Meet the Renewal Delegates 36 Eileen Coady- Calgary /British Columbia/Alaska Women

I have been a member of Regnum Christi since 1998. I vividly recall my first retreat; it was for me a powerful personal experience of Christ, and my first encounter with a Legionary priest. Two of my sisters became members and I too wanted to join. Though it was my habit to enthusiastically jump into endeavors, often without forethought, my husband encouraged me to take time to prayerfully consider before making such an important decision. Discernment whether to incorporate began with Spiritual Exercises, involved much prayer, and culminated a year later at the next Spiritual Exercise retreat. I count it among my first and most exquisite experiences of Christ in the silence and the start of my education in the art of prayer and discernment….an education and formation that continues to deepen.

I am 8th child in a family of 9. We were a fairly typical Irish Catholic family, weathering the storms and joys of faith and family life throughout those raucous decades. I marvel at my parents’ capacity for faith, family, friendship and admire their fortitude. I studied Anthropology and Philosophy at the University of Alberta and earned a bachelor’s degree. Greg and I married in 1988 and are blessed with 5 wonderful children; Liam (24), Shannon (22), Colleen (20), Breanne (18) and Tara (10). Greg has supported me and been a loyal and faithful friend of the Movement.

A highlight of my Regnum Christi experience was the international convention we hosted in Banff during the Jubilee Year. Members from Mexico, US, and Canada along with consecrated women, and several Legionaries converged for an incredible ‘Mountaintop’ experience. I was struck by the bond of unity we all shared and the pervasive presence of Christ, especially in the Eucharist. I’ve been blessed to serve in several apostolates: the New Evangelization Initiative, which evolved into a monthly book club that I continue to host today, school parent council, FAMILIA, and Challenge Girls’ Club as team mom for my daughters’ teams, and as Club President from 2006 to 2008. I have also served our section as Team Leader, Group Leader, and as lay Spiritual Guide.

The difficulties we, as a Movement have endured these past several years have served to further form me in my faith and strengthen my resolve as a member. I see our experiences echoed in the families around us and in the Church at large. I have come to understand that we possess a very special gift in our charism and that we are called to transmit and offer to each other, to the Church at large, and to the world. It is humbling to have been elected as a delegate for our renewal and a privilege to participate so fully in the convention along with the various branches of our Regnum Christi Family; lay members, consecrated members, and Legionaries of Christ. I am grateful to the women from our electoral college for entrusting me to represent them and allowing me this opportunity. I am confident that our prayer, sacrifice and sacramental participation, will prepare, sustain and inform us, that the Holy Spirit will guide and inspire us, and that our Blessed Mother will accompany us and intercede for us throughout the entire renewal process.