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Eucharistic Procession in Barcelona

On Corpus Christi, May 31, at 9pm, Regnum Christi members processed from the perpetual adoration chapel of the Royal Monastery of Santa Isabel through Sarriá neighbor of Barcelona to the parish of Sant Vicenç (St. Vincent). Many worshipers and neighbors joined them.

Albert Rosa, the coordinator of the perpetual adoration chapel wrote in a report:

The saying goes, “Three Thursdays a year shine more than the sun: Holy Thursday, Corpus Christi and the Ascension.” Indeed, on May 31st, the Barcelona neighborhood of Sarriá shined in a very special way, as we took the Blessed Sacrament in procession, from our Chapel of Perpetual Adoration of the Royal Monastery of Santa Isabel, to the parish of St. Vicenç de Sarriá. We also celebrated the Visitation, at which time the presence of the Lord became evident to his cousin Saint Elizabeth. Thus, Mary, our mother, led the procession on a litter surrounded by flowers.

Fr. Mark Thelen, LC, had just fed us with the Eucharist at Mass celebrated in the perpetual adoration chapel. The Mass was celebrated by  Fr. Joaquin Petit, Fr. Manuel Aromir, Fr. Jorge Ranninger, Fr. Xavier Carné, LC, as well as Fr. Pere Alavedra, a diocesan priest.

We accompanied Christ in the Eucharist through the main artery of the neighborhood, the main street of Sarriá. We adored the Blessed Sacrament faithfully in the chapel of Perpetual Adoration. We were joined by the students and parents of the Regnum Christi schools in Barcelona, the young people and members of the movement and some passing by.

The soul of the Lord whispered in our hearts and all united around the custody we prayed the Holy Rosary through the streets. The prayer went up to heaven accompanied by the smoke of incense that the acolytes carried. The passers-by stood in admiration, the windows were opened to the passage of the Love of the loves, they recorded and photographed him, the King of Glory.

In the street there was silence, the divinity of Jesus Christ, his divine presence was there – we could feel him. His Majesty, surrounded by his court: his ministers, his consecrated ones, his worshipers… all with him.

The procession concluded in the Church of St. Vicenç, where the central nave filled with hundreds praising Jesus. The songs of the young and the consecrated sublimated our senses and took us a little closer to heaven.

It was an unforgettable day for many, a day in which the excited hearts to see the Lord pass through the streets of a world that does not want to know the true source of hope.

You can see the original on the Regnum Christi site of Spain.