Meet the Renewal Delegates 27: Daire Ryan Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

My name is Daire Ryan, I have been a Consecrated women in RC for 37 yrs. I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and am the youngest of a family of six children. I have two brothers who are Legionary Priests both are based in Rome. In 1978 I joined Regnum Christi. Soon afterwards I saw clearly Gods invitation to become Consecrated, Since my consecration I have lived and worked for several years in both Ireland and Italy, but for the last twenty three years I have been here in the United States. Before coming to Chicago where I am presently, I served in a verity of roles at Mater Ecclesiae Collage that the Consecrated had in Greenville, Rhode Island, I spent several years in the Highlands school in Dallas (and prior to coming to the states in one of our schools in Rome,) gaining experience working with children, youth, adults and families. I spent many years as Director of the Center for the consecrated women living in Dallas, and one year in that position in Washington DC.

Here in Chicago I help out in the Women’s RC section and am a Spiritual Director for the section, and at both the Everest and Eastlake Academies. For many years now, I have been a Spiritual director for several of my Consecrated sisters.

I have been very happy to participate in this renewal process and consider it an honor to attend the convention representing the Consecrated women here in North America. I look forward to meeting you all there!! God Bless and count on my prayers.