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RC Top 3: A new podcast from Regnum Christi

New for 2021, “RC Top 3” is a weekly podcast featuring the top 3 stories from Regnum Christi.  Coming next week on Apple Podcasts, and available now on  Google Podcasts, and Spotify, the podcast highlights inspiring and informative stories about Regnum Christi members of all vocations, and the impact they are making on the world by living their God-given mission.

Narrated by Colin Gore, a lay member of Regnum Christi, each episode will focus on the lives of people from all over the North American Territory, and how they have been inspired to share Christ’s love with others by living the charism of Regnum Christi and evangelizing in creative ways.

The premier episode debuts this week with stories featuring three great stories.

  • Praying for Our Prodigals: An Apostolate of Prayer and Peace, introduces us to Kristine Bruce, a member of Regnum Christi and the founder of an apostolate called “Praying for Our Prodigals,” designed to guide and encourage people to pray, fast, and do acts of mercy for their loved ones living far from the Church.
  • Victoria Backstrom Makes Final Vows of Consecration is an interview with Victoria Backstrom who just made her final vows as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi. We spoke with her about many topics such as community life, her relationship with the Regnum Christi family and her relationship with God.
  • RC Music Collective: A New Musical Initiative at the Service of the Church tells the story of Fr. Jaime Lorenzo, LC, who has been a music lover nearly his entire life, but when he joined the seminary to become a Legionary of Christ, he left it behind without much deliberation. A couple of years down the road, music came back into his life, and now Fr. Jaime, along with one of his Legionary brothers, Fr. John Klein, and one of his Consecrated sisters, Emily Roman, is able to contribute his love and talent for music in a brand-new initiative called the Regnum Christi Music Collective.

Tune in each Monday to get to know a new group of apostles and their inspiring stories!

Listen to the first episode here:

In Episode Two you’ll find:

  • Our first story, Caring for the Unborn and the Underserved in Downtown Wichita, introduces us to Dr. Jody Elson, a Regnum Christi member in Wichita, Kansas.  “What are you doing for the poor?” was the question that Dr. Elson’s spiritual director asked her one day during spiritual guidance, and it’s the one that ultimately gave focus to Jody’s career as a family physician dedicated to some of the most vulnerable sectors of the population – the unborn, the poor, and the underserved.
  • In our second story, A New Path and Purpose for Nashville Musician, we meet Rae Hering. Raised in a Catholic home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, singer-songwriter Rae Hering moved to Nashville to study piano and composition at Belmont University, where partying and playing music took priority over attending Mass. For years, Rae ignored her Catholic faith, until a close member of Rae’s family took his own life.
  • Our third story this week is  Rose Cunningham makes her final vows as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi, an interview with Rose that happened right before she made her final vows as a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Rome.
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