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Preparing University Students for the Sacraments

Ángeles Cabido, a formator at the of Francisco de Vitoria University, shares her experience leading five students through sacramental preparation to receive Baptism, Communion and Confirmation.

On May 18, Cardinal Osoro administered the Sacraments to a group of university students from Francisco de Vitoria and other Universities in Madrid at Almudena Cathedral. It was a very special day for the whole university community because, as Ángeles tells us, “the task of a Catholic university is to favor the encounter with the Truth.”

How many students were confirmed and how many were baptized?

From the Francisco de Vitoria University, we had a group of twenty students who were confirmed. Five of these – Anabella, Pedro, David, Paula and Sofia – are from the residences. All received confirmation while Sofia received all three sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.

How does having Baptisms and Confirmations relate to the task of a Catholic university residence? How does it relate to the Regnum Christi spirit?

The task of a Catholic university and its residence is to favor an encounter with the Truth. By pure grace, there are people who can give a concrete name to the Truth by having a personal experience of encountering the face of Christ. It is, for this reason, why some students want to take a step further in their faith and ask us for a specific preparation to receive the Sacraments. As for the Regnum Christi, its mission is to favor the encounter with Christ and a very special means for this are the Sacraments.

Who proposed it: the formators or the students?

Through the Pastoral of the UFV and the Colegio Mayor the possibility of forming part of a group of faith or catechesis was offered. The students that received confirmation, had individual preparation or were part of Confirmation catechism groups of the university. In the case of Sofia, and of another boy, Monta, who received all the Sacraments of initiation, it was I who had the honor of accompanying them in their catechesis throughout this course. Sofia, after an experience of the Love of God in a pilgrimage we organized last year, made the decision to want to know more about God and to belong to the Church. In response to his desire to receive catechesis, Fr. Justo, LC, entrusted me with the precious mission of being their catechist.

How did young people received the formation?

The formation that they have received is what the Church asks according to their age and the Sacraments that they will receive. It is not only about an essential formation about the great themes of the Catechism – I believe, I live, I celebrate and I pray – but about caring for the faith through personal experience in prayer and the reading of the Word, giving concrete clues so that they may favor personal and community encounter with the Lord.

What has made young people take this step in their spiritual lives?

A specific group of students said they received the catechesis because of the invitation made by a teacher. Others asked directly, having had a personal encounter with God, as was the case of Sofia and Monta, from the desire to want to know more and to fill the life of Him. It has been really precious to witness the road to a life more and more full of Grace.

How will you follow up with these young people and address their concerns?

The Chaplaincy of Francisco Vitoria University and of the residences will have the doors open whenever young people request it. We want them to continue receiving spiritual formation and making the experience of Love of God through charity, prayer and the Sacraments. In addition, young people know that they can approach the Legionary priests, the Consecrated Men and Women, and the formators with their concerns. For our part, we will always try to welcome you and give you the right answer. I am very convinced that this has been the case in the past and will continue to be so in the future. It is a treasure at this University that we favor, through concrete experiences (pilgrimages, adorations, human and spiritual formation, retreats, Sacraments, spiritual direction, meetings, etc.), the best we have: God himself.

How has this mission of accompanying and training young people affected you?

For me it has been a great responsibility and a real honor to accompany them. I have been a catechist for many years and I coordinate groups of catechists, but this was the first time that I was commissioned to accompany young people who wanted to be baptized. It was a very precious experience! I thank the University for entrusting this mission and to God for the vocation of being a catechist, one of my greatest passions.

What advice do you give them so they can record in their lives?

May they fill the life of Christ the Eucharist! May you have time to meet the Lord in prayer! Let them touch and do for Him! May they ask for the gift of knowing they are looked at and loved by Him! And … Take your look to the world, going out to meet those around us!

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