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Bishop from Equatorial Guinea Visits RC Young Adults after Youth Synod

Bishop Miguel Ángel Nguema from Equatorial Guinea spoke with Regnum Christi young adults in Madrid after the youth synod. Mission Youth has been doing missions to his diocese in recent years.

On his way back to his diocese of Ebibeyin, in Equatorial Guinea, Bishop Nguema stopped to speak with Regnum Christi youth in Madrid. The mission Youth trips to his diocese have been from Spain over recent summers.

He was invited to speak at a colloquium organized in the Almagro section and later at the Francisco de Vitoria High School. The bishop shared the key points of the Synod and a message for those present: “Young people should feel protagonists of their history, they should be exemplary professionals. The Church not only needs sacristy Christians, but also young people who take their Christian and social commitment seriously.” The bishop explained several possible concrete means to achieve this: promote education from primary school to university, and their personal commitment in the parishes.

“Young people are a place where I see God,” he continued. When the young person is aware of this, it is because he has begun a journey of education and evangelization. It is important that a young person not only knows that they are love loved, but also that they feel loved.

The Mission Youth apostolate responds directly to what the Synod says. The bishop says that it was the young people of this apostolate who helped him prepare the forums of his diocese for the Synod.

“The youth of today have a more critical spirit, this translates into ability to discern. It is no longer believed ‘because my parents believe,’ this is good because doing good or evil is a free and thoughtful decision,” concluded the bishop from Equatorial Guinea.

This is the second time he has spoken to Regnum Christi young people.

You can read the original on the Regnum Christi Spain website.