Final Vows of Lourdes Pérez

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, Lourdes Perez from the territory of North America, made her final vows as a consecrated woman in Regnum Christi in the chapel of the Anahuac University in Mexico City along with three others: Claudia Espinosa, Maria José Torres and Judith Salazar, all from the territory of Mexico. Lu currently serves as formation instructor at Overbrook Academy in Rhode Island.

The Mass was preceded by Fr. Ricardo Sada LC, territorial director for Mexico and concelebrated by 16 other Legionaries of Christ.

During the Homily, Fr. Rafael Pacanins, LC said: “It is a great day, today we are all celebrating: the Church, your families, friends, the Consecrated, the Legionaries and all the Regnum Christi family. We are happy because we are celebrating a wedding, a wedding that you have been waiting for several years (…) Today God, the King almighty, creator of the universe, set His eyes on each one of you, fell in love with you and chose you. Today He says to you “Arise my beloved, my beautiful one and come!”

And he added; “The psalmist says: “Forget your people and your Father’s house…” in a few moments you will promise poverty, and you will renounce to all the material goods so that your only possession becomes Christ, your Spouse.

“He is your Lord, bow down before Him…” and you will promise obedience, a radical obedience to follow God´s will, because you are sure that this is the only thing that can fulfill you and the only thing that can save humanity.

“…that the king might desire your beauty.” During all these years you´ve been preparing yourselves and you´ve been receiving the grace from the Spirit to come before your Spouse to promise chastity, renouncing a human love and you are giving yourselves to The Only One that has been able to fulfill your heart.

Finally, with the specific promises, you will commit yourselves to extend the Kingdom of Christ and to build the communion that the Regnum Christi family needs so much in these moments of its history.

Nancy Nohrden, territorial director for the consecrated women in North America, received Lu´s vows and gave her the ring, symbol of her perpetual self-giving to God and to the Church in the Regnum Christi Movement.

The mass was a moving experience of communion with all branches of the Movement present. The Legionary priests that concelebrated the mass; the choir that was comprised of Legionaries and consecrated women; three generations of missionaries and students from Overbrook Academy, consecrated women and men from many territories and Lu’s Regnum Christi friends from her college days that also came to celebrate with her.

“This day was the most special day of my life. I was able to experience God´s fidelity once again, and I am grateful because He has chosen me to be His wife for the rest of my life and to be an instrument to bring His love and mercy to the world and to extend His Kingdom in the hearts of others. It was a beautiful being able to share this day with my family, with my friends, but specially with all the Regnum Christi branches that came to celebrate with us and to thank for the gift of our vocation.”

After the Mass there was a reception in which many family members and friends celebrated along with Lu and in which they shared many moments and experiences that they have lived in the years that she has been consecrated.

One of the former missionaries made a video with messages from many people that had been touch by Lu´s consecration in the past years and that are grateful for what Lu has done in their lives.