Mission Work

We serve in the following mission programs:

Mission Youth
: Mission Youth is a pastoral program that runs missions in different countries around the world. We work with the missionaries and leaders to help them experience Christ’s love and become leaders at the service of the Church. We serve on the National team and accompany each mission, helping uphold the core values of Mission Youth: Encounter, Evangelization, Respect, Service, Openness and Joy.

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RC Mission Corps: The RC missionaries live and work alongside us for their mission year. We serve on the national and local teams for the RC Mission Corp, overseeing the formation of the missionaries in their training courses and support and accompany them in their ongoing formation.

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ECYD Mission Corps: ECYD Mission Corps is an international Catholic missionary exchange program where a high school student can volunteer their time during the summer for a period of 4 to 8 weeks, exclusively for the Church. We are the program directors, helping the young women to serve people through active apostolate, and help other young people find the meaning of their lives in Christ.  

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