Meet the Renewal Delegates 35 Annina Nakpil – RC Philippines

Growing up I was just a typical Sunday mass-going Catholic. I wasn’t really “into” my faith, nor did I even consider the possibility of having a personal relationship with God. This all began to change after my family was introduced to the Regnum Christi movement. My mom and my sister incorporated not too long after Everest Academy, the school run by the Legionaries and the movement here in the Philippines, opened back in 2007. It took some convincing but my mom eventually got me to join Pure Fashion, which began a transformation in my life that I never expected to happen.

A few years later in 2012, Christ gave me the grace to say “yes” to his call to give a year the RC Mission Corps. It was such a blessing to have gone through the cursillo de colaboradoras (missionaries’ summer course) in Mexico and later get sent to work with the movement in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout that year and all the years that followed, I crossed paths with RC members whose burning zeal and love for Christ and for souls challenged me to respond to the call given to each of us: to love and to extend His kingdom here on earth. I have been blessed with opportunities to love and to serve through Pure Fashion, Mission Youth, Challenge, as an EWC team leader, and now as a representative in the upcoming North American territorial convention. God has been so generous with me!

“Caritas Christi urget nos”: “The love of Christ impels us” (2 Corinthians 5:14). Once God has touched your heart, there’s no turning back. He fills your heart with such profound joy and love that it overflows and you simply can’t help but share it with all those around you. In a world where so many forces try to prevent us from doing so, it is such a gift to be surrounded by many others who seek to fulfill Christ’s mission here on earth. That is why RC is so important to me. This family has been my source of strength through all the challenges I’ve had to face. As a family, let us support each other as we go through this time of renewal. It has been such a beautiful experience to get to know the movement better and to be reminded of the call given to us by God and to which we must respond. Please pray for all of the delegates who, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will be discerning our statutes. Be assured of my prayers as well.