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RC Talks: TED-style Talks with a Catholic Perspective

RC Talks is a new program based in Monterrey, Mexico, that trains Regnum Christi members to give conferences that are similar in style to TED talks, but related to the faith.

The program seeks to bring together and train Catholic leaders to share their ideas through mini-conferences made up of talks with a clear, short and simple style.

Each event has a maximum of five talks, with an approximate duration of 18 minutes each. Subjects of human and intellectual formation, or motivational training, are exposed in a simple and attractive manner. The goal is to focus on Christian principles and universal values in a way that interests, inspires, and motivates the audience.

The talks are recorded, edited and published on the Internet, so that they serve as a formative tool for all sections of Regnum Christi and for anyone who wants to use them to extend the Kingdom of Christ.

In a society lacking strong leadership and authenticity, RC Talks seeks to give examples and testimonies to young people from other young people and mentors, in Regnum Christi or elsewhere. It also offers training to help young Regnum Christi members prepare their own RC Talk on the subject in which they feel qualified.

RC Talks started in 2018 in Monterrey with the need to create educational content in a more attractive and modern way based on the concept of TED Talks, but with a different approach, since the speakers are members of Regnum Christi and the talks are focused on Catholic formation.

Professionals in the field run RC Talks from Monterrey but are open to helping other cities do their own RC Talks. They hope this apostolate grows and is repeated in as many cities as possible to continue creating Regnum Christi formative content.

So far, there have been two sessions, the first was attended by 180 people and the second had more than 360. All of these talks are available in Spanish on YouTube. The channel has already has almost 18,000 subscribers.

Connect with RC Talks: Website, YouTube, or Instagram.

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