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RC Program Provides Food for Unemployed Families in Spain during COVID-19

In Spain, Regnum Christi runs the Altius Foundation, which does works of Christian charity that help the poor and forgotten. In recent months, it started a campaign called “The UNSTOPPABLE Ones” to help feed the poor.

Now, during the coronavirus crisis, the message of “The UNSTOPPABLE Ones” remains in force. The workers and volunteers of the foundation have organized themselves to be able to carry out their mission while following the measures established by the health authorities. Administrative tasks have moved to teleworking. Many other preventive measures have been adopted to avoiding spreading disease while continuing to accompany the unemployed. They help cover basic needs, so that people in society who are at risk are not abandoned at a time like this, in terms of both their health and their finances.

To do this, the food distribution schedules and groups have been reorganized to stagger the influx of the unemployed visiting the center. The people who attend remain outside and maintain proper social distancing. A volunteer equipped with personal protective equipment receives them one by one and gives them food, basic necessities that meet their family situation: fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, pasta, legumes, milk and infant cereals, fried tomato , canned fruit, vegetables and fish, sliced ​​bread and prepared dishes such as croquettes or roast chickens, among others.

The food comes from donations collected at the Food Bank of Madrid, both non-perishable and fresh, and from a group of supermarkets called El Corte Inglés that donate the surplus of prepared dishes daily.

The Altius Foundation is appealing to the Regnum Christi family to help them continue serving, and expanding aid if necessary, to the 232 families who are beneficiaries of accompaniment on job placement and food support itineraries and who are being seriously affected for this crisis. You can donate online by following this link.

The original in Spanish is on the Spanish-language version of the Regnum Christi site.