In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Trinity

My Lord, God of heaven and earth – Father and Creator, Son and Redeemer, Holy Spirit and Sanctifier – I adore you and love you with all my heart. I thank you for creating me, redeeming me, calling me to the Catholic faith, and watching over me last night. I offer you on this day my prayer, my work, and my struggles, my sufferings and my joys. Enable me to do everything out of love for you and according to your will. Make me steadfast in living my Christian vocation, patient in suffering, courageous in proclaiming my faith; fill me with wisdom on life’s journey and charity in dealing with others. Free me from sin and from all evil. May your grace always remain with me and with all who are dear to me. Amen.

Prayer to Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus, faithful friend of my soul and King of Regnum Christi, once more I offer you my life so you can teach me to do your will, give me the strength to follow you, and help me to imitate your virtues, especially those that please you most: charity, humility, justice, and honesty.

Make me a faithful, zealous apostle of your Church and grant me the grace that will enable me to proclaim your saving message to the brothers and sisters I meet on my journey today. May I live my Catholic faith with such evident conviction and share it with such ardent zeal that I become a fruitful and effective fisher of souls for the Kingdom. Amen.

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

Mother, I come before you on this new day to bless you for the great things almighty God has done for you, to thank you for the graces you have obtained for me, to consecrate to you all my thoughts, words, and actions, and to ask your blessing for me and every Regnum Christi member.

Intercede with God for all of us spread throughout the world, as we strive to live the faith, hope, and charity of which you set us such an admirable and noble example.

Enable me to imitate the life of prayer, obedience, humility, fidelity, sacrifice, and simplicity that you shared with your Son, our Brother and Lord.

Help me to form a meek and humble heart like that of your son, Jesus Christ, and obtain for me the grace of receiving him in the sacrament of his love as fervently as you throughout the years of your solitude.

Mother, tell Jesus how much I want to love him, how ardently I desire to become holy and be his apostle. Tell him how fervently and constantly I want to serve him in Regnum Christi, which is called to be a faithful instrument in extending his Kingdom throughout the world.

A Look Ahead to Prepare your Day

This is a minute of reflection in God’s presence to go over your means for spiritual growth, especially the ones you need to work on. It is also a moment to check both the regular and special items on your agenda for the day.

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