Meet the Renewal Delegates 18: Quentin Wadle Michigan/Indiana Men

My name is Quentin Wadle, and I reside in northwest Indiana.  My wife of 15 years is also a member of Regnum Christi; we have nine children ages 14 years to 1 year.  The universal aspect of the Church and of Regnum Christi helps me to find spiritual family in the five cities we have resided, and to feel at-home as I have lived away from my childhood home all of my adult life. Beginning in 1999 through 2006, 6 out of my 8 years in teaching 12- to 18-year-olds, I had been called to teach in Catholic schools in Rockford, Rock Island, and in Chicagoland in Illinois. Then from 2007 to the present, I have the privilege to be a part of the lives of young men seeking to follow God’s call with their whole lives to the priesthood by teaching at Sacred Heart Apostolic School in northwest Indiana run by the Legionaries of Christ.

I was first introduced to the Legionaries through Fr. Matthew VanSmoorenburg in my vocation discernment in college. After college, I was introduced to Regnum Christi through participation in FAMILIA. Next, I was asked to become a leader of a FAMILIA men’s group the following year, when I moved to Moline, IL and then incorporated in 2003. In the case of the apostolate, my “sponsor” in the Movement pointed out that I was already doing what the men’s group facilitator does in my profession as a teacher in the classroom. For spiritual nourishment, I already was adoring Christ at the adoration chapel late at night, praying the rosary occasionally, and reading encyclicals of John Paul II out of curiosity, in defense of the teachings, and love for the great Holy Father in the late 1990s, all of which are part of the practices of Regnum Christi members.

Through the habit of following the precepts of the Church given to me by my parents and extended family in Iowa, I have realized my great need for grace, the very life of God, to live my vocation and state in life. Amidst highs and lows in my life, Jesus and the company of His Church was a peaceful presence of constancy wherever I lived and moved, and to wherever I travelled. Growing up and living in six dioceses in my lifetime, and participating in World Youth Day as a teen and again as an adult chaperone, I have met many people of God throughout the U.S. and the world. I began to see how big the Church is, and in what way many people seemed happy—they had a personal relationship with Jesus, and it showed! I want to help others see that Jesus is real, personal, and available to all through the Church he founded and into which He breathes life, peace and mercy at every moment. To whatever authentic acts of piety people are drawn by the Holy Spirit, all of them are vibrantly practiced within the Church Jesus founded!