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Pilgrimage In Faith: A Virtual Lenten Journey Through the Holy Land

Last October, the Magdala Center offered a 31-day Holy Land Virtual Pilgrimage & RetreatIt was our first experience with ‘virtual pilgrimaging’, and we were delighted to receive so much positive feedback from many of you who made this journey with us. Many were blessed by this experience, knowing it to be the only chance of visiting the Holy Land in your lifetimes, while others relished the opportunity to visit and pray anew in holy sites you had traveled to before in person.

A virtual pilgrimage allows pilgrims to visit holy places calmly and prayerfully. With no crowds, it is possible to delve more deeply into many Biblical, cultural, historical and spiritual details which are nearly impossible to convey under normal circumstances.

Motivated by your feedback and moved by the desire to offer you all our support and company, especially as we continue navigating this complicated pandemic that seems to never end, the Magdala Team would like to offer you a new virtual pilgrimage opportunity entitled, Pilgrimage in Faith: A Virtual Lenten Journey Through the Holy Land Inspired by Abraham, Our Father in Faith. 

Our Pilgrimage will begin in:

On this occasion we will combine three different aspects into the pilgrimage:

• Faith: The Creed is not a set of formulae which we have to believe but is our response to the invitation made by God’s revelationThe Creed is who I am, my true essence, capturing the total dynamic of my life, divinely loved from creation, to death, to everlasting life in the communion of redeemed humanity, sharing in the everlasting infinite joy of the Trinity; this is a ‘Pilgrimage In Faith.’

• Lent. The Lenten Season and Holy Week offer rich liturgical texts to guide us through conversion, a renewed ‘turning toward’ God in trust, as he turns toward each one of us. Faith develops as Revelation progresses, renewing my identity: I believe; this is a ‘Pilgrimage In Faith.’

Holy places. We plan to bring you to sites here in the Holy Land that capture the revelation Abraham experienced in his walk to and through the promised land. We will go to familiar places, as well as many new sites rich with Biblical history and meaning that will bring the creed alive; this is a ‘Pilgrimage in Faith.’

Our ‘Pilgrimage in Faith’ culminates with the celebration of Easter and is an incredible way to prepare to celebrate this central feast day of our faith. Please take note of the following dates:

•  Monday February 15th and Tuesday February 16th: Introductory videos with the English language Pilgrim leaders Kathleen Nichols and Fr. Eamon Kelly, LC

•  Ash Wednesday, February 17th: Day one of the ‘Pilgrimage In Faith.’

•  February 18th – Sunday April 4th: the ‘Pilgrimage In Faith’ continues each day through the 40 days of Lent, and Holy Week, culminating with the solemn Easter Vigil Mass.

•  Easter Sunday, April 4th: Concluding activity and reflection of the ‘Pilgrimage In Faith’.

May this new initiative provide a uniquely profound Lenten Season and deeply joyful Easter for you! Please keep each one of us who are preparing the ‘Pilgrimage In Faith’ here in the Holy Land in your prayers. May the Lord guide us, and may He accompany each and every one of the virtual pilgrims who will journey together this Lent through the Holy Land.

Please spread the word! Our desire is to offer this opportunity to anyone who would like to get to know the Holy Land, and thus deepen their faith and draw closer to God’s love.

Yours truly,

Kathleen Nichols, Fr. Eamon Kelly, LC, & the Magdala Team


• If I have already registered with Magdala (as a Newsletter subscriber or after participating in the first Virtual Pilgrimage in October), do I have to register again?

Yes, this is a separate and exclusive record for the Lenten / Holy Week pilgrimage.

• In order to receive the pilgrim diploma, certifying my Holy Land Pilgrimage, do I have to register?


• To participate in the special raffle at the end of the pilgrimage, do I have to register?

Yes. Your first and last names, and your email will be necessary to participate in the drawing.

• Is the pilgrimage free of charge?

Yes, it is completely free of charge. There is no cost to participate.


Start Date: Monday February 15, 2021

Conclusion: April 4, 2021

Pilgrimage Site Visit & Reflection:

5:00am (Los Angeles)

8:00am (New York)

1:00pm (London)

3:00pm (Holy Land)

9:00pm (Manila)

12:00 midnight (Sydney)

Celebration of the Eucharist:

6:00am (Los Angeles)

9:00am (New York)

2:00pm (London)

4:00pm (Holy Land)


1:00am +1 day (Sydney)