APA grants Divine Mercy University’s Psy.D. Program 7-year Accreditation






We are pleased to announce that the American Psychological Association (APA) has accredited the doctoral program in clinical psychology (Psy.D.). The Psy.D. program is the cornerstone program of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS) at Divine Mercy University (DMU).

This accreditation is significant as graduates pursue licensure.  Our APA accredited Psy.D. program is recognized and meets one of the requirements for licensure as a clinical psychologist.

Father Charles Sikorsky, L.C., J.D., J.C.L., President of DMU, stated, “We are thankful for all the prayers and God’s blessing that has lead to this significant accreditation.  This accreditation demonstrates DMU’s commitment to quality academic programs that effectively integrate Catholic doctrine with the psychological sciences.”

“This accreditation comes at a pivotal moment for the current and future students of those interested in a career in psychology”,  William Nordling, Ph.D., Academic Dean of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences stated.

“APA represents the highest level of professional accreditation a program can receive, as they set the best practice standards for training and scholarship for the field of psychology. For us, it is a clear indication that the Catholic understanding of the person and the professional practice of psychology can go together and attain excellence according to the best practices in the professional field.”

Philip Scrofani, Ph.D., ABPP, Co-Director of the Psy.D. program shares the importance of this milestone, “We represent a unique contribution to psychology as one of the first Catholic organizations that sees the importance of the place of faith in the lives of people that come for help and healing.  Accreditation by the APA includes recognition of our place in the professional community.  We hope to set an example to other institutions to be free in their expression of faith and expand the understanding of the principle of human dignity.”

“The American Psychological Association has a very demanding accreditation process,” President Sikorsky said.  “They examine every part of the program and require a comprehensive self-study and a site visit.  We knew that this program was already strong, based on the caliber of the students, graduates and faculty.  This achievement is an official recognition of the success of our students, faculty, and program and our dedication to the program over the past 16 years.”

“We are excited about the future of the Psy.D. program. As an APA accredited program, the career and training opportunities for our students and alumni are expanded, and the reach of our mission broadened,” according to President Sikorsky. “As the University continues to grow, the principles of its commitment to professional excellence and Catholic identity will continue to be held to with the highest standards of best practice in the field of psychology.”

The Psy.D. program accepts applicants for admission each Fall. The Psy.D. program of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences at Divine Mercy University is located in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia.  For more information regarding the University and its programs, please visit