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Authenticity: Men of Character in a Culture of Personality 

Men have a choice to make, challenges Fr. Brett Taira, LC, either to pursue a personality that is admired by others, or to be authentic, regardless of whether no one is watching them or they are in the spotlight.

Fr. Brett quotes St. James as he gives advice to what he calls  “a double minded man,” one who sees himself in the mirror and forgets what he looks like.  “The person you see in the mirror when you get up in the morning, the man you alone see, that is your man of character. Then you put on your tie, walk out the door and become the man of personality.  And there is a problem if the man you see in the mirror and the man who walks out the door are not the same.”

Listen to the podcast of his talk originally given to the Regnum Christi men of Chicago and learn how you can be authentic and unashamed of being your true self, the man of character, the new man in Christ.