It’s Never Too Late to Join Regnum Christi

“Here I am, finally,” proclaimed Mario on joining Regnum Christi at 74 years old. With his encounter team, he describes, “I have had, since I began, the impression of finding myself among friends who share the same ideals and the same faith.”

He spoke of how the encounter helped his own faith: “I’m convinced that frequenting the group has been for me an opportunity to grow in the faith. The possibility of carrying out apostolic activities, putting the fruit of each one’s personal charisms at the service of Christ the King was a key reason I chose to join.”

About a year ago, he started attending a team Busto Arsizio near Milan in Northern Italy. He felt that the team and the Legionary priests were great at accompanying him so when Fr Eduardo visited for the 25th anniversary of the section, he joined Regnum Christi on October 7, 2017.

He felt called to Regnum Christ for three reasons. He expressed that Regnum Christi had “a deeper understanding of people.” He was impressed by the constant presence of Fr Federico Macchi LC at the encounters, and he was impressed how “the encounter group grew (both as a team of men and a study circle).”

“My story as a Catholic history began in Catholic Action in the 1960s.” Mario continued, “I grew up in the school of Cardinal Siri, from whom I learned everything about the faith: I still believe it’s the basis for continuing on the right path.”

He followed with a bit about his life: “My life has been full: three great children, five grandchildren, joys and sorrows. The joys far outstrip the sorrows which, however, have always been accepted and nonetheless as a gift that helps to grow and see everything as a free gift. God wanted to grant me his protection, intervening in moments of greatest difficulty with paternal kindness.”

He brought this all back to his newly found vocation to Regnum Christi, “Now I think the moment has come to return what I have received for free, offering my whole self to Jesus, asking to be ‘used’ according to his will. I firmly believe in the power of prayer and even in the darkest moments of my life I never stopped praying and I have often received very positive replies.”

He reaffirmed the value of prayer, “If you ask for a grace and that comes, you are not lucky, someone has intervened to concede it!”

Mario grew up in the village of Vanzaghello where he still lives, close to his Regnum Christi team. For twenty years, he has gone to Lourdes as a stretcher-bearer with OFTAL (Opera Federativa Trasporto Ammalati Lourdes – Federation for Transporting the Lourdes Sick). At 74, he sees most of his contribution to Regnum Christi as participating in Encounter and daily prayer at the parish Church of St Rocco in Vanzaghello before the Eucharist.

You can read Mario’s full testimony on the Regnum Christi site in Italian.