Lord, teach us to pray



Letter from the General Directive College to members of Regnum Christi

Introduction: “Lord, teach us to pray!”

What is a prayerful life?
How is Lord, Teach Us to Pray structured?
7 Suggestions for Growing in the Life of Prayer

Sunday, the Eighth Day

The Eucharist
Preparation for the Eucharist
Celebration of the Eucharist
Prayers In the Presence of the Eucharist

A Prayerful Day

On Rising
Morning Offering
Greeting to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Visiting the Eucharist and Spiritual Communion
Night Prayers

A Prayerful Week

Encounter with Christ
Holy Hour

A Prayerful Life

Advent and Christmas
Lent, Holy Week, and Easter
Stations of the Cross
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Christ the King
Renewal of Association to Regnum Christi
Spiritual Exercises
Sacrament of Reconciliation

Prayers for Different Moments of Life

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Before Meals
After Meals
Prayer for the Renewal of Regnum Christi
Prayer for the Communion of Regnum Christi
Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
Apostle’s Prayer
Lay Person’s Prayer
An Engaged Couple’s Prayer
Spouses’ Prayer
Wedding Anniversary Prayer
Prayer for the Vocations of Children
Prayer While Waiting for a Child
Prayer for our Children
Children’s Prayer
Prayer for the Sick
Prayer for Those Who Suffer
Prayer During the Difficulties of Life
Prayer Before Traveling
Prayer for the Deceased
Prayer for the Grace of a Happy Death
Prayers of Thanksgiving

Common Prayers of the Church

Sign of the Cross
Our Father
Hail Mary
Hail Holy Queen
Glory Be
Conclusion of Prayers
Prayer to Jesus Crucified
Soul of Christ
Prayer of Pope Clement XI
Self-Dedication (Prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola)
Prayer to Christ the King
Prayer for the Pope
Prayer for Vocations