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Feeding Body and Soul in El Salvador During the Pandemic

A Regnum Christi family in El Salvador turned their café into a provider of lunches for the poor and essential workers during quarantine.

In these times of crisis, both health and economic, there is a significant sector of El Salvadoran society that is suffering and struggling to subsist and stay healthy. The situation in the country is one of the most complex that current generations have known. Anxiety, isolation, and concern limit the ability of inhabitants of El Salvador to have control over their circumstances.

For decades, the “Café de Don Pedro” has been part of the life of Salvadorans. Like many other companies, this restaurant, whose owners are El Salvadorian Regnum Christi members, has also been affected by the economic effects. Nonetheless, in line with a restaurant culture of solidarity and resilience, as well as a Christian spirituality of helping others, they have taken current circumstances as an opportunity to help those most in need. In times of trials and tribulations it is important to choose the path of hope, mercy, and empathy, taking advantage of what can be done with the means at hand.

With this in mind came the idea of ​​delivering lunches to different sectors of the Salvadoran population, who need a plate of food at their tables, but also those who risk their lives every day to keep the rest safe during this pandemic. The initiative was developed by young members of the El Café de Don Pedro family, who, knowing organizations and people in need, and the restaurant’s production capacity, took leadership to work for a good cause. With the support of a financial collection on social media, El Café de Don Pedro has managed to produce more than 600 lunches per week and deliver them to the fire department, medical personnel, homeless, and asylums.

Members of the local Regnum Christi, the Board of Trustees of the Fire Brigade of El Salvador, and the Kombi-Dar organization have also joined this initiative and implemented logistics to distribute food dishes in the areas of San Salvador.

Feeding the body and soul

For its part, the St. John Paul II Center in El Salvador, co-ordinated by Annie Simán, a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, has started a series of activities to help the most vulnerable sectors of the population: daily meals for more than 200 families and  hospitals in various parts of the country, and some convents of Carmelites.

It was also possible to compile a census of the neediest, sick, and elderly people to give them a monthly basket with the financial help of foundations, companies, and families that have offered their support.

All this aid is distributed through the logistics of the SJPII Center in Sonsonate, Santa Ana, La Libertad, and San Salvador, benefiting more than six thousand people to date, with weekly and monthly solidarity packages.

In terms of spiritual nourishment, many activities have also been carried out thanks to the evangelizers of the area, including medical missions, delivery of missionary kits for Catholics, and notebooks and academic books for children with activities to do at home.

Through the response and support of Salvadoran donors, it has been proven that there is hope and that helping others offers a new purpose of solidarity and help to others.

The original can be found on SomosRC, the Regnum Christi Site for Mexico and Central America.