Great Advice for Managers of Nonprofits

f9e5aa_fd3f1d73de464bcd984183a7e9a2d146-mv2_d_1200_1384_s_2Regnum Christi member Tom Clements has a new book: HOW TO RUN A NONPROFIT, The Go-to Guide for all Nonprofit Managers.

This book is for any manager in a nonprofit. It will help them understand the terms, methods and means that successful people use to run both nonprofit and for profit businesses. It will step them through the building of a business plan as well as the formation of the strategy and metrics necessary to run the nonprofit.

It is especially beneficial for a nonprofit executive who wants to not only know how to manage the business but also what types of metrics and communication that major donors and influential constituents will want to see. While the intended audience is not primarily a for profit business manager, one would do well to read this book.

f9e5aa_a80f2bca7966495987d10fe4699d551a-mv2Tom Clements is a serial entrepreneur, having been successful in both the for profit and nonprofit worlds. Besides selling his company for $70,000,000, he has helped a company go public, started two nonprofits, one of which was a Catholic College and the other a residential Catholic High School in Ghana, Africa. There are now 500 students living and going to high school in a remote area who would not have been able to go to school without this effort. Tom has some failures as well and will share his insight and experiences.

He is currently assisting others in starting nonprofits or making changes for the enterprise to thrive. Tom lives in the Atlanta, GA area with his wife Juliana

The book – along with support materials – is available at and from Amazon.