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Meet the Renewal Delegates 22: Robert Borkowsky – Alberta and British Columbia Men

sI have been married to Pauline for 42 years and we have 2 children, Adam and Rachel Anne. We were introduced to the Legion and Regnum Christi through, Clear Water Academy, in 1996. We were looking for a Junior High school for Adam and Clear Water seemed to be doing things right.

Not always being a Catholic, (married 10 years before converting), the knowledge and formation I saw in the Legionary priests began a quest for me to gain more knowledge and understanding of this vibrant Catholic Faith. That was the start of an interesting journey for our family.

Pauline has been active in the Women’s Section; on her team, formation, organizing conventions and conferences, and she was also the Admissions Director at Clear Water Academy for several years.

Adam decided to attend the apostolic school in New Hampshire for High School. We began to see how many families were trying to live their faith and encourage vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. We followed Adam for many years to Center Harbor, Cornwall and Cheshire, but not to some of the other C’s, Chicago and Colfax. Adam’s discernment led him to realize he did not have a vocation to the priesthood but he received an excellent education and formation in the Faith.

Rachel Anne also attended Clear Water Academy and was involved in Challenge as a team leader. She decided to give a “Missionary Year” after high school and during that year discerned a vocation to Consecrated Life. We started visiting Rhode Island! Rachel Anne was in the first graduating class from Mater Ecclesiae under NEASC. Her first assignment as a Consecrated Woman was in Montreal, where she worked for 3 years with the Legionary priests in the Diocese of Montreal. She is presently serving in Washington, DC.

As a family and individually we attended many of the gatherings, conventions and formation courses available. I have been blessed to meet many Consecrated and Legionaries at these events and all of them with the same mission, bringing the love of Christ to everyone they encounter. I have seen them embrace the “family aspect” of Regnum Christi as it allows them to share their joy and appreciate the talents that each member brings to a family.

My Regnum Christi formation has helped me serve more effectively in my parish. Whether, I was training parishioners to be extraordinary ministers, helping my priest, mentoring Marriage Prep couples, chairing Parish Council, or coordinating special events, every moment was a chance to enlighten and form people in the Faith.

In my journey with Regnum Christ, I have been the Business Manager at Clear Water Academy, a team leader, an AFIRE team member, men’s section director and now a delegate. I hope my experience and association with so many facets of the Movement, and guided by the Holy Spirit, I will make a fruitful contribution to the renewal process.