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New Mission Assignments for 2022

Regnum Christi Federation

Territorial Appointments to the RC Federation in the North American Territory

Assignments Made From July 2021 to June 2022

The Territorial Directive College is the governing body for the Regnum Christi FederationIt works to ensure that the purpose of the Federation is fulfilled. The Mission Support Team is its territorial level work team charged with supporting the mission in the localities and implementing the strategies, plans and budgets of the Territorial Directive College. 

NameAppointmentsRC Federation Area
Yvonne NuxollRCD Support Director (renewal)Mission Support Team
Fr. Benjamin O'LoughlinYoung Adult Team DirectorRC Life
Patricia CamareroFormation SpecialistRC Life
Fr. Jason SmithFormation SpecialistRC Life
Amelia HooverTeam Member (renewal)ECYD Life


Locality Appointments to the RC Federation in the North American Territory  

Appointments to the RC Federation are generally for 3 years unless otherwise stated. Appointments to RCD Council are for the term of the RC local director. 


 RC Director Appointments 

The local RC Director oversees the development and projection of the Regnum Christi Federation at the local level – fostering charismatic unity among all Regnum Christi present in the locality and overseeing the participation of lay members and any apostolic activity that belongs to the Federation.

AtlantaFr. Lino Otero (renewal)
Baton RougeWilliam Stegall
CalgaryFr. Kenneth Leblanc
DetroitMatthew Williams (renewal)
HoustonKarla Escorcia
LafayetteEddie Cramer
New OrleansLauren Lagarde (renewal)
New York Tri-StateHope Hirshorn (renewal)
NorthshoreAnnette Barrios (renewal)
South KoreaFr. Simon Chung (renewal)
Washington DCAngela Kanazeh


RC Local College Appointments  

As an alternative to having a local RC Director with personal authority to direct the Federation within the locality, a locality may choose to be directed by a college (SRCF 56 §2). At the local level, a college operates like a board or a committee where authority rests with the body and not with one individual person. In this case, the RC local college is the group of people appointed by the Territorial Directive College to assume the same responsibilities as the local RC Director and RCD Council.

* College appointments are additions to existing colleges.



Section Director Appointments 

The section director is the person appointed to direct the growth and development of a section fostering prayer life, integral formation, family spirit, apostolic action and a healthy economy: RC Men, RC Women, RC Young Men, RC Young Women, ECYD Boys, ECYD Girls. 

Men’s Section Director
NameLocality (City)
Tony FreseAtlanta (renewal)
Phil Faba *Calgary
Joseph McDermottChicago
Charlie BradleyCincinnati (renewal)
Fr. Fergal Ó DúillDallas
John TrussJacksonville, FL
Johnny BondocManila
Fr. Scott ReillyPhiladelphia (renewal)
Jeff LoboRaleigh

*Phil serving jointly with Julio Jimenez and Ryan Hoffman

Women’s Section Director
NameLocality (City)
Cyndi Davis (renewal)Cincinnati
Becky KramerCollege Station
Toni SeetonDallas
Juanita RussellIndianapolis
Ann ThomasKansas City
Julia O'Connor (renewal)Louisville
Christy RonconiMiami
Sonja Dalle Ave * (renewal)Milton / Oakville
Suzanne McDevittNashville
Ginger CramerNE Ohio
Victoria CisnerosNew Jersey
Ann Stevens (renewal)New Orleans
Lisa Leonard (renewal)New York
Tara White (renewal)Northshore
Katie KeatingPhiladelphia
Juliet D'SouzaRaleigh
Janet GarciaSan Antonio
Eileen Wieck (renewal)San Jose

*Sonja serving jointly with Louela Manankil-Rankin, Daniela Dalla Via and Alicia Cestra 

Young Men’s Section Director
NameLocality (City)
Fr. Ben O'LoughlinDallas
Fr. David ParkerHouston
Fr. John KoSeoul
Young Women’s Section Director
NameLocality (City)
Valerie DoranCalgary
Helen YalbirDallas
Claire UmaliManila
Katelyn ServeyPhiladelphia
Karla AmezcuaWashington, DC
Young Adults’ Section Director
NameLocality (City)
Fr. Jeremy LambertNew Orleans, Northshore
ECYD Boys Director
NameLocality (City)
Fr. Jerek ScherberMilton/Oakville (renewal)
Fr. Matthew SchmitzSan Jose (renewal)
Fr. John KoSeoul (renewal)
ECYD Girls Director
NameLocality (City)
Natalia SantosAtlanta (renewal)
Karen DoranCalgary
Amelia HooverHouston
Analissa Aquino DeeManila
Maria Luisa GamezMilton / Oakville (renewal)
Racine SilvaWashington, DC


Legionaries of Christ

New Members within the Territory

Fr. Víctor Hugo Jimenez, LCAssistant to the HumanistsCNH Cheshire
Br. Thomas White, LCDean of formation at Oaklawn AcademyCA Edgerton
Fr. Alejandro Mijangos, LCRC young men Assistant Chaplain and Chaplain to DeLaSalle University in ManilaCA Manila
Br. Binh Hoang, LCAuxiliary ECYD team member in ManilaCA Manila
Fr. Luis Garza, LCAssistant Chaplain for the Men’s and Women’s RC sections in ManilaCA Manila
Fr. Luke Rawicki, LCChaplain for Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NCCA Raleigh
Fr. Kevin Lixey, LCSuperior for the San Jose communityCA San Jose
Br. Anselm Kim, LCMilitary ServiceCA Seoul

Members leaving the Territory

Fr. Seth Sebata, LCPart of the formation team in RomeItaly
Fr. Javier Flores, LCNovice InstructorNorthern Mexico
Br. Peter Kang, LCContinue studiesItaly

Changes within the Territory

Fr. Matthew Schneider, LCAuxiliary to the National Vocational Team and Teaching position at Belmont Abbey UniversityCA Arlington
Fr. Kevin Baldwin, LCChaplain for the Regnum Christi Women’s section in AtlantaCA Atlanta-Spalding
Fr. Juan Pablo Duran, LCHead chaplain at Holy Spirit Prep and Chaplain for the RC young men’s section in AtlantaCA Atlanta-Spalding
Fr. Bruce Wren, LCSuperior for the Spalding Community and chaplain for the Regnum Christi Men’s section in AtlantaCA Atlanta-Spalding
Fr. Martin Connor, LCDelegate to the territorial director for vocationsDT Atlanta
Fr. Steven Reilly, LCSuperior for the territorial directorate communityDT Atlanta
Fr. Kevin Gillis, LCAssistant to the territorial secretaryDT Atlanta
Fr. John Gannon, LCPastor at Ascension parish (change from Sacred Heart parish)CA Calgary
Fr. John Luxbacher, LCAssociate pastor at Ascension parish and Assistant chaplain of the RC Women´s section in Calgary, AlbertaCA Calgary
Fr. Jason Huynh, LCSuperior for the Chicago community of apostolate and Chaplain for the Lumen Chapter in ChicagoCA Chicago
Fr. Andrew Kolenda, LCChaplain of the Men’s RC section in ChicagoCA Chicago
Fr. Jacob DuMont, LCSuperior for the Cincinnati community of apostolate (he will continue one more year from there as territorial secretary)CA Cincinnati
Fr. Jesus Salinas, LCChaplain for the ECYD section in CincinnatiCA Cincinnati
Fr. Patrick O'Loughlin, LCNational ECYD Life directorCA Cumming
Fr. Gregory Usselmann, LCChaplain for the Regnum Christi Young Adults section in DallasCA Dallas
Fr. Benjamin O'Loughlin, LCRC Young Adult Team Director in the national RC Life department and Director for the Regnum Christi Young Men’s section in DallasCA Dallas
Fr. Agustín de la Vega, LCSuperior for the Edgerton Community of ApostolateCA Edgerton
Fr. Chad Everts, LCRegional vocation director for the upper Midwest RegionCA Edgerton
Fr. David Parker, LCYoung Men’s section Director HoustonCA Houston
Fr. Eamon Shelly, LCChaplain for the Men’s and Women’s RC sections in HoustonCA Houston
Fr. Kevin Meehan, LCSuperior for the Los Angeles communityCA Los Angeles
Fr. Nicholas Sheehy, LCAssistant Director for the Family Center in Los AngelesCA Los Angeles
Dcn. Robert Antonio, LCAssistant Chaplain at Everest in ManilaCA Manila
Br. Andrew Kang, LCFormator for the Young Men’s section in ManilaCA Manila
Br. Binh Hoang, LCAuxiliary to the ECYD team in ManilaCA Manila
Fr. Joseph Brickner, LCLocal vocation director in LouisianaCA New Orleans
Fr. Jeremy Lambert, LCDirector of the Young Adult Section in New Orleans and on the NorthshoreCA New Orleans
Fr. Brett Taira, LCSpiritual director at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS (he will continue as assistant RC men’s and women’s chaplain in Louisiana)CA New Orleans
Fr. Michael Luxbacher, LCChaplain for the men’s Regnum Christi sections in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and on the North Shore CA New Orleans
Fr. Nikola Derpich, LCSuperior of the Raleigh apostolate community and Assistant to the territorial secretary (he will continue as territorial dean of studies)CA Raleigh
Fr. Joshua West, LCAssistant chaplain at North Carolina State University and support at St Joseph Parish in RaleighCA Raleigh
Fr. Juan Jose Hernandez, LCChaplain at Duke UniversityCA Raleigh
Fr. Jorge Martinez, LCContinuing studies while residing in Rye, NY communityCA Rye
Fr. Justin Kielhorn, LCChaplain for the Young Adult RC sections in San Jose and Fraternal Support Priest for the LegionariesCA San Jose
Fr. Brian Shininger, LCChaplain for the RC Women’s section in San JoseCA San Jose
Fr. Joseph Poulin, LCSuperior of the community of apostolate in Seoul beginning on Sept 15, 2022CA Seoul
Fr. Simon Chung, LCRenewed as local RC director and director for the Men’s and Women’s Regnum Christi sectionsCA Seoul
Fr. John Ko, LCDirector for the Regnum Christi Young Adult section in SeoulCA Seoul
Fr. Peter Hopkins, LCSuperior of the Washington DC apostolate communityCA Washington DC
Fr. Robert Presutti, LCChaplain for the RC Men´s and Women´s sections in Washington, DCCA Washington DC
Fr. Vinh Pham, LCRegional Vocation DirectorCA Washington DC
Fr. Christopher O'Connor, LCNovice instructor in CheshireCNH Cheshire
Fr. Bernardo Torres, LCSpiritual Director for the humanists in Cheshire, CTCNH Cheshire
Fr. Ronald Conklin, LCRector and dean of Precandidates at Sacred Heart Apostolic SchoolCV Rolling Prairie
Fr. Thomas Murphy, LCDean of Apostolics at Sacred Heart Apostolic SchoolCV Rolling Prairie
Fr. Janick Caouette, LCSpiritual Director and Assistant Dean of Precandidates at Sacred Heart Apostolic SchoolCV Rolling Prairie
Fr. Christopher Gronotte, LCAssistant Admissions Director at Sacred Heart Apostolic SchoolCV Rolling Prairie
Br. Joseph Geiger, LCAssistant Admissions Director at Sacred Heart Apostolic SchoolCV Rolling Prairie


Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

New Members within the Territory

Cunningham, RoseFormation instructor at Everest Academy Manila
Dominy, JillPastoral work with young adults in Atlanta
Houbeck, MeganPastoral work with young adults in Cincinnati
Pastoral work with young adults at Benedictine College (one year)
Ortega, MarianaFormation coordinator at Everest Collegiate and Academy in Detroit
Pilón, MelaniePastoral work with ECYD and the apostolic focus of the community of Washington, DC
Ruiz, LilianaFormation Instructor at Overbrook Academy
Williams, TeresaPastoral work with young adults in Atlanta

Members leaving the Territory

Álvarez, AdrianaStudies at the University of San Dámaso, Madrid, Spain
Darbellay, GloryDirector of the Formation Center for the Consecrated Women, Madrid, Spain
Villaseñor, CristyPastoral work with university students, Anáhuac University in Mérida, Mexico

Changes within the Territory

Amezcua, KarlaSection director for young women in Washington, DC (one year)
Pastoral support for Mission Youth Apostles in Philadelphia (one year part-time).
Blackwell, RenéPrincipal of The Highlands School in Dallas
Fernánez Luévano, LulyFormation instructor at Everest Manila (two years)
Floro, CathyPastoral work with Regnum Christi Women in Manila
Funke, DeniseFormation director at Overbrook Academy
García, BereniceDirector of Overbrook Academy (one year)
Hawkesworth, LaurenTerritorial development officer for the Consecrated Women (two years)
Hilbun, AngieDoctoral studies at St. Mary´s of the Lake
Pastoral work with young adults in Houston (both for five years)
Honner, LucyPastoral work with women in Detroit
Director of Wholeness Worth Living (both for one year)
Hoover, AmeliaDirector of ECYD girls in Houston
Johnston, NaoiseTerritorial vicar for the Consecrated Women (one year)
Member of the Territorial Directive College (one year)
Kuhn, MelissaPastoral support to localities that do not have communities of Consecrated Women, territorial secretary support (both for one year)
Lustig, JacquieMember of the ECYD team in Cincinnati
Assistant to the vocations director (one year)
Pérez, LourdesMember of the ECYD team in Houston
Preisack, JillPastoral work with women in Dallas
Silva, RacineDirector of ECYD girls in Washington, DC (two years)
Smith, MaryTerritorial development officer for the Consecrated Women (two years)
(Continuing with women's ministry and as a territorial councilor)
Umali, ClaireSection director for young women in Manila
Wheeler, AllyTerritorial development director for the Consecrated Women(two years)
(Continuing as territorial finance officer)
Yalbir, HelenSection director for young women in Dallas
Zoll, MelanieDirector of the community of Domus Mariae Dallas
(Continuing with pastoral work with women and young women)