Prayer and the sacraments nourish our Christian life. For this reason the Church earnestly recommends that the faithful dedicate specific times to prayer, to spontaneous and familiar conversation with God, awakening in their hearts attitudes of adoration, wonder, gratitude, petition, and contrition.

Prayer should be the atmosphere that envelops every aspect of our daily life, from putting bread on the table to our other basic concerns such as love, work, health, friendship, suffering, and even current events that affect the nation, the world, and the Church.

Regnum Christi offers its members this Prayer Book to help them to pray in the various circumstances of life, and to promote spiritual communion with other members worldwide. In addition to the Regnum Christi prayers, it includes a selection of other prayers from the Church’s long tradition, approved and enriched by the popes.

May these prayers encourage you to personal, family, and team prayer, and may it spiritually enrich all Regnum Christi members.

Table of Contents

I. On rising

     Our Father
     Hail Mary
     Prayer to Begin the Day

II. Morning offering

     Prayer to the Holy Trinity
     Prayer to Jesus Christ
     Prayer to the Blessed Virgin
     A Look Ahead to Prepare Your Day

III. Meditation

     Invocation of the Holy Spirit
     Preparatory Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity
     Body of the Meditation

IV. Celebration of the Eucharist

V. Thanksgiving after Holy Communion

     Prayer to Jesus Crucified
     Soul of Christ
     Prayer to the Father
     Prayer of Pope Clement XI
     Prayer to Christ the King
     Prayer for the Pope
     Prayer for the General Director of Regnum Christi
     Prayer for Vocations

VI. Greeting to the Blessed Virgin Mary

     Regina Cæli
     Prayer to the Guardian Angel

VII. Rosary

     Rosary in Private
     Initial Prayer
     Hail Holy Queen
     Litany of Praise to the Blessed Virgin Mary
     Team Rosary

VIII. Eucharistic Visit and Spiritual Communion

     Spiritual Communion

IX. Prayers to Begin or Conclude Activities

     In the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament
     Prayers to Begin or Conclude Other Activities
     Before and After Meals
     Prayer to Sanctify Work
     When Going Out or Returning Home

X. Night Prayers

     Spiritual Evaluation
     Prayer for Light
     Our Father
     Hail Mary
     Prayer Before Going to Sleep

XI. The Sacrament of Reconciliation

     Examining Your Conscience
     Prayer for Help
     Rite of Penance

XII. Stations of the Cross

XIII. Eucharistic Hour and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

     Pange Lingua
     Prayer to Jesus Christ
     Tantum Ergo
     The Divine Praises

XIV. Various Prayers

     Te Deum
     Hymn to the Holy Spirit (Veni Creátor)
     Sequence of the Holy Spirit
     Invocations of the Lord Jesus
     Act of Faith
     Act of Hope
     Act of Charity
     Prayer of Dedication
     Litany of Humility
     Prayer to the Holy Spirit
     Miserere (Psalm 51)
     A Family Prayer Before Reading the Word of God
     Prayers to the Blessed Virgin
     Under Your Protection
     Consecration to the Blessed Virgin
     Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
     Apostle’s Prayer
     Parents’ Prayer for Vocations to Priesthood and Consecrated Life
     Prayer for My Children’s Vocations
     Prayer for the Laity
     Spouses’ Prayer
     Wedding Anniversary Prayer
     Parents’ Prayer
     A Son or Daughter’s Prayer
     Prayer of the Engaged
     Prayer When Expecting a Child
     Prayer for the Sick
     Prayer Before Going on a Journey
     Prayer for the Suffering
     Prayer in Life’s Trials and Tribulations
     Prayer for a Happy Death
     Prayer for a Deceased Person
     Prayer for the Dead
     Prayer of Thanksgiving

XV. Prayers in Latin

     Signum Crucis (The Sign of the Cross)
     Glória Patri (Glory Be)
     Pater Noster (Our Father)
     Ave María (Hail Mary)
     Ángele Dei (Angel of God)
     Réquiem Æternam (Eternal Rest)
     Ángelus Dómini (Angelus)
     Regína Cæli
     Salve Regína
     Sub Tuum Præsidium (Under Your Protection)
     Veni Creátor Spiritus (Come Holy Spirit)
     Veni Sancte Spiritus (Sequence of Pentecost)
     Ánima Christi (Soul of Christ)
     Rosarium (Rosary)

XVI. Indulgences

XVII. First Fridays

XVIII. First Saturdays

XIX. Fasting and abstinence