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New Catering Business Helps People Re-enter the Workforce

Solidarity Catering is a new apostolic initiative in Spain that helps people get some work experience and on-the-job training so that they are then able to go to work full-time in the food services industry.

Solidarity Catering is part of Altius, a network of social service apostolates run by Regnum Christi in Spain. Last year alone, more than 800 people participated in Altius training courses and went on to find jobs in the hospitality sector: as waiters, kitchen helpers or bar assistants. In addition to the classroom training and real work environments provided by the program, the foundation has launched a project that allows them to gain experience under the supervision and support of their tutors. It’s called Altius Solidarity Catering.

This mix of apostolate and business offers top-level professional quality catering services for all kinds of events- including breakfast, lunch, and cocktails. As it is done in conjunction with job training, Solidarity is able to keep prices low. Because it helps those who were unemployed and profits are re-invested in helping others, it has a higher purpose as well. The hope is that after a period with Altius Solidarity Catering, those in the program can fully re-enter the job market.

The catering coordinators, who have extensive experience in their respective areas, teach courses such as waiting tables, managing catering, and other specialties.

Antonio Serrano, one of the coordinators who has worked as a maître d’ and is responsible for training courses and catering, noted: “For young men and women it is a fantastic learning opportunity, they take responsibility and get used to teamwork. It also allows people who cannot work because of their irregular situation to be able to get the experience that is fundamental with this type of training.”

Some of the first events catered by Altius Solidarity Catering were at the Francisco de Vitoria University, Los Fresnos Highlands School, and at several companies.  You can read the original on the Spanish Regnum Christi site, and contact them if you need catering near Madrid.