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New Catholic Leadership Institute in Brazil

This April, Regnum Christi started the Catholic Leadership Institute in Brazil to help lay Catholics know their faith better and grow in their leadership.

The Catholic Leadership Institute (ICL) will initially offer three types of activities: free lectures on current issues; courses on various topics such as the Bible, Catholic leadership, meditation, Christian-inspired business models, gnosis and relativism, life purpose, etc.; and online videos with courses and training material. In addition, the institute will offer spaces for debate, conferences, marriage courses and special events.

More than 140 people – including CEOs and board members of businesses, religious leaders, social leaders, and communications leaders – attended the inauguration that took place on April 3. Dr. Ives Granda Martins gave his testimony at the inauguration, speaking about how his “professional career, marriage, family and formation were always built on the experience of God, who is someone real in our life.”

Fr. Rodrigo Hurtado, LC, director of the Institute, stressed that work will be done so that “all the people who come into contact with the organization will have an authentic experience of Christ and become yeast that transforms society with the testimony of their life and by the concrete apostolic action that God inspires to each one.” He also noted, “The secret of a fulfilling life is not something, but Someone.”

For Fr. Cleomar Ferronato, LC, territorial director of Brazil, the ICL is a concrete response to the needs of the Church in Brazil: “If we believe that the Gospel is the best thing for each individual and for our whole society, then we have to prepare the laity and the priests to understand and witness to the world. As the motto of the Institute says, it was time for Catholics to let our light shine (Cf. Matthew 5:16).”

Fr. Rodrigo went on to explain, “The leadership approach proposed by the Institute is born of the joy of being Catholic, of the discovery of each one’s life purpose and the desire to live it and witness it to the world.” He continued, “A leader is a father or mother of a family, a leader can be an entrepreneur or an official within a company, leaders can be priests, politicians, intellectuals, communicators, etc. If we lived all this with the spirit of the Gospel, with the same conviction and love of Christ, we would certainly set fire to the whole world, as St. Catherine of Siena said.”

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