Meet the Renewal Delegates 19: Velma Cottle Florida Women

“Lukewarm Sunday Mass-going (when I wanted to) Catholic by name only” described my spiritual life before the age of 30.  The sixth month of my first pregnancy at the age of 30 forever changed my life.  It was the realization that I wanted to teach my child all about my faith yet I did not know my faith to teach it that brought me to a reversion experience!

When I met the Regnum Christi Movement 14 years ago, I was a repentant soul searching for how to serve my Lord whom I had ignored for 30 years.  I had formed a bond with my Mother Mary and she brought me to her son, Jesus!   The first Spiritual Exercises retreat I attended in 2001 opened my eyes to a depth of Catholicism that I was not aware existed so of course I was immediately drawn. My calling to the Movement was so solid and my conviction was so strong that when the scandals occurred and when many would leave the Movement, my internal disposition was one of trust which allowed me to continue the path my Lord had shown me through the Movement.  I had to be faithful to what God had used to make my prayer life go from turtle pace to rocket pace!

My husband is also a Regnum Christi member and my six children from ages three to sixteen years old are all being raised with the formation we have received and are benefitting from the opportunities that the Movement has provided for us all across the United States and beyond.  Although we live in the diaspora of Orlando, Florida, my family is known to attend RC activities in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, Washington, Rhode Island, Georgia, Philadelphia, and Mexico.

Our section chose to have renewal meetings together with both the men and the women’s sections.  This has been a great blessing and has rekindled the fire that brought us to this very apostolic Movement.  As a section leader, it is beautiful to be part of such committed members that continue to be strengthened in faith, hope, and charity as we reflect on our charism and the love our Lord has for each of us in discerning his will through the Movement.

There is a unity that exists within our Regnum Christi family that I have experienced everywhere no matter where the RC members are from.  I am not deserving of anything yet our Lord keeps showering his blessings upon me.  I feel very blessed and honored to represent the Florida women’s section and I look forward to meeting my brothers and sisters in Christ at the Territorial Convention in March!  God has great things in store for us as it is he who has brought us this far!