Meet the Renewal Delegates 23: Beverly Stone – South Atlanta Women

I’m married to Jim and am a mother of two adult sons. I converted to Catholicism at the age of 18 but didn’t really learn my faith until years later when I began to discover the beauty of Church teachings. During that time I experienced a call from God for a deeper spirituality, an effective way of serving the needs of the Church, and closer ties to Catholics on the same path. I soon discovered Regnum Christi as a fulfillment to that call and incorporated into the Movement in Atlanta in 1992.

In Regnum Christi I’ve discovered even more than I had anticipated as a means of spiritual formation and service. Over the years I’ve been privileged to participate in effective apostolates that build up the family, form Catholic youth, and serve the needs of the Church. I’ve been a Spiritual Guide, a Team Leader, and served in various roles in the Center for Family Development.

Through the means Regnum Christi offers, I continue to grow in greater union with God, deeper knowledge and love of my Catholic faith, and stronger bonds of love with my brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s a blessing and a privilege to participate in the renewal of the Movement and to be a representative from Atlanta at the Territorial Convention in March.