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Letter from the General Directive College of Regnum Christi on the Feast of Christ the King 2022

Thy Kingdom Come!

Rome, November 9, 2022

To the members of Regnum Christi

Dear friends in Christ:

Each one of us, as a Christian and as a member of Regnum Christi, is called to make an apostolic discernment of reality in order to live our mission as apostles of the Kingdom more fully. We are invited to open our eyes and to contemplate the signs of the Kingdom, both within ourselves and in the world around us, which show Christ himself already present and active. By discovering this treasure, we can better participate in the mission of making the Kingdom present in the day-to-day of our lives, in the lives of others, and in society.

This year, the novena of preparation for the Solemnity of Christ the King that we are sending you with this letter accompanies us step by step through several of the parables of the Kingdom. Through the lens of the parables, we ponder the different areas of evangelization mentioned in number 11 of the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation, which are the basis for the discussion guides for the local phase of the road to the 2024  General Convention. In this way, the novena seeks to help us discover the heart of Jesus Christ in order to let ourselves be deeply penetrated by his love for humanity, desiring that he may reign in our hearts, in the hearts of all people and in society (cf. SRCF 13).

In the cycle of catechesis on discernment which he recently began, Pope Francis explains to us: “In the Gospel, Jesus speaks of discernment with images taken from ordinary life; for example, he describes the fishers who select the good fish and discard the bad ones; or the merchant who knows how to identify, among many pearls, the one of greatest value. Or he who, ploughing a field, comes across something that turns out to be a treasure” (cf. Matthew 13:44-48). This journey of nine days, united in prayer as a spiritual family, will conclude on the feast day of Christ the King with a Gospel reading in which Jesus himself is discovered by the discerning eye of the good thief, who was able at that moment, at once both painful and glorious, to discover his King who opened the doors of his Kingdom to him. Like him, we too are called to find in Jesus the deepest meaning of life.

You can find the novena that begins Friday, November 11th as well as resources including a Consecration to Christ the King, information on the plenary indulgence available to Regnum Christi members on the feast day, and graphics to share on social media on the Regnum Christi website, and attached to this letter. We invite you to pray and reflect on the novena in personal prayer, as a team, or in your community’s prayer.

Please join us in entrusting each other to our Lord in prayer so that this Solemnity of Christ the King may help us to live always, and in greater fullness, our call to make present the mystery of the Kingdom, Christ himself, who comes to meet us, reveals to us the love of his heart, gathers us together, forms us as apostles, sends us out and accompanies us to collaborate with him in the evangelization of all people and society (SRCF 7 and 8).

In Christ,

The General Directive College of Regnum Christi