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25 years of Megamissions in Mexico

In Mexico, Regnum Christi has run Holy Missions called Megamissions for 25 years. The opening Mass of the Megamissions this year was at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe and was a celebration of those 25 years.

Megamissions 2018 began on Saturday, March 24 with an 11:00 am Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, presided by Fr. Francisco Aguilar, LC, territorial councilor of Regnum Christi in Mexico. 60 priests concelebrated and more than 6,000 missionaries assisted at Mass.

Taking up the call of Pope Francis asking for a “Church going out on Mission,” and reaffirming the commitment begun 24 years ago under Saint John Paul II, nearly 20,000 people of different ages participated in Megamission 2018. They visited urban communities, rural towns and isolated communities throughout the country, supporting the evangelizing work of bishops and priests, with a message of solidarity, hope and faith in this Holy Week.

During the homily, Fr. Brian Coe, LC, reflected, “We will sow love in the actions that are to be carried out this Holy Week. The mission is love, understanding, encounter and solidarity with those who need it most, letting Christ speak through you from the bottom of your hearts.”

He asked the missionaries to go with enthusiasm, to entrust their mission to Our Lady of Guadalupe so can enlighten and guide them. He encouraged them to use the mission time to meet God and themselves: this activity is not only done during Holy Week, but that our lives should reflect it.

Later, Fr. Francisco Aguilar, LC, blessed the missionary crucifixes and gave them to a group of young people, adolescents and families that represent the more than 20,000 missionaries throughout the country.

At the end of the Mass, Fr. Francisco told the missionaries: “We are sent to be missionaries: we go with a willing heart to love. I hope each missionary has a deep experience of the living Christ, and – with a generous heart – is a witness of the love of God and an apostle at the service of a New Evangelization. May Our Lady of Guadalupe and Jesus help us and accompany us in these Megamissions 2018.”

As they left, the atmosphere of celebration and gratitude for the 25 years of evangelization was lived in the Basilica’s vestibule. These 25 years have helped the pastoral work of the bishops and other Catholic groups that take advantage of Holy Week to serve more intensely.

Likewise, the Mass for the beginning of the Megamission in Monterrey, began at 9:00 in the morning in the gymnasium of the Irish Institute of Monterrey. Fr. Alberto Leal, LC, presided over the Eucharistic celebration and Legionary priests of the area concelebrated.

During the homily, Fr. Salvador Nuño, LC, noted: “The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep and this is precisely that we are going to go on missions to do: we are going to gather the people of God, we go in the name of Jesus who He has given his life for the sheep. Jesus guides us to preach the word.”

Fr. Salvador added: “Pope Francis has told us: courage, prayer and humility are the great characteristics that distinguish the great heralds who helped the Church grow in the world, who contributed to her missionary work.”

Subsequently, the priests handed the crucifixes to the missionaries.

Guadalajara, Cancún, Mérida and Campeche also had an opening Masses celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Megamissions 2018.

Along with Holy Week missions, Regnum Christi has added a number of missions over time in Mexico: medical missions, rebuilding homes, and the missionary adorers who, in their home or parish, are in prayer. These adorers ask God for the most needy communities in Mexico and for the welfare and security of the missionaries.

At 25, Youth and Family Missionary has spread to 30 countries, and missions are held throughout the year, visiting urban communities, prisons and prisons. Young people, families and dozens of local catechists and missionaries participate under the direction of the Full-time Evangelizers.

About Mission Youth and Family Missions

In 1993, the Mission Youth and Family Missions apostolate was formally founded when the first Megamission was carried out with the participation of around 1000 young people and 20 families. The missions are made up of young people and families that seek to collaborate in the evangelizing task of the Church, with the help of bishops and pastors, through missionary action in more than 1,617 communities. They also provide support of various kinds, such as medical missions with diagnoses and consultations for people of limited resources.

For the past year a group of young people has been meeting to carry out missions in some of the hospitals in the southern area of ​​Mexico City and in hostels such as “Our Lady of Lourdes.”

After more than two decades of continuous actions, the Megamissions have crossed borders. At present, they are present in approximately 20 countries, with nearly 50,000 missionaries participating around the world, and visiting more over 1,000,000 people to bring them the message of Jesus Christ.

The Megamissions have been transforming experiences for all those who have been able to live them, motivating thousands of people to be part of this initiative and turn it into an organization of families and young people who every year “give” their Holy Week to a cause of brotherhood and fraternity.

Pope Francis said on World Missions Day 2013: “We are all sent by the paths of the world to walk with our brothers, professing and bearing witness to our faith in Christ and becoming proclaimers of his Gospel.”

You can see the original in Spanish along with a photo gallery of the Mass here