Meet the Renewal Delegates 33 Teresa Chabot – Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho

I have been a member of the Regnum Christi Movement for 19 years, living in the Northwest corner of Montana. My husband, Geoffrey and I have been blessed with four children and 10 beautiful grandchildren. The Montana Section has always been small in membership, but large in area. We refer to it as the diaspora. This means that for members to participate in almost any Movement activity requires that we travel quite a distance. It also means that we wear many hats, both in the Movement and also in our parishes, in order to carry out the New Evangelization. Over the years, I have served as Section Director, Team Leader, Spiritual Guide, and Challenge Club Coordinator.

I discerned my vocation to the Movement when I was invited by the lovely ladies of Calgary to attend a Spiritual Exercises. I knew immediately that God had made this moment and Regnum Christi for me. I had been searching for the support, hope, and accountability it has provided me to continue to grow in my faith. I also knew that Spiritual Exercises had the ability to reach and change the hearts of many women. It was the desire to bring Spiritual Exercises to Montana that struck my heart so strongly from the very beginning.

I remember a time before I had even attended my first Spiritual Exercises. I met one of the Legionaries and asked him how to bring them to Montana. His answer to me was “First you must get 25 women who will attend, when you can do that, we will come.” That was all the inspiration from the Holy Spirit that was needed. With the help of four friends and much prayer, two years later Spiritual Exercises became a reality for Montana. Of course, we had to travel 4 ½ hours across a mountain pass in November to bring the first one to exactly 25 women.   After that Spiritual Exercises became a yearly apostolate that brought our team and section many blessings for several years.

The scandal ripped through our small section like a chain saw at the base of a tree that was just beginning to produce fruit. I didn’t question my vocation to the Movement, but as I experienced the personal loss of each member who left, I wondered if I would be struggling to live the call to follow Jesus alone, once again.

The Renewal has changed that for me. The remnant of RC Members in Montana that is my team, have truly benefitted from the discussions. We have experienced encouragement and strength from each other in this process. It reminds me of the passage from Isaiah 11:1 “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.” I feel truly blessed to have been invited to participate in the Renewal process by representing Montana, Idaho and North & South Dakota. I am looking forward to the springtime and everything it represents for all of us in the Movement.