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RC Lay Members

Regnum Christi members come from dozens of countries, speak many different languages and represent multiple cultures. They hail from a wide spectrum of economic-social status. They are young and old, married and single. They are Catholic.

What they share is a love for Christ and dedication to the New Evangelization. We believe we have a responsibility to evangelize culture and balance personal spiritual formation with apostolic zeal. That makes us contemplative and evangelizing.

Our membership consists of about 21,500 youths, adults, deacons, and priests and 10,000 in the Conquest and Challenge clubs for boys and girls, in more than 30 countries.

In November 2004, the Holy See granted definitive approval to the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Apostolic Movement. The text of the decree explains that its mission is “to establish the Kingdom of Christ in the world through the sanctification of its members in the individual state of life to which each one is called by God, and through individual and organized apostolic action at the service of the Church and its pastors […]. Its specific charism is the same as that of the Legion of Christ: to know, live, and preach the commandment of love that Christ the Redeemer gave us through his Incarnation.” In this way, the Vicar of Christ confirmed the identity and charism of Regnum Christi.


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