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2023 International Formators’ Course for RC Young Adults

The International Formators’ Course (IFC) is a unique and international experience of the Regnum Christi charism for young adults ages 18-26. It is a course that seeks to be a decisive moment in the lives of young men and women, giving them an opportunity to grow in their love for Christ and discover more clearly what their mission is in Regnum Christi.This course offers formation in four areas: human, spiritual, intellectual, and apostolic life. This will enable the participants to fulfill their specific mission in Regnum Christi at the service of the Church.The course for young women will take place July 7- 21, 2023 in the Holy Land, and the course for young men will be held July 6-30, 2023 in Rome, Italy, Termini, Italy, and the Holy Land.

The IFC seeks to form the young men and women who are formators and team leaders of the RC young adults’ sections.

 There are five general objectives around which the whole formative program is developed:

  • A real experience of Christ which brings about a transformation that lasts, not just a fleeting emotional experience.
  • A deeper knowledge and understanding of oneself, including one’s qualities and areas of growth, forming a “game plan” for the future.
  • The formation of a true, personal and objective point of view. Awareness and knowledge of the current ideologies and problems in the world.
  • Growth in the knowledge and love of Regnum Christi and discovery of one’s specific, personal mission within Regnum Christi, forming an apostolic vision, motivation, and commitment.
  • An awakening of the desire for self-formation in order to become an apostle for the establishment of the kingdom of God.

The goal is to offer a transforming experience to young people, which will help them to express their love for God in accordance with their individuality. This experience will enable them to collaborate in the evangelization of all mankind in accordance with their personal mission in life.

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The Young Men’s IFC

The Young Women’s IFC