Meet the Renewal Delegates 26: Mary Williams – RC Young Adults

A few years ago whenever anyone asked me if I was involved with the Movement, I didn’t know what to answer. It was a question I had myself after “growing up” in the Movement. My entire life seemed to relate to the Movement – both through my family and personal choice. I had been involved in K4J, ECYD, the Precandidacy, spent a couple of years discerning my vocation in the formation center, attended Mega Missions in Mexico, helped with international camps and conventions, and been assistant for the youth section… But at that time, after all the upheaval within the Movement, my involvement was limited to my job working in the International Program at the local Legionary school and the retreat center. I didn’t have a working document to help me define what belonging to the Movement meant, but it hardly felt like I was an active member and wasn’t sure if I wanted to be.

In the summer of 2014, I attended a course on accompaniment for formators working in our international language academies. During one of the conferences, we had to map out our lives indicating significant life experiences, pervading emotions, level of happiness, and who was there accompanying us through each stage. As I completed the exercise, I was overwhelmed by seeing the presence of the Movement in my life. Through both the accompaniment received and the experiences I had, the Movement very evidently was and is inextricably intertwined with my experience of Christ.

With the question of both my desire and my membership resolved, I returned back home to my life. It can be a challenge to live this calling with very little to no local youth activity for young professionals. Through the opportunity to participate in the virtual region, resources, spiritual guidance, and my mission here with the students at our school, I have once again found a way to live out my vocation to the Movement.

While jumping on the bandwagon of the renewal process late, I had the opportunity to attend some of the daily masses for the discernment course of the consecrated women this past summer. Listening to Father summarize in his homily each day what the spirituality of the Movement is, I found it resonating within me. It doesn’t take much time on the phone with my brother, Brian, listening to him talk about Guadium et Spes or the mission of the Movement, to light a fire within me as well. I accepted my election as a delegate because of that fire – because through both personal experience and the witness of others I believe that the Movement is called to and capable of participating in the New Evangelization.