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Introducing the RC member Formation Pathway

One fruit of the renewal of the Regnum Christi movement is an initiative through the Regnum Christi Spirituality Center called the RC Formation Pathway.  Michelle Hoffman, the coordinator of this program, lives in Calgary Canada, and incorporated into Regnum Christi 16 years ago.  Her past experience in leadership and formation with RC Calgary has given her a passion for supporting others in their Integral Formation.  We interviewed her to find out more about the RC Formation Pathway.

What is the RC Formation Pathway?

Michelle: The Pathway is a new and, we hope, clearer and more complete way of expressing what we have always strived for in the formation dimension of our Regnum Christi vocation. It identifies essential elements that can be used and developed flexibly by individual members at a personal pace, as well, by Team, by Section, the Locality, and Territorially. It is methodical without being suffocating.

The Pathway identifies four distinct stages of growth as a Regnum Christi Members’ formation.

  1. Discernment (prior to incorporation): Is God inviting me to join Regnum Christi?
  2. Initial Formation (first 6-9 months in RC): Laying the groundwork for solid and fruitful integration in the life of the Movement
  3. Core Formation (first 2-4 years in RC): Filling in any major gaps in the members’ integral formation and laying a solid foundation for a lifetime of growth in holiness and apostolic fruitfulness
  4. Ongoing Formation (life-long growth): Living out one’s RC vocation to the full and to the end, growing towards the “full stature of Christ” and bearing for the Church apostolic “fruit that will last” Eph 4:13; John 15:16

Is the Formation Pathway an Educational Plan?

Michelle: At first glance it might be tempting to look at the Formation Pathway like a Formation Plan, but that would be a mistake to reduce it to just a plan. The Pathway is a relational journey of continual formation as transformation in Christ. It is an invitation to enter our sacred story following the pathway marked out by our vocational call as Regnum Christi members, allowing God to touch and transform every dimension of our lives. Encounter with Christ leads to evangelization, sharing the gifts we have received, and evangelization leads back to encounter, in an expanding cycle of grace.

What model does the RC Formation Pathway follow?

The story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus is a great example of what the Pathway experiences might be for us, as an expression of our perpetual courtship with the Holy Trinity, inspiring us to live out the Gospel message in all its depth. (see Luke 24:13-35).

Jesus comes to us as he did to the first disciples on the road to Emmaus, unrecognized; and taking the initiative, he desires us to share with him the anxieties and stresses of our life: “What are you discussing together as you walk along?”  The disciples were disheartened. “Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there in these days?” He asked them, “What things?” This is Jesus’s invitation to intimacy with him; let me partake in your concerns, your nervousness, your vulnerabilities; I want to be a part of your sacred story, so that I can heal your wounds and increase your faith and trust. Once the disciples began to share their experiences with Jesus and listen to his responses, their hearts were awakened and became electric. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and became proclaimers of the Gospel.

What are the next steps and how can members get involved?

The RC Formation Pathway will be launched in October, when the section directors from around the territory of North America gather for training.  This is an exciting time for all of us living through the renewal, as God continues to strengthen us in our vocation to Regnum Christi and reveal this new concept to us as we grow in our understanding of our identity and charism, I am edified to see how the Holy Spirit is guiding us in this adventure. Fr. John Bartunek, LC, has already been inspired to work on a RC essay about the Formation Pathway and I am looking for input from our current members regarding their formation experience.

My hope in connecting with the Members is to learn by listening, understanding, and collaborating with them. From their voices, ideas, initiatives and wisdom I will be evaluating what the top priorities are for implementing the Pathway. Which essential elements (including materials) of the Formation Pathway are present and working at each level of the Movement (individual, team, section, locality) and which essential elements are missing or in need of revision.

I would like to end with an invitation to any member who would like to connect one-on-one to discuss the Formation Pathway further. My contact information is [email protected].