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Mother of a Legionary Seminarian Shares Her Excitement

A little over two years ago, Daniel de Tezanos Pinto shared with his loved ones the decision to become a priest. His mother, María Inés Concha, shares her testimony about being the mother of a Legionary Seminarian.

María Inés Concha has been a member of Regnum Christi for 24 years. She met our movement when she was teaching at the Cumbres Academy. In that school she formed the first choir of mothers, however, she did not begin to participate in the spiritual and apostolic life of Regnum Christi until she moved to teaching Region. There together with Chila Levín, Angélica Larraín and Fr. Donald O ‘Keefe, LC, she founded the RC locality of Viña del Mar. Here is her testimony about having a son, who was a student at Everest Academy in Chile, deciding to study to be a priest in the Legion. She shares her personal journey and what it has meant to have a son with a priestly vocation.

What did you feel when your son told you he wanted to be a priest?

The first thing I felt was a wonderful emotion! I kept this inward, yet reached out and hugged him. Then I congratulated him and asked him if he was sure. He answered yes. Then I told him that he had my support, that he would count on my prayers, that he would follow the will of God, and that what I want for my children is that they be happy. Later when I went to sleep, because it was night, I felt an immense joy and a deep happiness that the Lord had noticed our family calling one of our children to the priesthood. I had always asked for it at each baptism of our children and I offered it to God, for that I felt a deep gratitude.

Has your perspective changed since then to today?

My perspective has not changed. As a mother, I was sometimes sad to think that I was not going to see him that much, but on the other hand, although the whole family supported his vocation from the beginning, there were more complicated moments. For his brothers, it is difficult because they are very close and the separation hurt them. Obviously, I was very sorry to see them with those feelings, although it is nice to see the unity between them. Now that two years have passed, they are all calm and proud of their brother.

What message would you give today’s mothers in relation to the religious vocation of a child?

I would tell them that each child is unique. Each one is called by God to follow the vocation that he has entrusted to him with his talents, gifts and virtues. Everyone has to contribute a bit to this world. I say this for any vocation. Each child is free to choose his path. We as parents can enlighten, guide and help in discernment, but we cannot restrict their choice of what they will study or where they will study. The decision is theirs. And I would tell moms that if a son wants to be a priest, blessed be God, and what a greater gift to have a priestly vocation within the family.

Do you think that today for a young person it is more difficult to take this path considering the current situation of the Church?

I think it’s always difficult to make the decision to leave everything for Christ. Because it really is like that, it is a vocation for service. I think that when God calls give grace, whatever the situation. It takes courage, strength, willpower and a great love for God and souls to communicate the faith today, as it is different from past years. What I think is difficult for a young person today is to leave the material things and the comforts they have.

What do you think is the contribution of a religious vocation to the world today?

I believe that the contribution is to make people know and feel that each person is a beloved child of God. That we have a merciful Father who begs for our love. That his love is infinite towards his children. Without a doubt, the great contribution in the case of priests is also the sacraments. Without the priests we would not have the Eucharist, which is the power to have Christ in our hearts as food and grace to live, and live in unity.

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