Meet the Renewal Delegates 29 Sisan Walker: RC Young Adults

Regnum Christi was the most effective tool God used to bring me closer to Him.  I got introduced to the movement when I was 19 while working with the Hispanic Young Adult ministry at the Archdioceses of Miami. After serving with several different lay movements and congregations, meeting RC and the legion was like arriving home.

I served as a coworker (RCMC) for two life changing years 2008-2010 (Houston and National office of Mission Youth). I am currently living in Miami actively involved with a young adult Jesuit community, as well as serving at my parish. I’m a speech language pathologist working with pediatrics and I love it.

The LC’s and consecrated are very dear to my heart, and RC was, is, and will always be my family.

I’m excited and honored to be part of the renewal. RC brought me closer to Christ so keeping the spirituality, apostolic zeal, love for the church and integral formation is important to me, in order to, maintain the identity of our movement. Change is good… discerning the motives behind why we do things in order for the movement’s work to be a transparent instrument of God.