Fatherly love for all humanity.

7:43 My Retreat with St. Teresa: What can a Carmelite cloistered nun teach us about our own vocation within Regnum Christi?

This is part 1 of a series of 6 blogs in which Lisa Small, a Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi, shares about her 8-day silent retreat in Avila and what St. Teresa of Avila and the current Carmelites living there had to teach her about her vocation as a lay consecrated woman called to evangelize and sanctify the world through her Regnum Christi spirituality.

April 12, 2021

Easter Letter to All RC Members from the Territorial Directive College

As members of Regnum Christi we feel as if Holy Week is, in a singular way, ‘our week,’ and the Easter season is also ‘our season.’

5:39 Fr. Seth Sabata, LC: My Story of Getting Walloped by God’s Call

When I clearly felt the call of the Lord for the first time it seemed like he hit me over the head with a two-by-four of grace.

12:50 Holy Wednesday: Transformation. “Mary Magdalene Embarks on a Journey”

The French painter Georges de la Tour teaches us that for Mary Magdalene and for each one of us, transformation is a lifelong commitment and a daily struggle.

April 5, 2021

Holy Week Mission Blog: Holy Monday

On Holy Monday, the Virtual Holy Week mission focused on the topic of fear until Fr. Shawn Aaron, LC, gave a reflection on the Vaccine for Fear—Jesus. In this blog, Steve Auth shares reflections from the first day of the Virtual Holy Week Missions.

6:12 My Unheroic Lent

In this blog post, Holly Gustafson tells us that some years, we have to let someone else be the hero for Lent.

8:46 My Heart Is the World: Discovering Fraternity

Olivia Steeves, a candidate for the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi, explores the depths of fraternity, communion and tension in human relationships.

March 29, 2021

Way of St. Joseph: Betrothal

Today we share the next part of a 14-part series by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC, which is offered as a practical, imaginative, and prayerful way to get to know the saint who was the earthly father of Jesus, and the husband of Mary, during this Year of St. Joseph.

9:38 Regnum Christi Down Under: A Faithful Father’s Legacy

Very early on Christmas morning, Michael Devereux passed away in his hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand. Father of seven sons, including three Legionary priests, Michael was a devoted husband and father who leaves behind a family legacy of faithful and generous service to the Church and Regnum Christi.

14:38 Missions and the Material God Uses to Build the Kingdom

A few weeks ago, Fr. Jorge Obregon, LC, asked 13 young adults gathered for a mission day to consider what building materials we are offering God every day, so he can build a place for us to live in heaven. They responded by preparing food that would become simple but powerful offerings of love to the homeless people they would encounter later.

March 22, 2021

The Way of St. Joseph: The Fears of St. Joseph Today we share the next part of a 14-part series by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC, which is offered as a practical, imaginative, and prayerful way to get to know the saint who was the earthly father of Jesus, and the husband of Mary, during this Year of St. Joseph.

9:08 Everyday Kind of Love In movies, shows, books, and songs, we see love as something that happens to us instead of something that we nurture everyday. What we learn from these things is that we can fall in and out of love quickly. In this blog, Celine Dabao reflects on how the love between her parents mirrors the sacrificial love of Christ.

11:48 Young Man, I Say to You, Arise In this blog, Br. John Sester, LC, shares his Spiritual Exercises reflection on the crucifixion.

March 15, 2021

Legionaries’ Governance Style Grows in Charity and Wisdom For the Legionaries of Christ, the exercise of authority has matured in many significant ways over the years of their renewal. The changes that are reflected in their new constitutions have made a number of concrete differences in the way Legionaries live their vocation today. Here are some of them.

6:09 God’s Carpenter: St Joseph’s Life in Four Short Stories When Pope Francis released an apostolic letter titled “Patris Corde,” inviting Christians all over the world to develop and nurture a relationship with St. Joseph, Father Simon Cleary, LC, knew that he wanted to do something special to bring others closer to his patron saint. He got the idea to write a book of stories that would bring detail to and animate the life of St. Joseph.

12:33 Coleen Fink Joins RC Territorial Directive College The North American Territorial Directive College of the Regnum Christi Federation has announced the appointment of Coleen Fink of Coppell, Texas, as the second lay member on the College. She joins Charlie Bradley, a lay member from Ohio, Fr. Shawn Aaron, LC, Fr. David Daly, LC, and Consecrated Women Kathleen Murphy and Glory Darbellay.

March 8, 2021

In Wonder of Eve: A Health-Focused Approach to Promoting a Culture of Life, nurse and certified fertility educator Diane Daly introduces a new approach to transmit to young women the truth about their fertility and God’s plan.

6:08 In From Physicist to Formator: Fr. Timothy Walsh, LC, Becomes the New Rector at the Legionaries of Christ’s Novitiate and College of Humanities, we learn what the seminarians studying liberal arts and their new rector are all about.

10:43 Faith in the Time of COVID describes how the Regnum Christi sections in the Philippines and some of their initiatives have flourished in spite of, and sometimes because of, the trials of the past year.

March 1, 2021

In Lent Is Mission Season, we hear how the National Support Team helped the homeless in Philadelphia when they gathered to plan for the upcoming Holy Week missions.

3:20 In Daughter, Take Heart, blogger Holly Gustafson takes inspiration from one woman in the Gospel to find healing this Lent.

8:16 A Free Lenten Cookbook: Nourishment for Body and Soul describes an unlikely way an RC Formation Team literally brought fruit out of their desire to be more connected during the pandemic.

February 22, 2021

In Lenten Resolutions for Your Mental Health, blogger Holly Gustafson offers us five ways we can take care of our spiritual and mental needs to find peace during the pandemic.

2:52 Feeding Body and Soul in El Salvador During the Pandemic describes how an El Salvadoran restaurant and other organizations are supporting the suffering and needy around them.

6:17 In The Way of St. Joseph, Part 1, Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC, shares lessons that he learned in his dad’s workshop — and St. Joseph’s.

February 15, 2021

In 5 Lenten Resolutions for Your Marriage, blogger Holly Gustafson offers those called to the vocation of marriage five suggestions that might improve your life in the weeks ahead.

4:45 All Things Women: A New Apostolic Platform Inspired by Regnum Christi Team Life, tells the story of Eileen Weick, an RC Member in San Jose, California, and her new apostolate, “All Things Women,” a platform for women to discover their unique identity and share their talents at the service of the Church, through things like writing, broadcasting, public speaking, and peer mentorship. Through creating community and small groups, hosting events like retreats and workshops, and providing coaching and spiritual direction, All Things Women hopes to create opportunities for women to not only be replenished and nourished, but also be supported and equipped to replenish and nourish others through their own unique talents.

11:13 Meet Fr. Jorgé Obregon, LC, in Solid Ideas for a Fluid World: Providing Timeless Answers in a Climate of Constant Change, and learn more about his new book and his new program called Our Voice, a platform to bring groups together for weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly meetings to discuss hot button topics on social issues, leadership, and spirituality.

February 8, 2021

Pilgrimage In Faith: A Virtual Lenten Journey Through the Holy Land A virtual pilgrimage allows pilgrims to visit holy places calmly and prayerfully. With no crowds, it is possible to delve more deeply into many Biblical, cultural, historical and spiritual details which are nearly impossible to convey under normal circumstances. The team of Legionaries, Consecrated and lay people who work in Magdala in the Holy Land are offering a free new virtual pilgrimage opportunity entitled, “Pilgrimage in Faith: A Virtual Lenten Journey Through the Holy Land Inspired by Abraham, Our Father in Faith.”

3:51 Father Félix Alarcón dies in Madrid Fr. Félix Alarcón passed away February 5, 2021, the first Friday of the month, at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation hospital, in Madrid (Spain), at the age of 87 and after 57 years of priesthood. Fr. Félix was among the first generations of Legionaries of Christ, and was one of the first to denounce Fr. Marcial Maciel. The 2020 General Chapter of the Legionaries of Christ had asked him for forgiveness, recognizing as “prophetic his denunciation in favor of truth and justice” and thanking him “for the good he did not only for the Congregation, but for the Church itself”

6:46 Join the Consecrated Women in a Consecration to St. Joseph The Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi are leading a 33-day guided consecration to St Joseph during this year dedicated to him. For the 33 days leading up to St. Joseph’s feast day on March 19th, you are invited to join them daily in reading the corresponding chapter from the book, watching the daily video from the Consecrated Women on Facebook, and reflecting on the material in your own daily life.

February 1, 2021

First, welcome to a new blog called The Way of St. Joseph, written by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC. This 14-part series is offered as a practical, imaginative, and prayerful way to get to know the saint who was the earthly father of Jesus, and the husband of Mary, during this Year of St. Joseph.

7:58 Next up: Holy Week 2021 is still Holy Week, so even in the midst of the COVID 19 Pandemic, we want to live it in the best way possible. Some have prudently asked, “Can we still do missions this year? Should we still do missions this year?” For the National Support Team of Mission Youth, and the Local Mission Youth Directors, the answer is a resounding, “YES!”. The mission may look different this year, but the mission is still out there and we need to respond with courage and creativity.

10:58 Last, we offer an abridged version of a new story, Legionaries of Christ Embrace Journey of Healing, Prevention, and Purification, detailing many of the ways that the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ is working to heal the trauma involved with sexual abuse in its past, prevent any future abuse, and purify its identity and practices.

January 25, 2021

Our first story this week, Worthy of Wearing: A Movement Guiding Women on the Journey to Self-Worth, is about Nicole Caruso and her journey to self-worth that led her to write a book and create a new program with a powerful and transformative message of every woman’s intrinsic worthiness.

Next, in Surrendering to Love: A Year in the Life Discerning the Consecrated Vocation, we introduce you to Elizabeth Conklin, a young woman who is spending this year discerning a potential vocation with the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi.

Finally, in Reclaiming Love: The Fruit of a Five-Year Journey that has Only Just Begun, Fr. Martin Connor, LC, tells us about his new book which explores human love, the struggle between the head and the heart, and how to reclaim a healthy, balanced, and authentic love.

January 18, 2021

In our first story, Empty Pews and Crowded Hospitals: The Priestly Ministry During COVID-19, meet Fr. Stephen Howe, LC, who contracted COVID 19 in March of 2020. After he recovered, his ministry as vicar at St. Peter and St. Denis Parish in Yonkers, New York, took on a new focus, reaching out to those who are suffering from the virus. Fr. Stephen spends his days offering help and healing as a priest and minister of the sacraments to his parishioners, whether it’s in their homes, in the church, or at their hospital bedsides.

Next up, hear about the new book, Millennials Meet Mary. In this modern day and age, how do millennials meet Mary? Considering the Mother of Jesus died more than 2,000 years ago, some encounter her through prayers and devotions while others contemplate her through art from museums around the world. This new book is a compilation of Marian art reviews from 80 millennials in 42 countries. They each reflect on Jesus’ Mother from their various backgrounds, which Joan says is the “A to Z,” starting with Argentina and Armenia and ending with Zimbabwe.

Our third story, Creating a Thriving Regnum Christi Section at Benedictine College, introduces us to Fr. Ryan Richardson, LC. Life as full-time college chaplain is a busy one. Father Ryan has been working to intentionally share and live that beauty of the charism of teamwork and Regnum Christi family life with the RC students on campus.

January 11, 2021

Our first story, Caring for the Unborn and the Underserved in Downtown Wichita, introduces us to Dr. Jody Elson, a Regnum Christi member in Wichita, Kansas.  “What are you doing for the poor?” was the question that Dr. Elson’s spiritual director asked her one day during spiritual guidance, and it’s the one that ultimately gave focus to Jody’s career as a family physician dedicated to some of the most vulnerable sectors of the population – the unborn, the poor, and the underserved.

In our second story, A New Path and Purpose for Nashville Musician, we meet Rae Hering. Raised in a Catholic home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, singer-songwriter Rae Hering moved to Nashville to study piano and composition at Belmont University, where partying and playing music took priority over attending Mass. For years, Rae ignored her Catholic faith, until a close member of Rae’s family took his own life.

Our third story this week is  Rose Cunningham makes her final vows as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, an interview with Rose that happened right before she made her final vows as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Rome.

January 8, 2021

Praying for Our Prodigals: An Apostolate of Prayer and Peace, introduces us to Kristine Bruce, a member of Regnum Christi and the founder of an apostolate called “Praying for Our Prodigals,” designed to guide and encourage people to pray, fast, and do acts of mercy for their loved ones living far from the Church.

Victoria Backstrom Makes Final Vows of Consecration is an interview with Victoria Backstrom who just made her final vows as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi. We spoke with her about many topics such as community life, her relationship with the Regnum Christi family and her relationship with God.

RC Music Collective: A New Musical Initiative at the Service of the Church tells the story of Fr. Jaime Lorenzo, LC, who has been a music lover nearly his entire life, but when he joined the seminary to become a Legionary of Christ, he left it behind without much deliberation. A couple of years down the road, music came back into his life, and now Fr. Jaime, along with one of his Legionary brothers, Fr. John Klein, and one of his Consecrated sisters, Emily Roman, is able to contribute his love and talent for music in a brand-new initiative called the Regnum Christi Music Collective.