Meet the Renewal Delegates 34 Leah Prigge: Montana, North & South Dakota, Idaho

My journey toward Regnum Christi began to take shape as I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. I was a cradle Catholic and always a practicing Catholic, yet I completely lacked a personal relationship with Jesus. That changed abruptly one Sunday morning after mass when some acquaintances approached me to ask if they could pray over me. Reluctantly, I agreed. In that moment, however, I had a supernatural experience of outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Instantly, I became keenly aware of the close presence of Christ and his deep love for me. The beauty of the mass and all Catholic teaching was as if I was experiencing it for the first time. I was filled with such wonder and awe, and realized that I was nowhere near to where I wanted to be in knowing and living the Catholic faith. Also, I had a very strong desire to draw closer to Jesus through the scriptures. So, here I was: A 35 year old mother of 4 young children, having to travel out of state for doctor appointments and ultimately receiving radiation that I knew would cause blindness in one eye, and burning with desire to share Christ with anybody who would listen to me! Even though I lost physical eye-sight, I gained spiritual insight.

I felt such an urgency to grow in my knowledge of Jesus and the faith. Along came Regnum Christi! I had a close friend in Washington, where I was living at the time, who wanted to start a school, but had no idea where to begin. Some friends in Idaho put us in contact with the Legion of Christ. Very soon, we began receiving visits from Legionary priests. Instantly I felt a connection with these amazing priests and did not hesitate to begin making the Regnum Christi commitments part of my life. Regnum Christi gave me a structure in which to grow in my knowledge and love for Jesus and the Catholic faith, an introduction to integral formation and an extended family to share my incredible journey with.

Being part of the Regnum Christi movement has helped me embrace and live my Catholic faith more fully, and changed the lives of my entire family. My husband joined the Church, my son attended high school at ICAS in New Hampshire and has been with the Legion ever since, and my 4 other children attended Pacific Crest Academy in Washington and later, Summit Academy in Idaho. These schools were a huge assistance for us in raising our children to be faithful Catholics.

I have had the great blessing of traveling to every place that Justin has lived with the Legion and I also have been able to attend several conventions. Every time I return, I share with my RC team that the mystique, the sense of family, the Christ-centeredness and the joy are all still there.

The RC ladies in Idaho are very excited about the renewal and I am humbled and honored to represent the Cottonwood, Idaho teams.