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Live the Mystery: A Virtual Convention to Explore the Mystery of the Regnum Christi Charism

Regnum Christi members are being invited into a deeper understanding of the beautiful charism to which they have been called.

Last year, a virtual convention called Regnum Christi: Live the Mystery was held in September, and encouraged its participants to ponder how the mystery of Christ is made present through the charism of Regnum Christi. This convention was an opportunity to explore how to more fully live Christ’s mission through the specific charism that they, as Regnum Christi members, have been entrusted with, and included large group presentations, small group discussions and workshops, and interactive exchange.

This year, a second convention will be offered for all Regnum Christi members called Live the Mystery II: The Mystery of the Kingdom. In this virtual convention, which will be held Friday, November 12th to Saturday, November 13th, participants will be invited to experience the transformative power of the mystery of the Kingdom in such a way as to make it present in their own hearts, and in the hearts of all they encounter.

The original concept for the Live the Mystery conventions was born as a result of an international Regnum Christi Identity project. “With the new statutes, we felt it was very important to help Regnum Christi members everywhere dive deeper into the mystery of the charismatic gift that Regnum Christi is to the Church and to those who are called to live out their lives as baptized Catholics through the charism,” says Donna Garrett, who serves as the Director of RC Life and the Directory of RC Spirituality Center. “Encountering Christ who goes out to meet people, invites them into a community, forms them, accompanies them, and sends them out as disciples into the world to share his gospel is indeed a great mystery. We wanted Regnum Christi members to re-awaken – or awaken for the first time – to the beauty of this God-given gift.”

The goal of each Live the Mystery convention is to bring particular aspects of the Regnum Christi charism into greater focus, and to provide an opportunity – through presentations, questions, and discussions – for Regnum Christi members from all vocations to explore this mystery, and to encounter Christ, his love, and his Kingdom, through the specific charism of Regnum Christi.

“Last year, the Live the Mystery conference had 335 attendees,” says Donna. “The positive impact among the attendees far surpassed anything we had envisioned.” Jen Kellar, whose Regnum Christi women’s team participated in the last online convention together, shares her experience:

Donna Garrett and Maria Knuth presented virtually at the first Live the Mystery Convention in 2020.

“Our team just finished the first talk of this conference and already my heart is burning with the fire that once was there when I first joined Regnum Christi. Oh, how easily we forget the treasure that Jesus has invited us to – this community of believers who are on the same spiritual pathway! To recall, after all these years, the moment when Christ first spoke my name and asked me to join this movement, and to realize that he is present with us in each and every Encounter… this was a re-defining moment. And we are only on the first talk!”

This year, Donna and her team have opened the virtual convention up to all members of Regnum Christi, and are hoping for 1000 online participants! To register for the upcoming Live the Mystery conference, and experience and explore anew the charism of Regnum Christi, visit The price for convention is $65, and the deadline for registration is October 30th. The 2020 Live the Mystery conference is available online at Live the Mystery – RC Spirituality.